Zion National Park Hiking Guide Zion National Park Wilderness When Zion Canyon is full, explore...

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Transcript of Zion National Park Hiking Guide Zion National Park Wilderness When Zion Canyon is full, explore...

  • Zion National Park Wilderness When Zion Canyon is full, explore KOLOB CANYONS ROAD

    Located in the northwest corner of the park off of Interstate 15, these other great areas of the park. this five-mile scenic drive climbs past the spectacular canyons and red rocks of the Kolob Canyons area and ends at the Kolob Canyons Viewpoint.

    ZION-MT. CARMEL HIGHWAY This 12-mile scenic highway connects the South and East Entrances. From Zion Canyon, the road travels up steep switchbacks, through the historic Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel, and emerges on the east side of the park. Delays are possible. For large vehicle restrictions, read page 12.

    KOLOB TERRACE ROAD This steep 20-mile scenic drive starts in the town of Virgin and climbs north from the desert washes into the aspen-covered plateaus of the higher elevations of the park and provides access to Lava Point. Not recommended for vehicles pulling trailers.

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    ~ ,, • p CANYON

    Shuttle Information Other Visitor Information ~ Springdale Shuttle ~ ~~i:~~:~:~ i ~l~n to EEi! ~~odn s~~~f1~~it~ttle ~ /;:;::,~~~J;1~a~hen wet)

    ~nh~o:v!~~:;:~eb;:0~\:~i:~~~~:~~,::e~ends ~ Overlook I Parking ;~~,:~e~~:~~n~~~-n:~~aJt:n:~~~es are not I - - -I Tr ail • Tr ai lhead

    ~ Ranger st ation

    m orinkingwater

    CD Rest rooms m Picnica rea

    r.1 campground

    A ~~~~~;6und e3 orientationfilm

    m 2~;;~\~~es~~~fun /

    Wilderness ln2009,Congressprotectednearly84 percentolthepark as wildemes,;unde r the1964Wilderne«Act. Wilderne« desi9nationprotectsforevertheland', wildeme,scha,acter,naturalconditiom, opportunitie,fo,solitude,andscientific, educational.and historical value,.

  • Zion Canyon Shuttle Map •···. Plan Your Hike /i ~~ ,··

    ZION IN THREE HOURS OR LESS Riding the shuttle is the easiest way to see some of the park's most beautiful sights in a lim ited time. A roundtrip ride on the shuttle takes about 80 minutes, and the average

    ···· .. :,Temple of\Sinawava / li)(!:j) j wait fo r a shuttle bus is fifteen minutes or less. Some of the most scenic shuttle stops

    ' () .... are the Court of the Patriarchs, the Zion Lodge, and Big Bend. If you are interested in hiking, choose one of the easy hikes. Some easy hikes include Weeping Rock, the ..-i.tlt:i°" .. ._,_,•···;~/< '•···--··,}':: R;~ !'.:" Lower Emerald Pool Trail, and the Riverside Walk. ZION IN MORE THAN THREE HOURS

    In addition to riding the shuttle, visit the Zion Human History Museum and watch the park orientation film or attend a ranger-led program. If you arc interested in 1 \!lfe; ·~;ng Rock hiking, choose trails based on your ability level from the Hiking Guide. Some moder­

    ·\/\;~ •c-- ate hikes incl ude the Emerald Pools Trails and the Watchman Trai l. Some \:-"~(1-) •,

    strenuous hi kes include Observation Point, The Narrows, and Angels Landing. ··· .. , .. /\ • ..

    Zion Canyon is on ly one smaJI part of Zion National Park. Take a scen ic drive to the other areas of the park listed below, or explore the Zion Wilderness. Read page 6 for ·---. ·-..... an area map or pick up a copy of the Wilderness Guide at park visitor ce nters.

    ,.l,./ Hiking Guide

    Upp" Emmld '":'.-'.-···':·'"'• •• ':.f .' Shuttle Hike Roundtrip Elevation Description

    Lower Emerald PodiS· - ., Stop Shu ttle Location Change

    _,---·_,. Easy .. --

    P.a'rus Tr.a il 2hour5 50/15 0 ggC] :r~V:1~;~~~~~::g~:~~~ ~:er Zion Canyon ft / m 3.5/5.6 Canyon Junct1on.Whttlchairsmaynttdassistance mi /km

    Visitor Center

    Zion National Park Archeology Trail O.Shour 80/24 Short.butstttp. Startsacrossfromtheentranceto the ~iS4lorcenter parkmg lot. Climbs to the outlmes 0 Zion Canyon ft/m

    Visitor Center Shuttle System 0.4 /0.6 ofseveralpreh1stoncbu1ld1ngs. Tra1ls1deexh1bits Springthroughf11U,the ZionCanyon mi/km Sc.enicDriveisopentoshultleb~only.

