Download - 5 Ways to Crush Your Quota with Sales Automation

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  • Automation isnt just for marketers anymore. of the purchase decision is60% WHEN completed before a prospect even engages*, you cant cold call your way to success. You cant spam your way there, either. *
  • Its a tough pill for sales teams to swallow, but prospecting has changed the buyers in control cold calling is DEAD marketing owns the customer relationship its all about the conversation
  • To beat quotas, sales people need to change, too. Maximize the time you spend engaging prospects & building pipeline... & minimize the time you spend on everything else
  • ways that prospecting with sales automation will help you crush your numbers5EVERY. SINGLE. QUARTER Thats Where Sales Automation Comes In
  • Nurture Prospects at Scale Engage and Nurture Your Prospects Free 7-Day Trial 1 If youre nurturing prospects manually (you know who you are), you need to stop right now. Not only is it a huge drain on your time, theres a good chance those mass CRM emails are winding up in spam folders anyway...and they arent helping you or your prospects.* STOP *
  • Automated Sales Solution Powerful and Efficient Sales Prospecting Start Trial With sales automation, you can easily add prospects to multi-touch drip campaigns that automate the initial outreach, alerting you when prospects respond. You can automate targeted messages to thousands of leads at once, allowing you to spend time with the ones who are most engaged. A/B test to optimize your content, as well.
  • 8 Personalize every email Create Campaigns > Add Prospects > Measure Success Free 7-Day Trial 2 How many touches does it take to get a response these days? It used to be 5. Now were hearing its as high as 13* You want to tailor your follow-up emails based on a prospects previous activity, but even if you use an email tracking tool, it could take hours to stay on top of whos opening and clicking emails. five 13 *
  • Automated Sales Solution Create More Opportunities & Revenue Nurture Prospects Not only can you automate outreach to thousands of prospects, you can even customize your emails based on their activities. Clicked on a case study? Send a related industry report. Last 3 emails ignored? Try the infamous break-up email.
  • ! Remove Prospects Ready to Engage Powerful and Efficient Sales Prospecting Free 7-Day Trial 3 It happens to the best of us. You reach out to a prospect and - BAM! - they write you back... ...everything is going great until you FORGET TO REMOVE them from your nurture list and accidentaly send them a mass email. Doh! MAB
  • Automated Sales Solution Reduce Time Spent Manually Prospecting Start Trial With sales automation, you can easily eject prospects that are ready to engage, so theyre removed from your drip campaigns Engaged prospects dont receive any emails. Your campaigns are not disrupted. Everyone is happy! EJECT
  • Measure Response Rates Create Campaigns > Add Prospects > Measure Success Free 7-Day Trial 4 Its the perennial pain of the modern sales team. How do you know whats actually working? Chances are, youre using some combination of spreadsheets and CRM reporting to manually keep track of response rates and top-performing messages.
  • Automated Sales Solution Engage and Nurture Your Prospects Engage Prospects Sales automation lets you measure your success with real-time reports on which messages resonate and which ones dont, so you never have to track emails response rates in another spreadsheet again.
  • Log Activities in Salesforce Create More Opportunities & Revenue Free 7-Day Trial 5 I love logging all my activities in, said no one ever. Manually logging activities is a huge time-waster (in fact, burdensome tasks are the #3 reason reps dont meet their quotas, according to a recent report*), and we think its about time we consigned it to the dustbin of history. *
  • Automated Sales Solution Powerful and Efficient Sales Prospecting Start Trial Let sales automation do it for you! The right tool should integrate with, and keep track of every email a prospect receives. You wont have to lift a finger, unless its to pick up the phone and call a hot prospect.
  • CoPilot is the fastest and simplest way to scale your prospecting, grow your pipeline, and crush your quota. EVERY. SINGLE. QUARTER Ready to Embrace Automation & Beat Your Sales Targets? Free 7-Day Trial