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  1. 1. EiffelTower
  2. 2. This is symbol of Paris
  3. 3. The tower is designed by Stephen Sauvestre.. and Eiffel is built by Gustave Eiffels firm between 1887-1889.
  4. 4. First drawing ByOf the Eiffel Tower Maurice Koechlin
  5. 5. Eiffel Tower is made byiron. The towers weight isapproximately 10.100 manner
  6. 6. First times, People who live in Paris, they didntwant Eiffel..
  7. 7. But today, most of people believesthat Eiffel Tower is one of the bestarchitecture structure in the world.
  8. 8. Eiffel Tower has two restaurants on first andsecond floor. Also, there is one exhibition on the first floor. Their names are Le 58 Tour Eiffel andLe Jules Verne.
  9. 9. Eiffel Tower attractmillionsof tourists every year.
  10. 10. Eiffel Tower is the place of goodmoment
  11. 11. But sometimes occur bad events in the tower.From past to today, 400 people commit suicide.
  12. 12. 25 August 1944: American soldiers watchthe Eiffel Tower during the Second World War
  13. 13. Eiffel Tower is notonly tower.This is a symbol of lots of products.
  14. 14. Furthermore,If you want to see Paris from Eiffel Tower, youmay visit this site:
  15. 15. Thank you for listening
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