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  1. 1. Is Proud to Present its Flagship Product A Blend of over 35 vitamins, minerals, and other supplements offering a potent blast of natural stimulant free energy and much, much, more!
  2. 2. Youth Infusion is a 100% All Natural Vitamin Supplement Ideal those on the go (Drivers). Effervescent powder packed with heart healthy vitamins for immediate effectiveness. Youth Infusion Trial subjects recorded having slight boosts of energy, an increase in overall well being
  3. 3. Enhanced With CoQ-10 & Vitamin D Health & Energy has Never Tasted So Good. Youth Infusion helps promote cardiovascular health and circulation. Crucial for those long stationary hours on the Road. Recommended by Dr. John Martin Vascular Surgeon who has appeared on TV, including but not limited to Fox News Recommended by the Head of University of Marylands Pediatric Cardiology. Dr. Mumbuddah Salim noted as one of Baltimore's Best Doctors & Health Grades Honor Roll Dr. Martin Dr. Salim
  4. 4. Great tasting effervescent powder easily mixed with water Supports a healthy Heart Provides a Natural Boost of Energy All natural Gluten Free, Sugar free, Caffeine Free Individually wrapped for Freshness and Convenience More than 35 of the worlds most powerful and extensively researched Immune Supporting compounds
  5. 5. Facebook: Twitter: @InfusionSciences Instagram: InfusionSciences Or:
  6. 6. * Raw Dollar Sales of Dietary Supplements, 1997 * $13 Billion. Raw Dollar Sales of Dietary Supplements, 2012 * $27 Billion (2X Growth) IRI Data 2012* Show Sales of Multiple Vitamin Minerals thats what Youth Infusion is! * $976 million. Projected sales in 2017 * $33 Billion **(Third party syndicated data for Grocery Drug and Mass *Merchandiser except Wal-Mart)
  7. 7. * I. Talk Radio is the number one source of entertainment while on the road. * The Infusion Science Team Has: Interviews on national and local shows whose subject matter appeals to a broad audience. Interviews on tv-shows specifically designed for truck drivers. Target examples: - Road Dog Truckin on Sirius XM Show is called Freewheelin Red Eye Radio - The Trucker Radio Show - Coast to Coast with George Noory II. National Campaign In Print & Online: Print ads to including USA Today, NY Times, Forbes, and Huffington Post. Infusion Sciences also plans to reach out to hundreds of local publications. We have a large network of lesser known, but intensely focused trade publications that reach niche audiences. Include d are nearly 100 publications for Truckers focusing on the industry as a whole and big rigs. Some of the most popular include: Road King, American Trucker, Over the Road Street Trucks, Fleet Owner Big Rig 10-4 ,The Driving Times III. National TV: One of the most powerful of all media is television. National TV shows reach millions of viewers and convey an authority that prompts other media to follow their stories. We have an excellent record of arranging national television interviews for our clients. Additionally, we have found Christian TV shows to be a very effective publicity vehicle because their audiences are extremely dedicated viewers. We have excellent relationships with a number of show hosts because we understand the content they need and were able to deliver guests who will appeal to their audience.