YouthSpeak Toolkit 15.16




Transcript of YouthSpeak Toolkit 15.16  



1.  Global  YouthSpeak  Ini9a9ve  •  Why  •  How  •  What  

2.  Youth  Speak  Forum  Alignment    

•  Concept  •  Agenda  •  Brand  Management  •  Timeline  •  Repor:ng    3.  Contact  Informa9on      

YouthSpeak  CONCEPT  

"Because  the  people  who  are  crazy  enough  to  think  they  can  change  the  world  

are  the  ones  who  do.”  -­‐STEVE  JOBS  


YouthSpeak  allows  young  people  to  engage  and  take  ac9on  over  issues  that  maJer  to  them.  

 Having  this  in  mind,  we  acknowledge  that  the  Global  YouthSpeak  Ini:a:ve  could  be  a  big  booster  of  Engagement  with  AIESEC  and  a  way  to  increase  the  organiza:onal  relevance.      We  also  realize  that  for  YouthSpeak  to  succeed  and  reach  its  full  poten:al,  we   need   it   to   be   a   united   organiza:onal   effort   where  we   join   forces   to  show  the  greatness  of  youth  and  what  we  can  achieve  when  working  as  one.    Our   global   network   needs   to   be   working   in   collabora:on   to   make   the  posi:ve   impact  by  making  our  organiza:on   the   leader   in  providing  youth  leadership  experiences  and  engaging  and  developing  every  young  person  in  the  world.    Therefore  we  as  AIESEC  need  to  work  together  to  enable  more  and  more  young   people   to   engage  with   us,   while   at   the   same   :me   increasing   and  showcasing  our  relevance  to  the  world.    The   society  needs   young  people   to   take   ac9on  and  we,   as  AIESEC,  will  become  the  plaLorm  to  allow  this  youth  empowerment.  

Global  YouthSpeak  Inni9a9ve?  

WHY  Global  YouthSpeak  Ini9a9ve?  

YouthSpeak   is   a  Global   ini9a9ve   that     aims   to   make  AIESEC   louder.   In   order   to   achieve   this   we   need   to  work  as  one  network,  which  means  we  are  looking  to:    •  Align   all   en99es   to   the   YouthSpeak   strategy   and  

brand  •  Report  the  impact  around  the  world  together  •  Shape   global   and   na:onal   strategies   around   what  

maSers  to  young  people  •  Showcase   our   relevance   at   all   levels   (both   global  

and  na:onal.  



Through   the   insights   we   gather,   we   will   are   able   to  understand   what   young   people   care   about   and  therefore:    •  Showcase   our   opportuni9es   in   a   more   aSrac:ve  

way  to  our  customers  •  Plan  our  opera9ons  to  become  more  relevant  in  our  

countries/territories  •  Generate   beJer   aJrac9on   strategies   for   our   ELD  

programs  •  Create   the   right   interna9onal   partnerships  

according  to  our  target  markets  •  Collaborate   with   the   government   thanks   to   the  

credibility  of  the  YouthSpeak  Survey  •  Use  YouthSpeak  Insights  in  our  mee:ngs  for  a  beSer  

pitching  of  our  sales  porYolio  •  Support   our   statements   about   youth   with   credible  

data   when   speaking   to   externals,   to   be   able   to  become  the  Global  Youth  Voice  


HOW  the  Global  YouthSpeak  Ini9a9ve?  

The  YouthSpeak  Survey  collects  youth   insights   from  around   the  world   to   beSer   understand  what   young  people   care   about.  This   survey  will   provide  decision  makers   (companies,   the   government,   organiza:ons,  AIESECers)  with  key  insights  to  generate  projects  and  ac:ons  to  impact  the  world.  The  more  responses  we  get,  the  more  credible  we  are.  

The  YouthSpeak  Forum  is  a  premiere  event  that  brings  together   both   young   and   senior   leaders   to   form   a  diverse   cross-­‐sector   and   mul:-­‐genera:onal   space   for  inspiring   conversa:ons   around   pressing   global   issues.  The  forum  aims  to  create  an  environment   to  gain  new  perspec:ves   to   create   ac:onable   outcomes   and  projects   to   push   the   world   forward.   This   projects   are  connected  to  the  insights  we  gain  from  the  survey.  The   more   aSendees   we   get,   the   more   credible   we  become.  

The  YouthSpeak  Insights  is  the  report  that  comes  out  of  the   YouthSpeak   Survey   and   allows   AIESEC   and   the  world   to   take   decisions   that   influence   strategy   and  opera:ons  of  our  organiza:on.  This   insights   reflect   the   data   gathered   in   the  YouthSpeak  Survey  We,   as   organiza:on,   are   in   charge   of   making   this  insights  available  to  the  world  The  more  reach  we  get,  the  more  credible  we  become.  

