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NEMA Controllers Bamant Co. Barrington, III.

Barnant Co. has introduced four new pump controllers (two in NEMA- ISO-enclosures, two in benchtop for- mat) in combination with NEMA 4X "wash-down" rated pump drives. The Series 7592 is a microprocessor-based controller providing flow rate, speed, rpm, torque, and repeat dispensing, programmable through the membrane keypad or external controller. The 7591 is an economical analog-based product line offering a full range of speed control, dispensing capability, and torque regulation.

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Electrostatic Powder Bell Binks Sames Corp. Franklin Park, IlL

Incorporating the latest in industrial design, the SRV 037 provides superior finishes, decreased operating costs, im- proved productivity, and high transfer efficiency. Features include a large di- ameter spray pattern, high first-pass transfer efficiency, and excellent coat- ing uniformity. A wide variety of or- ganic powders, including clear coats, can be applied with optimum results.

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Glossmeters BYK-Gardner USA Columbia, Md.

BYK-Gardner ' s micro-gloss gloss- meters combine ease of operation and user comfort with highly sophisticated technology. Automatic calibration, sta- tistics, and an RS 233 interface for data transfer to a PC make the instrument ideal for use in the laboratory as well as in the field or on the production line. The glossmeters are available as single angle units, 20 °, 60 °, or 85 ° geometry.

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Paint Pail Lids CDF Corp. Plymouth, Mass.

CDF's Professional Paint Products Div. has introduced the SaverLid, an easy snap-on, snap-off LDPE cover for 5-gal pails. The lid's sturdy yet flexible design makes it ideal for both plastic and steel pails. The lids are made from low-density polyethylene with an av- erage thickness of 22 mils.

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High-Temperature Vinyl Caps Caplugs Div., Protective Closures Co. Buffalo, N. Y

Special high-temperature vinyl for- mulation enables the use of SoftCa- plugs closures in applications exposed to intermittent temperatures up to 475°E High-temperature vinyl caplugs are designed tbr masking of parts dur- ing paint baking, shot blasting, powder coating, and other finishing operations. The caps are available in HVC series round caps and HTP series plugs.

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Cold Strippers Chemco Mfg. Co. Inc. Northbrook, III.

Chemco Series 1800 and 1850 cold strippers quickly remove paint, enam- els, synthetics, varnishes, and lacquers. The cold stripper is nonflammable, safe to use, requires only normal ade- quate ventilation, and does not affect sensitive metals or precision machined parts in the time normally required to strip the finish. Series 1850 is for gen- eral purpose dip or immersion and Se- ries 1800 for brush, flow, or spray ap- plication for fixed or large parts that are impractical to dip.

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Coating Thickness Gauge DeFelsko Corp. Ogdensburg, N.Y.

The PosiTector 6000-FA Series coating thickness gauges meaure non- magnetic coatings such as thin paint or films on steel with greater resolution. The gauge has a 0-10-rail measuring range with 0.01-rail increments in the 0-4-rail range, exceptionally fast mea- suring speed, one-handled operation, and ease of use.

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