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Yuma Recycling project

Transcript of Yum amanueyandtanya

  • 1. RECYCLINGPROJECTBy: Tanya Leon andManuel Olivas

2. Question of the day Have you ever stopped andwondered how trash could be auseful item to the system ofrecycling? Let us tell you ourjourney in our recyclingproject, so you can see how muchpeople would really contribute. 3. Donations May 1st Tanya and Manuel drove down to ACE Hardware store and Dollar general to ask for donations.They received five bins from ace and two more bins from a Dollar General staff member. 4. DecoratingMay 3rdStudents had a long day cleaning and decorating the binsboth at home and in school. 5. Delivering BinsMay 4th The Participants deliveredone bin to recycle paper at ACE Hardware. They also took two bins to Agri- Inject Inc. One to recycle paperand the other for plastic bottles. The rest of the bins werelocated at the YumaLibrary, the Yuma Hospital, and the CateringRoom at YHS. 6. Switching The BinsMay 6thTanya and Manuel hadto swap around someof the bins becausesome of the locationswerent recycling aswell. The studentsreplaced them atdifferent places wherepeople did recycle. 7. Pick up Bins May 7thThe students had a lot of success with Agri-Inject Inc. The staff memberswere able to fill up their bins withplastic bottles.Not much paper was collected from ACE due to the fact that they hadconfidential paperwork. But for the students anything was better then nothing! 8. Pick up Bins May 7thFor a whole week the Catering roomwas the proud owner of two bins, aplastic one and a can one where thestudents collected quite a lot of things.Shop-all, our local grocery storegot a bin t0o where plenty ofplastic bags from the customerswhere recycled. 9. Pictures for Power Point May 9th The two students got to work on the power point gathering new ideas and images to put in their work. 10. Extra EffortMay 10thAfter one longday of workinghard on the powerpoint theparticipantsdecided to go onemore day strongto add moredetails. 11. Deadline!May 12th 12. InterviewsWhat do you think about recycling?Sergio: I think its some thing that we all should be taking more seriously.Holly: Its important and this community doesnt do enough of it.Have you ever recycled before?Sergio: I always try and recycle my batteries, but its difficult to finda place where to take them.Holly: Yes, I have recycled cans my whole life and I recycle magazines and cardboard at school.Do you think a recycling company would have much successin this community?Sergio: If it was done the right way! It will be hard since we are sucha small town.Holly: Yes, I think all communities should have recycling. 13. InterviewsWhat are some things you know of that can be recyclable? Sergio: Plastic, glass, oil, paper, food waste, and grease. Holly: Plastic, paper, cardboard, clothes, nearly anything, and I knowthere are levels to this too.Would you recycle if it cost you money? If it was free? Sergio: I would but it would have to be convenient. I would still do itbecause it has a lot of benefits but convenience is first. Holly: I would because I hate not recycling and not contributing tomy community.Would recycling bring our community together? Sergio: Recycling doesnt bring us together, its the action that does. Holly: It would bring a lot of people together. 14. RecognitionsSergio- ACE Hardware manager. Sergio played a big role in our project. He was willing to donate five recycling bins to our project. That might not sound like a lot but it summed up to be approximately eighty dollars!Elda Sauer- Yuma High School AdvisorElda was a really great advisor for thisprogram. Elda kept us motivated and stayon track. Most importantly, she guided usthrough this project to help us overcomethe obstacles.Manny Olivas shaking hands withSergio after a donation of fiverecycling bins. 15. RecognitionsHolly Kuecke- FCCLA AdviserHolly helped much on giving us the ideas of where of bins couldgo. She was also great with giving us class time to get our projectdone, and like always she motivated us to get everything done ontime.Tanya Leon getting Ideas from Holly Kuecke.Gail Pallesen- Staff Member of Dollar GeneralGail was the person who also donated two bins to our project and out of her own pocket. 16. At the end of the DayAre you still wondering why trash is a usefulitem to recycling? Well, let us tell you that if theaverage person recycled one glass bottle a day itwould cause 20% less air pollution and 50% lesswater pollution. Recycling really isnt that hard youjust have to find the courage to but a trash itemin a recycling bin and not the dumpster.