HOW  the  Global  YouthSpeak  Ini9a9ve?  

The   more   responses   we  get,   the   more   credible   and  relevant  we  become.  

The  more  aSendees  we  get,  the   more   credible   and  relevant  we  become.  

The   more   reach   we   get,   the  more  credible  and  relevant  we  become.  

The   more   AIESEC   projects  we   implement,   the   bigger  impact  we  have.   W e   s t a r t   w i t h   t h e  

YouthSpeak   Survey,   which  will  help  us  to  know  and  be  aware   what   really   maSers  for  youth.  

YouthSpeak   Insights   will  come   from   the   YouthSpeak  Survey,   and   will   define   the  main   topics   we   should   have  a s   t h e m e s   f o r   o u r  YouthSpeak  Forums  

The   main   themes   of   the  YouthSpeak   Forum   will  b e   d e fi n e d   b y   t h e  YouthSpeak   insights   and  will  shape  the  projects  we  want  to  create  as  a  call  to  ac:on  a^er  the  forum.  

We   will   look   for   companies  and   organiza:ons   willing   to  sponsor   AIESEC   projects   that  will   be   created   during   the  Ac:on   space   and   executed  a^er   the   YouthSpeak   Forum.  Projects   should   be   aligned   to  the   themes   tackled   in   the  YouthSpeak  Forum    





WHAT  Global  and  Na9onal  Elements  

Global  YouthSpeak  Forums  15.16  

Regional  YouthSpeak  Forums  

Na:onal  YouthSpeak  Forums  

IC  2015  &  IPM  2016   Regional  Conferences   Your  en:ty’s  YouthSpeak  Forums  

AIESEC  Global  YouthSpeak  Survey  

AIESEC  Global  YouthSpeak  Insights  

YouthSpeak  FORUM  

“Just  imagine  what  solu:ons  might  be  found  if  young  people  are  given  the  space  

and  encouragement  to  par:cipate  and  lead,”  


TOPICS  Aligning  all  global  and  na9onal  

forums  to  survey  results  

Millennials  are  largely  unsa:sfied  with  the  educa:on  system,  with   a   global   Net   Promoter   Score   being   -­‐42,   as   found   in  YouthSpeak   survey.   In   total,   53%   of   Millennials   see   a  disconnec:on  between  what  they  are  learning  today  versus  what   they   will   need   tomorrow.   There   is   a   significant  challenge   for   government,   youth,   employers   and   the   third  sector   to   bridge   the   gap   between   educa:on   and  employment   and   ensure   that   educa:on   is   leaving   young  people  prepared  for  the  future.    And   with   the   global   youth   popula:on   reaching   1.8   billion,  out  of  which  89%  is  in  less  developed  countries,  there  is  an  urge   to   iden:fy   solu:ons   for   bridging   this   gap.   To  develop  the   next   genera:on,   which   will   by   2025   comprise   75%   of  the   global   workforce,   all   stakeholders   must   come   together  for  a  cross-­‐sector  collabora:on.  

According   to   YouthSpeak   Survey,   61%   of   Millennials   have  plans  to  become  an  entrepreneur  and  another  8.7%  already  are.  And  with  31.3%  of  respondents  sta:ng  that   they  want  to   become   an   entrepreneur   in   the   next   5   years,   we  recognize   the   growing   trend   among   the   Millennial  genera:on   that  will   greatly   impact   their   career   choices   and  how   they   view   the   role   of   employers.   We   want   to   help  shape   this   trend   and   capitalize   on   it,   since   so  many   young  people  want  to  become  an  entrepreneur.    “Entrepreneurship is fast emerging as a transformational megatrend of the 21st century given its capacity to reshape economies and industries throughout the world. As key drivers of economic growth, entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any expanding economy, generating jobs, introducing new products and services…”  -­‐  Waddah  Barkawi,  Entrepreneur  ar:cle  

TOPICS  Aligning  all  global  and  na9onal  

forums  to  survey  results  

The  world’s  popula:on  of  7  billion   is   likely   to   increase  to  9  billion   by   2050.   The   demand   for   diminishing   natural  resources  is  growing.  Income  gaps  are  widening.  What  does  a  sustainable  future  actually  look  like?    “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” -­‐  1987’s  Brundtland  Report    We   will   examine   the   many   facets   of   sustainability   -­‐  sustainable   development,   res i l ience,   sustainable  entrepreneurship,   Triple   BoSom   Line,   corporate   social  responsibility,   and  how   they   intersect,   zooming   in  on   some  key   issues,  breaking   it  down  by  sector.  Looking  ahead,    we  will  iden:fy  what  changes  are  needed  to  make  the  transi:on  from  the  Millennium  Development  Goals  to  the  Sustainable  Development  Goals,  and  the  role  of  youth  across  sectors  in  making  the  goals  a  reality.      According   to   YouthSpeak   insights   more   than   90%   of  Millennials  want  to  work  for  a  company  that  cares  about  the  world  and  generates  a  posi:ve  impact  in  the  world.  