    Lower Emerald 1 hour 69 / 21 Min0fdrop-offs. Paved1ra1l~ads1othelower Private~hidesareno1allowedbeyond

    Pool Trait 1.2 / 1.9 ft/m Emerald Pool and waterfalls. Connects to the 0 CcinyonJunctlon. Kayenta and Upper Emerald Pool Trails Z10nlodge m1/km

    0 The Grotto Trail 0.5 hour 35 / 11 The trail connects the Zion Lodge to The Grotto. C.:m Z10nlodge 1.0/ 1.6 ft/m becomb1nedwiththeLowerEmeraldPool mi/km andKayeritaTra1Istocreatea2.S•m1leloop. The Grotto

    0 98 / 30 Short, Dl.lt steep. Minor drop-offs. Paved trail ends at Weeping Rock Trai l O.S hour ft/m arockalcovewithdnppmgspnngs. Tra1lsldeexh1b1ts. m1/km

    Weeping Rock 0.4/0.6

    J_.:) Riverside Walk 1.5hours Q:>,,,f,./

    ,oc;),oo@.~ 0 Templeof Sinawava 2.2/3.5 ~11/~ 7 g ~=~!:;f;s;;~t:~ ::~ ~o;::: :~~~~1n M1.0,me!Junction, Tra1ls1dee~h1bit5. WheelchairsmayneedaS51stance GtandCanyonNauon;>JP,rk. mi/km andBryceCanyonNa11ooalP,.,k 1/ (

    _/ /' (,'lnyon Overlook Trail :.rgl Moderate .. ~o

    0 Watchman Trail 2hours 3681112 Moderate drop-offs. Ends at viewpoin t of the Canyon Junction :· ,

    ft/ m Towers of the Virgin. lower Zion Canyon, and Zion Canyon 3.3/ 4.3 Visitor Center m1/km __ , .. •- Springdale

    Tunnel Sand Bench Trail Shour5 466 / 142 Commercial horse trail from March to No bikes Of pedestrians lt/m Octobef. H1keatopamaSS1velandshdeunder 0 7.6/12.2 .allowed. Ask about The Sentinel. Oeepsandand l11tleshade. Zion Lodge mi/km J P.a'rusTr.ail restrictions on large vehicles.

    Zion Human i~DCi 200 / 61 Minor drop-offs. A sandy and rocky trail that climbs Upper Emerald 1 hour History Museum

    Pool Trail ft/m to the Upper Emerald Pool at the base of a cliff . 0 1.0/1.6 liJl!:ill?IIB Zion Lodge m1/km 1':111 :, Zion Nature Center Kayenta Trai l 1.5 hour5

    South Campground JuniorR;u~rPrograms itS/0~ 46 ~ ~odE:~:l~~:'.sc:;::: ~:t~0to w_. 0 The Grotto 2.0/3.2 mi/km totheEmeraldPoolsTra1ls.

    r;,li)(!:j)~Jt;, __ ... --·::··::}---- F-:151 Canyon Overtook 1 hour 163 / so Long drop-offs, mostly fenced. Rocky and uneven

    SOuth Entr.ance ,' W.a~~'f-.~ Side Trail 1.0 / 1.6 ft Im trail ends at vIewpo1111 of Pme Creek Canyon and Tunnel z10n-Mt.Carmel hwy mI / km lowt>rZionCanyon. Parkinglot1sright-turnonly.

    L1m1ted to 12 people per group. Follows the Middle See Taylor Creek Trai l 3.5 hours 450 1137 ft I m Fork of Taylor Creek past two homestead cabins to

    Watchman Campground m1/km Pages KolobCanyonsRoad 5.0/8.0

    Double Arch Alcove North r;,li)(!:j)~ (i;\ l~ometer 100 / 30 Follows a ridge to a small peak with ~iew-s of Timber See Timber Creek 0.5hour ~ I 0.5Mile Page s OverlookTr.ail 1.0/ 1.6 ft/m Creek. KolobTerrace,andPineValleyMountains.

    KolobCanyonsRoad m1/km

    Strenuous Shuttle Information l?J Rangerstation Angels land ing 4 hours 1488 / 4S3 K'll LongdrOJ)-Offs. Not foryoungch1ldren0f liJ Drinking water G) Parkshuttlestop viaWest RimTrai l 5.4/8.7 lt/m l:lil anyonefearfulolhe1ghts. Lastsec\lon1sa The Grotto mi/ km route along a steep. narrow ridge to the summit. l!ll) Remooms

    l:\. Springdaleshuttle '-1 stop Hidden Canyon 2.5 hours ~ Campground 0 ~~ ~ 259 ~ =h~~!s ~~~:aa~~:~e:;'~~:f

    m Tr.ail 2.4/3.9 WeepmgRock m1/km mouth of a narrow canyon. Pknkarea 0 Observation Point 6 hours route viaEast Rim Trait 8.0/12.9 Springdale shuttle ti Wheelchair-accessible fi~~/655 ~~:~~f~f ~~~a~:r:.9:~~~t~a~!:

    Wttp1ngRock m1/km Mountain. Deertrap Mountam, and East Mesa Trails. '13 ParkFilm Other Visitor Information

    Th e Narrows up to 8 hours 334 / 102 Read page Sand check. conditions a1 the ~isitor

    via RiversideWalk 9.4/1S.1 lt/m center beforeattemptmg.H1ghwaterlevelscan II Amphitheater

    c__ :~~~:~!~i~/:sn to 0 Temple of Sinawava mI / k.m prevent access to The Narrows

    - - - - - Tunnel

    See KolobArchvia 8hours 1037 / 316 Limited to 12 people per group. Follows Timber

    m Horseb.ackRiding r·--·· -- · Hikingtr.ail Cj Pets

    Pages ~ .a~erkinCreek _ . ft / m and La Verkm Creeks. A side trai l leads to Kol ob 14 0122 5 Arch,oneoftheworld's largestfreestandmgarches

    KolobCanyonsRoad mi/ km IJll rn,,,,

    Stay on established trails and watch your footmg especially at overlooks and near drop offs Avoid cliff edges Watch children closely People uncertain about heights should stop 1f they become uncomfortable Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below