YOUTH OPPORTUNITY Upcoming Deadlines Youth Tour ... · PDF file and representatives was great....

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Transcript of YOUTH OPPORTUNITY Upcoming Deadlines Youth Tour ... · PDF file and representatives was great....


    E L E C T R I C C O O P E R A T I V E

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    P.O. Box 330 Greenfield, IA 50849 | (800) 397-4821


    Youth Tour Participant Reflects on ExperienceUpcoming Deadlines Youth Tour Application: Feb. 17

    All-expenses-paid trip to

    Washington, D.C., available to

    high school juniors. To start the

    process, submit the application

    found at


    Scholarship Application: April 3

    Available to high school seniors

    enrolled full-time at an accredited

    college, university or vocational/

    technical school for the 2017-2018

    school year. Must have parent/

    guardian who is a member of

    Farmers Electric Cooperative and

    resides within the cooperative’s

    service territory. Find application



    Cleaning your refrigerator's

    coils can extend the life of your

    appliance and save you money

    on costly repairs. Use a coil cleaning brush or

    vacuum with hose attachment to clear away

    accumulated dust and debris.

    or Hank Bohling, a trip to Washington, D.C., in the midst of a contentious presidential race no less, couldn’t have been timelier. It just so happened that Hank turned 18 last summer, and

    was paying close attention during the trip in preparation for voting in November.

    “This experience opened my eyes more to how government works and my responsibility as a citizen,” Hank said. “Meeting with the senators and representatives was great. Some gave us time and wanted to know our thoughts. It made me realize the importance of communication between us.”

    Hank was selected to attend the 2016 Youth Tour as the representative from Farmers Electric Cooperative. Now in its 53rd year, Youth Tour has drawn nearly 50,000 students from rural electric cooperatives across the county to participate in the program. Iowa has the distinction of being the first state, in 1958, to sponsor 34 students on a week-long study tour of our nation’s capital. The idea caught on and in 1964, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) began to coordinate activities to draw students from electric cooperatives nationwide.

    During their time in Washington, students learn about the cooperative business model and have plenty of opportunities to tour world class museums, monuments and memorials. Hank

    enthusiastically encourages students to apply for the chance to attend Youth Tour.

    “The Youth Tour is such an excellent experience! Traveling with youth from my state, meeting other youth leaders from many states around our country and sightseeing was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime,” he said. “We had a hectic schedule, but the early mornings and late nights was all worth it. After all, sleep is overrated!”

    High school juniors interested in applying for Youth Tour have until Feb. 17 to turn in the application. For more information, visit

    F Hank Bohling

    Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month

  • 2 | Open Lines | February 2017


    February 2017 | Open Lines | 3

    Be Part of Something Powerful THE BOTTOM LINE:

    our cooperative shares a strong commitment to our communities and the members we serve, and sponsoring students for an exciting, educational trip to Washington, D.C., is just one of

    the ways we’re investing in our youth. If you’re a high school junior looking for the trip of a lifetime, then I encourage you to apply for the 2017 Youth Tour.

    As a member of the Iowa Youth Tour Advisory Committee, I’m helping shape the agenda for the 2017 Youth Tour. Currently, our committee is reviewing last year’s event and determining how we want to make it better. We’ll also be recruiting chaperones, distributing marketing materials to participating co-ops, and seeking sponsorships.

    Youth Tour is jam-packed with sightseeing world class monuments, memorials and museums that bring history to life. They'll visit Capitol Hill, to meet with members of Iowa’s congressional

    delegation. For those who are up for it, students from Iowa are even invited on a traditional early morning run with Senator Charles Grassley! Many past participants were so inspired by this experience that they later served as interns on the Hill, and many have pursued a career in politics.

    The 2017 Rural Electric Youth Tour will take place June 9-15 in Washington, D.C. Initial applications are due to the Farmers office by Feb. 17. Visit our website,, to find out more.

    I look forward to following the activities of our future leaders during this year’s Youth Tour and I encourage anyone who might be interested to go ahead and start the process. You never know when you might get the chance again to be part of something so powerful.

    Charlie Dunn General Manager

    Why Do Co-ops Advertise?


    Electric cooperatives take

    every opportunity to meet with

    legislators on both a state and

    national level. We do this because

    personal interaction helps Farmers

    Electric Cooperative develop closer

    relationships with our elected

    officials and it's the best way to

    inform them how important electric

    cooperatives are in providing energy

    to our homeowners, farmers and


    Y Farmers Electric Cooperative

    advertises to teach and promote

    electrical safety and energy

    efficiency to meet federal and

    state regulations – and to educate

    our members and policy-makers

    about the Cooperative. Here are a

    few other reasons:

    Like any other business, we use

    paid advertising to communicate

    a message to a specific audience.

    We use advertising to reach

    our members and the public

    about important issues, such as

    energy efficiency tips that save

    consumers electricity and money.

    We use advertising to educate

    legislators and regulators about

    issues that impact the cost of

    your electric bill, such as climate

    change legislation.

    As an electric co-op, we commit

    to sponsoring and supporting

    programs that enhance the

    community and provide services

    to our members. Our revolving

    loan fund and student scholarship

    programs are just two examples.

    Advertising helps us develop

    name recognition with legislators

    and regulators. It is important for

    them to know who we are and

    what we do when we contact

    them to advocate on behalf of

    your interests.

    Because Farmers benefits from

    the combined buying power

    of up to 30 different electric

    cooperatives, we get a great

    return for our advertising dollars.

    oli Weston, Director of Member Services and Communications for Farmers Electric

    Cooperative, joined more than 150 directors, managers and staff members from Iowa’s electric cooperatives to welcome back Iowa legislators Jan. 10.

    The annual event provides an opportunity for electric cooperatives to discuss our 2017 legislative agenda and priorities with state legislators. Other guests of honor included: Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Secretary of State Paul Pate, Iowa Utilities Board Member Nick Wagner and Iowa Department of Economic Development Director Debi Durham. The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, in conjunction with the Iowa Biotechnology Association, the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, the Iowa Communications Alliance and the Petroleum marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa, hosted the annual reception.

    “We try to take every opportunity we can to get in front of our state’s leadership and talk to them face-to-face about what’s happening at our co- ops,” said Weston. “And they, in turn, appreciate hearing from us as constituents. Having that connection can make a big difference when it comes time to vote.”

    Important issues for the rural electric cooperatives this session include:

    l line personnel safety;

    l state programs that complement federal rural economic development programs;

    l geothermal property tax exemption;

    • Duane Arnold Energy Center (nuclear power plant) machinery and equipment tax exemption;

    • review and revision of energy programs.

    In the coming months, the Iowa General Assembly will address a multitude of issues, including energy-related items central to Iowa’s rural economy. Beginning with the Welcome Back Legislative Reception, the directors, managers and staff will again be important advocates for a balanced approach in addressing energy issues that allow for Iowa’s member-owned rural electric cooperatives to continue providing affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally-responsible power to more than 650,000 Iowans.

    Electric cooperative representatives from all parts of the state will visit Des Moines for REC Day on the Hill March 22, where they will be able to visit with their legislators once again.

    H Welcome Back, Legislators!

    Holi Weston with Rep. T