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Zion National Park. Disasters -Crawford Lindsay Geography 1700. Zion National Park. -Zion national park has been full of disasters Both Natural and Human-Caused Many deaths have happened due to the following: -Construction (Human-Caused) -Flooding (Natural) -Earthquakes (Natural) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zion National Park

ZionNational ParkDisasters

-Crawford LindsayGeography 1700-Zion national park has been full of disastersBoth Natural and Human-CausedMany deaths have happened due to the following:-Construction (Human-Caused)-Flooding (Natural)-Earthquakes (Natural)-Weather (Water Temperatures, Cold Nights)(Natural)-Hiking trails (Natural/Human-Caused)

Zion National ParkConstruction In 1927 construction on a tunnel (Mount Carmel) feeding into Zion recorded over a mile long = claimed 2 lives.

Zion National Park

Mount Carmel TunnelFlash FloodingIn 1961 over 25 people were caught in the Zion Narrows when a flash flood hit = 5 were reported dead.In 1998 two more lives were claimed in the Narrows from flooding.In 2001 a 10 year old boy was washed away in a flash flood on the Canyon Overlook trail.Zion National Park

Zion NarrowsEarthquakesIn September 1992 a 5.9 earthquake was recorded.Caused cracking in foundations, knocked down power lines, destroyed homes in the park and caused many landslides that closed the park for a couple days.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf6dK0WVRPg&noredirect=1(Video of 1992 Earthquake aftermath.)Zion National ParkHiking TrailsIn 1993 a group of scouts got lost in Kolob Canyon 2 scout leaders died from the cold waters.Angels Landing (Hiking Trail), in the past 10 years has claimed 4 lives, 1 being from Provo, Utah who died repelling a solo climb off Angels Landing.Zion National Park

Kolob CanyonNational Park workers say that 2 to 3 people every year die enjoying what nature has to offer at Zion's National Park. Most come from rock climbing the sandstone cliffs. I had the opportunity to climb one of the most well known Angels Landing

Zion National Park

Zion National ParkTrail Head of Angels Landing Hike

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Delicate ArchI look back on this semester and reflect on the information that I learned. Professor Allred has a true passion for what he teaches. He helped me understand that Disasters can be natural but also human caused. We also discussed the amount of deaths that happen on a yearly basis just from people being gambling type of people and what nature brings to this earth. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Earthquakes, Flooding, Landslides and Human-Caused disasters this semester, having the ability this semester to travel down to Moab, Bryce and Zion's National Park I had more of an appreciation of the sights and photos I have shared with you in this E-portfolio assignment. I have to say that if you have not gone to Zion you should definitely get down there as soon as you can because you never know when any of it will be gone due to disasters. I had a blast hiking Angels Landing and was blown away with the last half mile of the hike with chain on one side and cliffs on both side it was such a rush and I encourage anyone who enjoys a hike with a little adrenaline rush to get out and hike it, you wont be disappointed. I am so glad I took Natural Disasters 1700 this semester for one of my last general classes for my undergraduate, I now have a much different outlook. Zion National ParkReflection