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    Panoramic Photography is a technique in which multiple images are stiched together to increase the

    field of view. Panoramic Photos can consist of anywhere from 2 to an infinite number of images.

    With Panoramic Photography, Its possible to have a series of images that span 360 degrees of view.

    A true Panoramic Photo contains a larger field of view than can be captured by the Human Eye.

    Photos that are cropped into a wide format are not considered to be true Panoramic Images.

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    The term panorama literally means all sight in Greek and it first originated from painters that

    wanted to capture a wide view of a landscape, not just a certain part of it. The first panoramic

    photographs were made by simply aligning printed versions of film, which did not turn out very well,

    because it was close to impossible to perfectly align photographs

    Aerial Panoramic Photography can get quite complex and expensive, depending on what you are

    trying to do. For example, creating panoramic images in architectural photography requires camera

    and lens to be properly calibrated on special panoramic equipment to prevent curved lines,

    distortions and improper stitches of close objects.

    At the same time, you can successfully take great landscape panoramic images without investing on

    any camera equipment, as long as you know how to do it right. In this article, I will primarily focus on

    taking panoramic images either hand-held or with a tripod, without spending on any other



    Types of Panoramas

    1) Wide angle panoramas:

    wide angle panoramas are those images which cover area less than 180 degree , whether

    horizontal or vertical. There are two ways people normally take them:1. With a wide-angle lens2.

    Without a wide-angle lens

    2) 180 degree panoramas:

    Panoramas that cover 180 degrees from left to right. These types of panoramas look very wide,

    covering a large area.


    3) 360 degree panoramas:

    Panoramas that cover up to 360 degrees. These panoramas look extremely wide and they cover

    the whole scene in a single, super wide image.

    4) Spherical panoramas: also known as planets. These are 360 degree panoramas that are converted to a square spherical image using a special post-processing technique.


    Tips for Doing Panoramas Photography

    1. If Your Camera Has A Panorama Mode, Use It.

    2. Overlap Amply

    3. Keep It On The Level

    4. Choosing Your Metering Well

    5. Check The Scene For Movement

    6. Be Careful with Super Wide Angle Lenses

    7. Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

    8. Dont Forget Vertical Panoramas!

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