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This brochure showcases YSC’s expertise in the field of executive coaching. It demonstrates how we support individuals (coaching for you) and how we support organisations (coaching your people). With an international network of 150 coaches working with 80 organisations in 25 languages, we are well placed to support clients build organisational capability by developing their people.

Transcript of YSC Executive Coaching

  • Coaching For YouSupporting you to perform at your best

  • Welcome

    Welcome to YSC Executive CoachingNowadays you would be hard pressed to find a professional athlete who is not supported by a coach. It is the same in the Arts; great performers rely on coaching support to focus their goals, plan their approach and to eliminate any inner blocks to success.

    The same holds true for executives wanting to perform at the top of their game both for themselves and in order to deliver greater returns for their organisation. Our coaches have supported executives from around the world and across a multitude of sectors to do precisely this.

    Our philosophy is both person and business centred and our aim is to apply our psychological expertise to your business advantage. We do this by helping you discover your own distinctiveness and talents to then realise your full potential. We have a very strong reputation for supporting people to crystallise and achieve their goals with appropriate levels of stretch and support.

    We are a division of YSC, one of the worlds leading business psychology consulting companies. Our clients include FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as government bodies and non-profit organisations. In everything we do we combine a deep understanding of the business world with powerful insights into people.

    Take a look at what we can do for you.

    YSC Executive Coaching

    Coaching For You

  • Coaching has been the key factor in turning me from a manager into a leader. I regard my relationship with my coach as one of the two or three most valuable I have ever had in business.Bernie OBrien, Strategy and Product Leader, Mercer (Australia)

  • From Good to GreatCoaching For You

  • Coaching is a proven and effective means of realising your full potential. It can be a critical factor that tips the balance between success and failure and is particularly valuable at certain points in your career. These include: Moving from a technical to a leadership role in which delivering through others is critical.

    Transitioning to a new, more demanding role, especially if it involves managing managers and a more enabling coaching style.

    When you are tasked to do more with less. When greater levels of confidence, purpose and meaning are needed. Thinking about future career promotion, direction and succession. When the need arises for an impartial but experienced expert who can hold up an honest mirror.

    When you are ready to develop a leadership signature that works better for you and your organisation.

    Coaching has given me greater strength to believe in what I do well and greater insight into my own effectiveness.Vince Hawksworth, Chief Executive, TrustPower (New Zealand)

  • Our DistinctivenessCoaching For You

  • PsychologyAs business psychologists our coaches are particularly skilled in providing genuine insights. Clients are frequently surprised by the depth and significance of the changes they are able to make, especially when compared with other coaching they have experienced. A background in psychology also brings with it the expectation of high professional standards in client care.

    CommercialityWe are business coaches. We look for a 3-way partnership between coach, coachee and organisation in order to create a positive and profound commercial impact. At the same time, our knowledge of the broader business environment makes us invaluable as trusted advisors.

    AssessmentYSCs industry-leading assessment expertise is well known. From over 40,000 deep-dive interviews with business leaders, we know what great looks like and we use this to benefit our coachees. This same skill is also used to assess and match our coaches to an individuals needs.

    CapacityWe have 150 coaches based in 25 different countries and we can coach in 25 different languages. Our coaches represent a tremendous range of experience and styles that enables us to support globally consistent coaching interventions whilst providing just the right coach at an individual level.

    We see our distinctiveness in five main areas:

    ProcessWe offer flexibility based upon an underlying process. We look to agree coaching goals at the outset and use our proprietary Pulse Tracker to monitor a coachees progress. We run evaluation surveys to demonstrate a clear return on investment and to monitor the quality of the coaching we provide. We want and expect to make a measurable difference to our coachees and their organisations.

    Our DistinctivenessMy YSC coach skilfully combined elements of support and challenge to create a very positive and active coaching experience. I believe this has been the most effective coaching intervention of my career.Garry Fingland, Global Delivery Director, Diageo Plc (UK)

  • The Coaching ProcessCoaching For You

    Month 1

    Our coaching is typically based around a core of six 1:1 sessions. We then provide a number of additional options, such as stakeholder feedback and management 3-ways, to extend and support the coaching intervention.

