Youth Triathlon

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Youth Triathlon Dr. Jon D. Metz USAT Certified Coach USAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach

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  • Youth Triathlon

    Dr. Jon D. MetzUSAT Certified CoachUSAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach

  • PurposePrimaryto increase interest and safe participation in the sport that carries into adulthood.Secondaryto identify gifted athletes and develop these individuals for elite competition.

  • Training YouthSet goals and objectives.Establish the number of hours available to train.Assess strengths and skill level in each regimen.Include drills focused on skill development.Monitor progress and use feedback to adjust workouts accordingly.Include mental preparation and visualization skills.

  • Training YouthFocus on process and skill developmentnot outcomes.Athletes should be prepared to be successful over the long termnot immediate competitions.The emphasis should be placed on cardiovascular development, neuromuscular development, technique, and skill.Be conservative when setting training hours.

  • Youth & Junior Triathlon DistancesYouth 7-8: 50-100m pool swim, 2k bike, 1k run.9-10: 100m pool swim, 3k bike, 1k run.11-12: 200m pool swim, 5-7k bike, 2k run.13-15: 200-400m swim, 8-10k bike, 2-3k run.Junior16-19: 400-750m swim, 15-20k bike, 5k run.

  • StrategiesEmphasize the positives. Limit criticism. Keep criticism constructive. Specific feedback.Limit lectures.Understand the emotional and social maturity of the youth. Make it fun.

  • Focus for SwimmingFreestyle swimming.Horizontal body position.Streamlining.Body roll.Breathing patterns.Swimmers should cut back to only a few swim sessions during the triathlon season.

  • Focus for CyclingEmphasize aerobic training.Maintain even cadence (80-100 RPM).Ride straight with a balanced body.1-3 sessions/week each totaling 20-30 minutes.13 years and up can increase to 1 hour. Improve balance, pedaling, cornering, and descending.

  • Focus for RunningRun with rapid, light strides. 1-2 sessions/week each totaling 20-30 minutes. Emphasize aerobic fitness, short speed drills/games to develop sound technique.

  • TransitionsComplete with a minimum of wasted movements.1 minute or less. Practice transitions each week.

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