September  15’  

October  15’  

October  15’  

October  15’  

October  15’  

October  15’  

November  15’  

Global  &  Regional  Forums  in  2015-­‐2016  

Youth  Speak  Forum  LATAM SUMMIT PANAMA  





Youth  Speak  Forum  MENA CO 2015LEBANON  


March  16’  

March  16’  

March  15’  

March  16’  

March  16’  

March  15’  

February  16’  

Youth  Speak  Forum  EuroXPROBULGARIA  



Youth  Speak  Forum  AfroXLDSCOTE  D'IVOIRE  

Youth  Speak  Forum  MENA XLDS 2016EGYPT  


Youth  Speak  Forum  IPM 2016

Global  &  Regional  Forums  in  2015-­‐2016  

“The  Forum  generates  the  YouthSpeak  output  of  concrete  ideas  and  ac:ons.”  

YouthSpeak  AGENDA  

AGENDA  Inspire,  Engage,  Act  


What  our  partners  should  know  

Addi9onal  informa9on  you  should  know  






Top   business   and   thought   leaders  from   around   the   world   are   invited  to   share   their   knowledge   with   the  delegates   about   the   chosen   forum  theme.   This   sec:on   of   the   day   is  delivered   through   short   and  powerful   talks   and   aims   to   inspire  delegates   and   help   to   form   their  opinions  for  the  rest  of  the  day.    

Our   partner   organiza:ons   engage  with   the   youth   delegates   to   give  new  perspec:ves  on  issues  rela:ng  to   the   forum   theme   through  workshops,   conversa:ons   and   idea  genera:on   spaces.   Youth   and  business   are   able   to   interact,  exchange   opinions   and   understand  what   is   being   done   in   the   world  already   to   address   the   ques:on   of  the  day.    

The   youth   delegates   take   their  learning   and   insights   from   the   day  into  a  space  where  they  are  able  to  co-­‐create   ideas   and   solu:ons   with  their  peers  and  experts  in  the  room.  The  aim  is  to  switch  their  ideas  into  ac:ons   that   each   stakeholder   can  take   forward   to   contribute   to   the  theme   of   the   day,   resul:ng   in  commitments   and   projects   that  organiza:ons   and   stakeholders   can  support.    

Keynotes   where   speakers   relate   to   the  main   topic   and   how   they   or   the   company  they  represent  connect  to  it.  Each  key  note  shall  take  no  longer  than  30  minutes.  Focus  on   inspiring   talker,   these  people  are  a l so   an   anchor   to   aSrac t   beSer  organiza:ons  

Workshop  where   organiza:ons   and   youth  interact   in  order  to   learn  methodologies   in  how   to   impact   the   world.   Organiza:ons  can  get  insights  on  what  youth  think  about  their   ini:a:ves   or   create   a   new   project  with  them  90   minutes   each   workshop.   Normally   5+  workshops  happen  at  the  same  :me,  so  the  plenary  is  divided  

We  want   to  generate  projects   that   impact  the  society  and  are  based  on  issues  young  people  care  about.  Projects  should   involve  our   exchange   programs.   For   project  r e q u i r e m e n t s ,   p l e a s e   v i s i t :  hSps://  We  highly  recommend  you  to  have  a  panel  of   judges  to  give  feedback  to  the  projects.  Organiza:ons   could   decide   to   invest   and  co-­‐execute   the  project  with  AIESEC   (since  the   beginning   of   the   nego:a:on   you  should  pitch  this  idea).  

AGENDA  Proposed  Agenda  Structure  

Opening  (30  minutes)  Keynote  1  (  30  minutes)  Keynote    2  (  30  minutes)  Coffee  Break  (  30  minutes)  Keynote    3(  30  minutes)  Keynote    4  (  30  minutes)  

Panel  (  30  minutes)  

Lunch  (  60  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Workshop  (90  minutes)  

Networking  Space  (  30  minutes)  

Ac9on  Space:    Designing  ideas  (  120  minutes)  

Break  (  30  minutes)  Ideas  Pitches    (  60  minutes)  

Closing  (  30  minutes)  

AGENDA  Agenda  Parts  Explana9on  

We   will   hear   inspiring   speeches   from   the   experts   in   the   areas  sharing   their   experiences   and   knowledge.   The   insights   will   be  focused   on   the   main   topic   of   the   forum   and   leadership   stories,  stories   of   success   and   failure.     Invite   important   and   relevant  speakers  






The   opening   should   be   a   30   plenary   session   with   a   really  outstanding  host  .  Think  about  someone  in  your  country/territory  very  relevant  for  the  main  topic  of  the  forum  .  If  you  have  a  really  good  host  imagine  about  who  you  can  invite  as  speaker.  