    A slightly longer session to allow the coachee and coach to get to know each other, and to get

    the coaching off to a strong start

    The heart of the programme. A chance to explore, define and review the actions that support meaningful change

    3-Way with ManagerSession 2 is an opportunity for the coach, coachee and their manager to discuss and align the coaching objectives

    Half-day Assessment

    Initial Coaching Session

    Coaching Session 2

    Feedback & Report

    A psychological profile and a description of the"from.... to s that coaching might


    To help frame coaching goals in the context of your role. We ve conducted over 40,000 of these in the past 20 years

  • I learnt techniques which have allowed me to unlock a great deal more of my own potential, and which I continue to use every week. I have seen very real, measurable value from the work we did together.John Holborow, Senior Manager, Sony Music Entertainment Ltd. (UK)

    A mini-360 to track and support change based on a handful

    of key indicators of change

    Stakeholder Feedback

    Optional, but really useful in giving a

    coachee a sense of their current impact with key stakeholders

    Coaching Pulse

    Tracker 1

    Coaching Pulse

    Tracker 2

    Coaching Pulse

    Tracker 3

    Revisit StakeholdersWhat changes have

    they noticed?

    A chance for the coachee and their manager to review the success of the

    coaching, and for us to evaluate the quality of the coaching we provide

    Month 12

    Coaching Sessions 35

    Coaching Session 6

    Evaluation of Coaching Effectiveness

  • Global ClientsCoaching For You & Your People

    YSC Ltd. 2010. YSC is the trading name of Young Samuel Chambers (YSC) Limited. Registered in England at 50 Floral Street, London, WC2E 9DA. Company Number 2402857. Logos and trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. Version 1.1.

    Some key global clients

  • Coaching Your PeopleAn investment in your people and the culture they create

  • WelcomeCoaching Your People

    Welcome to YSC Executive CoachingCoaching is increasingly acknowledged as a critical ingredient for maximising individual and team performance. Popular both for its flexibility and its effectiveness, it is a proven way of preventing derailment and achieving dramatic breakthroughs in performance. It is also a powerful and visible way of recognising your rising stars, building their capability and boosting their commitment. The return on investment can be considerable, with reputable studies of Fortune 500 firms calculating that coaching can deliver as much as 689% ROI*.

    YSC Executive Coaching provides bespoke coaching for senior business leaders, wherever they are in the world. We see executive coaching as fundamentally a 3-way contract between the coach, coachee and their organisation, and we encourage the open alignment of coaching goals from the outset.

    Our coaches combine strong commercial acumen with a keen psychological insight honed from YSCs expertise as the industry leader in business psychology. We employ innovative technology to monitor and sustain change, and to demonstrate ROI to our clients. Finally, our size and scope allow us to support integrated, global initiatives in over 25 languages across 25 countries.

    Take a look at what we can do for your people.

    YSC Executive Coaching * Source: Booz Allen and Metrix Global

  • I found my coaching from YSC invaluable when I moved into my first senior role. Without it I would have been a far less effective manager and would have contributed a great deal less to longer term strategies.Stephen Page, Chief Executive, Faber & Faber (UK)

  • External CoachingCoaching Your People

  • When to call upon an external coach?We know from our High Performance Coaching workshops how much managers within an organisation can benefit from taking a coaching approach. But there are still times when an external coach is required, such as when:

    The history between an individual and their manager complicate matters.

    A greater level of rapport is needed. It has to be someone impartial, with no vested interest in the situation.

    More time is required than a manager has available. More skill is required in order to deal with emotional issues or deeper, limiting beliefs.

    It would help to have the support of someone with broader experience of leadership or the sector.

    My YSC coach was a gifted listener who provided keen insights into feelings and motivations that are often difficult