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Filtration+Separation July/August 2013

US patent for FBR treatment of perchlorate-contaminated water

Envirogen Technologies, Inc. has received a U.S. patent for ‘Methods for Treatment of Perchlorate Contaminated Water’, for enhanced automated operation of Envirogen’s high-efficiency fluidised bed bioreactor (FBR) systems.

The invention provides systems and methods for removing perchlorate from water. The systems comprise reactors comprising biomass for degrading perchlorate, and the operation of the systems can be controlled according to novel logic specifications.

Envirogen’s FBR is a fixed-film bioreactor in which biological media is suspended, or fluidised, within the reactor vessel by the upward flow of water through the system. The suspended media provides a large surface area for microbial growth and allows a biomass density several times greater than that of other bioreactor designs under similar loading conditions. Microorganisms in the reactor completely destroy

influent perchlorate and other targeted contaminants under anoxic conditions, without generating hazardous waste by-products. Over the last 15 years, Envirogen has installed and started up over 60 aerobic and anoxic FBRs throughout the United States – advancing the technology with these systems to handle a broad range of organic contaminants, as well as inorganics such as nitrate, perchlorate and selenium. Applications for Envirogen’s FBR technology range from groundwater remediation and mining water treatment to nutrient removal in wastewater and potable water production.

Among the Envirogen installations currently utilising the FBR to treat perchlorate-laden water are a major industrial groundwater remediation site in Nevada, and a California city where the Envirogen system produces municipal drinking water from perchlorate-contaminated groundwater at the city’s wells.

Aquatech introduces high efficiency

evaporation process

Aquatech has introduced the HEVAP™ high efficiency evaporation process for treating produced water from oil sands thermal processes such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).

“Increasingly, oil producers in Alberta are choosing to go with evaporation technology as the treatment method for reusing/recycling their produced water in thermal SAGD process because it offers a variety of benefits including higher water recovery rates (lower make-up/reduced blow down), smaller footprint, and easier operability. However, managing scaling has been a challenge with evaporation technology. Aquatech’s HEVAP evaporative process addresses this issue as it has been engineered to operate in a scale-free environment while also providing other process advantages to oil producers,” says

Alan R. Daza, vice-president of Sales & Business Development for Aquatech’s Infrastructure and Major Projects division.

The HEVAP evaporative process pre-conditions the feedwater by incorporating a softening step combined with additional conditioning of the feedwater prior to treatment by the evaporators. This process provides the evaporators with essentially a scale free environment in which to operate. Other advantages, which help lower operating expense (OPEX) and life cycle costs (LCC), include: high allowable concentration factors; increased recovery of high quality reusable water; no requirement for anti-scalants; no requirement for EDTA dosing; and no requirement for mechanical cleaning.

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