Zipcar Case Study

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A classic case study about Zipcar Services with the complete character analysis of people involved, case solutions and facts.

Transcript of Zipcar Case Study

  • 1. Car Sharing Service Started in 1999 Expanded to 21 cities till 2004 30000 Registered Members 400 cars till 2004 Tie Ups with Universities ZIPCAR: IN A ZIP

2. Step 1. Join Step 2. Reserve Step 3: Unlock Step 4. Drive! 3. Initial Fee: $25 for Checking Drivers License + $100 Refundable Deposit Annual Membership Fee: $50- $250 Free 125 Miles/Reservations, $0.20/Mile Beyond That Incentive for Members Washing The Cars 4. COMPARISON WITH CAR RENTAL Car Rental Daily Rate: $43.00 (No hourly options) Gas Charges: $10.00 Insurance Waiver: $21.95 21-25 Age Surcharge: $30.50 Parking: $8.00 Additional Fees: $4.00 Total: $86.95 Zipcar Daily Rate: $60.00 (Or by the hour for $8.50) Gas: $0 Insurance: $0 21-25 Age Surcharge: $0 Parking: $0 Total= $60.00 5. COMPARISON TO CAR OWNERSHIP Owned Car Car Payment: $315 Finance Charges: $62 Insurance: $134 Gas: $61 Maintenance: $76 Parking: $175 Total: $843/Month Zipcar If You Drive A Lot: $290/Month If You Drive A Fair Amount: $153/Month If You Dont Drive Much: $34/Month 6. RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Building Financial Bonds Building Social Bonds Building Structural Bonds 7. INTRODUCTION TO THE CASE Anita Karr resident of Cambridge (U.S.A) 8. INTRODUCTION TO THE CASE 9. THE PROBLEM Fishman found himself in a difficult position position regarding the car. Fishman excused himself from his interviewers to call Zip car but before Zip car could pick up the line Fishman hung up . Karr was anxious when she saw no car parked at the parking space at the Charles Hotel. WHAT SHOULD FISHMAN DO? Should he stay or Should he go? 10. INFLUENCING CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR 11. 12 12. 1313 13. 14 14. Sal Fishman Loves adventure Energetic Responsible Punctual 15 GOLD Customer 15. 16 16. 17 17. 18 Positioning of Zipcar Its Not a Rental Service but Ownership Covers Gas, Insurance, Parking fees A Brand to Rely On Can own Any Segment Car Anytime..!! 18. 19 Solutions to the case Auto call Back Systems hours before Numbers exchange system Static & Dynamic Pricing IVR System for Problems Minimum 2 cars Mobile app to track cars 19. Zipcar = Unpleasant Absolutely Horrifying Experience You Will Be Dissatisfied Dont Waste Your Time Or Money Do Not Rent From Zipcar Beyond Terrible Customer Service 20. Transactional Surveys Employee Surveys Customer Complaint Capture Customer Advisory Panels 21. Enhancing Elements 22. Door To Door Service 23. Chauffer Driven ZipCar 24. Trips for Special Members 25. Vacation Trips Outside United States 26. Airport & Railway Service 27. Superiority Elements 28. Customization Of Cars 29. Pet Space 30. Zipcar Driver Training Center 31. Women Safety System 32. Multiple Members Zipcard Access 33. It's a relief not to have a car anymore. But it's also a relief to know if we need one, it's there.'' 34. Function al Risks Physical Risks Financial Risks Temporal Risks Psycholo gical Risks Social Risks 35. The management team Nitesh Praveen Piyush