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Transcript of Zohra BELMAHDI,

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Who are we ?
only monitored by experts.
in reinforcing their SEO strategies.
Founded by 2 statistician engineers, we
apply our math and IT expertise in the
field of natural referencing.
2. Best practices when creating content
3. Impact of content optimization on User Experience and conversions
4. What type of content and where ?
5. How to measure the impact of content optimization on the website performance ?
6. Take away !
What type of content ?
content to be successful
and quality…
languages you are operating in
whatever type of content, it has to be
serve that intent
How does Google measure
expertise. Analyzing its content based
on several factors, including where,
how and how often you use certain
words in that piece of content.
Authority : number of links pointing to
that page and how trustworthy those
links are.
(https, positive ratings, legal
disclaimer, securised payment, Google
My Business completed, etc.)
Add new content regularly
Update your existing content
and make it current/evergreen
come back to your site and
consume more content
regularly update your content
keywords are inserted
Always choose catchy
your user query
Short paragraphs
unnecessary info
Emotions, storytelling
Adapt your style, your tone of voice
to your target => define clearly your
Ensure proper segmentation of your articles (H1,
H2, H3) as well as catchy summary snippets visible
above the fold on mobile devices
Look I am so famous!
=> Create awareness
to your audience
become experts/influencers in
Do it right or don‘t do it!
or shopping process
What about the offline and social media ?
The impact of content optimization on the user experience and the conversion rate
Keywords analysis
Informational/commercial KW
Long tail
Rank Brain
The User Experience is key for Google. It is crucial to answer the user’s request at best => bounce rate, time
spent on the page, clic rate
Rank Brain : exemple sur Tediber
Document best
The <title> tag
beginning of the text
Pro-tip : A/B testing on SEA and
apply it on SEO !
The meta description tag
The H1 tag
the page
Title : Swimwear – order, cheap prices - Go
articles available – Online orders and fast
shipping !
duplicated from the page “Swimwear” of AS
Monaco. Not a good move since for big sites
like these a little optimization would be enough
to rank well !
90% of our clients have never done keywords studies !
Their websites are more focused on their offer instead of their clients’ needs
But what are they really searching for ?
Get the themes by knowing the interests of your clients
Each “knot” of the semantic cocoon represents an
access point of the client on your website.
>> pages to be set as a priority
Tree structure vs. navigation
Tree structure A semantic grouping method of the categorical pages, focused on the clients’ needs
Navigation A logical grouping method per category, focused on the tasks’ needs
Thus, concretely ? Combine the product page & purchase guide
The tree structure of the website indicates a semantic cocoon
around the theme “pillow”L
>> Tediber integrates his “pillow” purchase guide on its product
Focus on the medium tail keywords
For example “matelas 140 x 190”
> Not “matelas” (short tail)
couchage latex” (long tail)
intentions and for which we must create
web pages
(size, color, price…)
Useful for Google
Content, user experience and conversion rate Netlinking is Queen !
The user navigation from a page to another is fluid and corresponds to
their needs
Linking the different pages “parent” and “children” depending on the
clients’ needs by adding popular links per theme
Which content to write and where to put it ?
What to write and where ? Some issues we might face...
How to find the keywords with the highest potential ?
How to measure the ROI of the SEO ?
The SEO knowledge is key and the
implementation of the actions could become
The tree structure of the website indicates a semantic
cocoon around the theme “oreiller”
>> Tediber integrates its purchase guide of “oreiller” on
its product sheet
Combine categorical pages & purchase guide
The tree structure of the website indicates a semantic cocoon around the “lait bio infantile” theme
>> Greenweez integrates its purchase guide on its categorical page
Measure the ROI of the contenu Electronic commerce > natural results
Measure the ROI of the content Brand traffic and non brand traffic
Turnover, traffic and keywords ranking per theme
Measure the ROI of the content
Tediber L’ Incroyable matelas
create the tree
list of keywords
Awareness (off page,
targeted social network)