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Custom polymers To meet your specific product requirements, Purac Biomaterials offers

custom synthesis of a wide variety of resorbable polymers in addition to our PURASORB product line. Purac Biomaterials offers design, (co)-

development and ICHQ7 compliant commercial scale production of PURASORB resorbable polymers.

Capabilities We offer custom synthesis within our current capabilities. These capabilities

include: • Homopolymers and co-polymers of lactide (L,D,DL), glycolide and/ or

ε-caprolactone. • Various end group chemistries & catalysts

• Different polymerization technologies & purification • Molecular weights ranging from a few thousand to several

million g/mol (inherent viscosity up to 8 dl/g). • ICHQ7 compliant batch sizes from 5 kg up to 100 kg and larger.

• GLP batch sizes up to 1.5 kg. • Custom designed specifications and Certificates of Analysis.

• Analytical services

We offer co-development and contract manufacturing of custom polymers

outside these capabilities under customer specific agreements.

Lead time The lead time for a custom-synthesized GMP batch varies between 6 and 26

weeks, depending on your requirements.

We can also supply new polymer compositions in small scale batches manufactured under GLP conditions for your initial evaluation. Lead times are

4 to 8 weeks.

Contact us We invite you to contact one of our technical specialists in order to discuss

your requirements regarding polymer composition, specifications and


You can find contact details for your local Purac Biomaterials representative on our website:

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