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  • 1.COFFEE

2. BASIC FACTS coffee is prepared from roasted seeds of coffeeplants cultivation over 70 countries (Latin America,Southeast Asia, Africa) country of origin Ethiopia most common coffee plants Coffea arabica andCoffea canephora (=robusta) world leader in production is Brazil 29th September National Coffee Day, USA 3. POPULARITY OF COFFEE spread : Ethiopia Middle East Turkey Italy first coffeehouse: Italy, 1645 nowadays: vital cash crop for many Third Worldcountries 4. CULTIVATION 5. MOST COMMON KINDS OF COFFEE first modern espresso machine Milan, 1945 Espresso, Americano, Caff latt,Cappuccino, Caff Macchiato, Lungo, IrishCaff, Latt Art 6. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!