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Aung San Suu Kyi

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Name : Aung San Suu Kyi

Born : 19, June, 1945

Nationality : Burma, Rangoon

Died : 2012, 24, October Aged : 67

Religion : Therravada Buddhism

Children : Alexender, Kim

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What is a Leader ?

A leader is a person who has vision for its and its team future, commitment and skills to lead and serve others.

Leaders are not boss but they inspire and serve others !

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The Qualities

1. Never giving up

Aung San Suu Kyi never gave up to give freedom for all the Burmanese community even she was arrested many times

2. Honesty

She is very honest to her community when something goes wrong

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3. Open Minded

She could trust her team to lead the community to freedom.

4. Confidence

She has confidence to speak to her community for freedom rights.

5. Humble

Eventough she is a famous person then she is not arrogant.

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The Skills

1. Decision maker

She is a very good decision maker because she could choose fast how to react the conflict

2. Resolving conflict

She is very good when resolving the conflict into peace when the people protested her idea

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3. Creativity

She has a creative way to lead the Burmanese community

4. Time management

She have good time management because she can finish her tasks on time

5. Organizing skills

Because she can organize her team well when the conflicts happen

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Leadership Style

Style : Autocratic style she has mostly a military way to lead.

Democratic : A Democratic leader should have good decision making skills because them leader should be good at discussing

Leissez Faire : A Free reign leader should give the members facility because the members are more expert than the leader.

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