These   15-­‐30  minute   panel   sessions  will   consist   of   presenta:ons  and  open  discussions  presented  by  4-­‐6  panelists  directly  engaging  with   the   conference   audience.   The   host   should   prepare   really  good  ques:ons  and  delegates  are  going  to  be  able  to  add  some  of  them.  The  speakers  of  the  panel,  could  be  the  speakers  of  the  keynotes,  so   delegates   could   solve   doubts   they   might   have   a^er   the  speeches  and  have  deeper  interac:on  with  them.  

In   these   interac:ve   sessions,   par:cipants   learn   more   deeply  about  a   specific   topic   in  order   to  spark   ideas   to  design  projects  and  commitments.  It  shouldn’t  be  a  presenta:on.  Speakers   should   provide   context   and   a   framework   (10%  of   the  :me  of  the  whole  session),    then  provide  60%  of  working  space,  10%  to  share  ideas  and  10%  to  wrap  up  the  session  and  have  a  clear  output  for  the  Ac:on  Space.    

This  is  an  op:onal  space  where  partners  can  have  specific  booths  to  have   a   closer   approach   with   the   delegates,   answer   ques:ons,  provide  materials,  etc.  

AGENDA  Agenda  Parts  Explana9on  

ACTION  SPACE:  Designing  ideas  

Par:cipants   brainstorm   and   generate   answers   to   specific   “how”  ques:ons,   crea:ng   forward-­‐thinking   solu:ons   and   refining   new  approaches  to  global  challenges.  In  teams,  par:cipants  materialize  ideas  by  iden:fying  goals,  :meline,  and  resources  required.  All  the  ideas  they  created  in  the  workshops  should  be  transformed  into  specific  projects  .  




Delegates  “pitch”  their  commitments  to  ac:on  and  project  ideas  to  an   expert   panel   (the   panel   could   be   built   by   the   speakers   in   the  workshops   and   people   from   the   companies   or   organiza:ons   that  want  to  sponsor  the  projects  created  in  the  Youth  ´peak  Forum)    

 Host  closes  the  YouthSpeak  Forum  with  strong  conclusions  and  with  a  call  to  ac:on  for  all  the  delegates,  encouraging  them  to  act  around  the   topics  discussed  during   the   forum  and  enabling   them  to   execute   the   projects   they   have   created   during   forum’s   ac:on  space.    

BRAND  YouthSpeak  Brand  



Please  find  here  brand  management  materials:  


REPORT  YouthSpeak  Brand  


If  we  want  to  become  more  relevant  and  impacYul  AIESEC,  we  need  to  be   gathering   the   informa:on   about   na:onal   YouthSpeak   Forums   to  share  it  to  the  world  and  to  showcase  our  reach.    That’s  why  we  need   to   start  measuring  our   impact   at   every   level.   So   ,  ader  every  YouthSpeak  Forum,  please  report  your  reach:  How  to  get  the  numbers  from  Facebook?    

A^er   you   have  p o s t e d   a b o u t  YouthSpeak,  go  to  your   Facebook  fan   page   and   get  the   numbers   as  explained   in   the  pictures  below.  

CONTACT  YouthSpeak  Team  Contact  


Federico  Restrepo  Global  BD  Manager  15.16  YS  Team:  Team  Leader  [email protected]    

Dmitriy  Dubovik  Global  VP  DM  15.16  

YS  Team:  Digital  Engagement  [email protected]    

Natalia  Farfan    Global  BD  Manager  15.16  YS  Team:  Regional  Forums  

[email protected]    

Mona  Pan  Global  BD  Manager  15.16  YS  Team:  Regional  Forums  

[email protected]    

Ivana  Gusic  Global    VP  PR  15.16  

YS  Team:  External  Comms  [email protected]      

Hamza  Merzguioui  Global  Mena  Opera9ons  VP  15.16  YS  Team:  Strategy  and  OperaMons  

[email protected]    

Natalia   Farfan   is   also   responsible   for   network  communica:on.   If   you   have   any   ques:ons   regarding  Regional  YouthSpeak  Forums  please  approach  her.      If   you   have   ques:ons   regarding   the   survey,   contact  Dmitriy  Dubovik.    And   for   any   ques:ons   regarding   integra:on   of  YouthSpeak   into   opera:ons,   please   contact   Hamza  Merzguioui.