yourmind - Nc State University .Isaac Stern, October 22, 23 Greek Rush ... according to Mike...

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Transcript of yourmind - Nc State University .Isaac Stern, October 22, 23 Greek Rush ... according to Mike...

  • The Technician

    North Carolina Statea Student Newspaper

    Vol. XLVlll, Na. 43

    The Friends of the Collegewill undergo several changes.for the 1964-65 season, accord-ing to Henry Bowers, adminis-trative director for the series.Bowers cited the following

    plans:,, All programs will be held ontwo or three nights instead ofone or two nights, in order to re-lieve the traflic congestion andseating diflculties.The membership drive sched-

    uled ofiicially for March 3-12hopes to increase the member-ship from this years total ofapproximately 11,400 to 17,000.A $30,000 sound system is be-

    ing installed this spring in theReynolds Coliseum, where allthe programs are held, to im-prove acoustics.

    Students may be required topick up tickets for the programsinstead of using their registra-tion cards.

    E. N. Richards, Raleigh busi-nessman and civic leader, isheading the membership drive.The group has already receiveda request from as far away asSweden. The request was madeby Gerald K. Elkan, a Statebacteriologist who plans to re-

    Bynum To GiveAddress AtSG Meeting

    Anyone wondering what Stu-dent Government has done thisyear may find out Thursdaynight.SG president John Bynum has

    anounced that he will deliver aState of the Student Govern-ment address at the regularmeeting Thursday night at 7p.m. Bynum stated that any stu-dent wishing to may attend thesession.According to Bynum, the ad-

    dress will evaluate the programsand actions of Student Govern-ment so far this year. Thespeech will also include opin-ions about the name change anddiplomas.Student Government meets

    every other Thursday night inthe Student Union.

    North Carolina State Station, Raleigh, N. C., Wednesday, February 5,1964

    Friends Slate 64-65

    Changes, Performersturn to the university next fall.Bowers listed the following

    programs for the coming sea-son:The London Symphony, October

    10,11The Japan Philharmonic with

    Isaac Stern, October 22, 23

    Greek RushThis WeekFrom today through Sunday

    those are the rushing times ofthe Spring Rush for rushees.

    In other words, if you want tojoin a fraternity, now is thetime. The Inter-fraternity Coun-cil has suggested the followinghours for visiting of the fra-ternity houses: from 3:00 to5:00 and from 7:00 to 11:00 inthe evening both today and to-morrow, from 1:00 to 12:00 inthe evening on Friday, from11:00 in the morning to mid-night on Saturday, and from2:00 to 8:00 in the evening onSunday.These hours, however, are not

    exclusive visiting times.Rushees may pick up bids

    next Tuesday from dinner-time to five in Room 211, PeeleHall. Rushees may accept orreject bids at this time, or theymay do this at a later date inRoom 204, Peele Hall.

    Campus ChestTotals OutTotals collected by the Cam-

    pus Chest Drive have been an-nounced.According to Ron Bowers,

    Campus Chest chairman, thecommittee was satisfied with theover-all total of 1870.64 dol-lars.Campus organizations contri-

    buted 233.92 dollars and fra-ternitiesr gave 409.06 dollars.From coliseum solicitation, 71.84was collected. Dormitories con-tributed 1125.82 dollars.Bowers mentioned that the

    drive was hindered by negativeaction by our sponsoring organi-zation.

    Theater Group In

    Chapel ThursdayThe Bishops Company, a rep-

    ertory theater group from Cali-fornia, is scheduled to return toState this week to presentGeorge Bernard Shaw8 St.Joan" and Phyllis Bakar's Oc-cupied Territory.The Bishop3 Company stars

    this year Jon Terry and AnnMorgan who are featured inseven plays designed with thechancel of the church in mind.The single performance here

    will be presented in the Dan-forth Chapel. in the King Re-ligious Center Thursday even-ing at 7:30 p.m.

    The New York City Ballet,November 10, 11, 12.

    Robert MerrillRichard Tucker,December 8, 9

    Coro do Brasil, January 10, 11,12, 1965

    Artur Rubinstein, February 1,2, 1965 '

    The Berlin Philharmonic, Feb-ruary 15, 16, 1965

    SignBy Ernie McCrary

    A petition calling for thetermination of Slater FoodsServices contract with Statehas been signed by mo than1,000 students.The petition, drawn up recent-

    ly by a group of about a dozenstudents, claims, among otherthings, that Slater changesprices at its own discretion, onlyslightly varies its menus, that


    END OF THE ROADMaybe hes sleeping, but the chances are this unidentified

    student is crying over the loss of that beloved institution,registration, to the souless product of computers and auto-mation, preregistration. According to the latest estimates,preregistration will be here next fall and the State student hasrun the gauntlet for the last time. (Photo by McCallister)

    TO THE STUDENT BODY:As President of the Student

    Government, I would like tourge each student here at NorthCarolina State to take full ad-vantage of our newly organizedservice, The Summer Employ-ment Commission. The deadlinefor the applications to be turn-ed in to the Erdahl-Cloyd Unionis February 29th.

    I am pleased with the Com-missions work and know thatwe all will gain from its efforts.I urge each student to pick upan application, complete the re-quired information, and returnit to the Erdahl-Cloyd UnionMain Desk.One of the main benefits of

    the Summer Employment Serv-ice is that it gives both industryand student a chance to get toknow each other before makinga final commitment upon grad-uation. Your chances of successwith a company can be greatlyenhanced if you use your sum-mers wisely.The job standards are high

    SeniorsSeniors may order graduation

    announcements from the Stu-dent Supply Store until March1. Announcements will cost$.15 each and be delivered May1. Students must pay for theannouncements when they areordered. tion, U.N.C. Raleigh. Students,

    Bynum Writes 0n SEC

    An Open Letter

    and the work should be chal-lenging. Jobs will be availablein almost every major field.Through the Summer Employ-ment Commission, you couldeasily find an outlet for yourvoaational abilities, and I hopethat all of you who desire asummer job will use this service.Sincerely,John BynumPresident

    the quality and quantity of foodserved has steadily decreased,that service is ridiculouslyslow, eating utensils are dirty,and that only a small part ofSlaters large profit is returnedto the University.The conclusion is made that

    there is rising discontent withthe service now provided, there-fore, we the undersigned requestthat the administration of NorthCarolina State of the Universityof North Carolina at Raleighterminate the contract of SlaterFood Service.The signatures were secured

    inthe Coliseum during registra-tion last Friday. A spokesman

    Union PresidentAlan Eckard


    Dave Stuart has been namedpresident of the Erdahl-CloydUnion, according to Henry Bow-ers, director of the Union.

    Stuart replaces Alan Eckardwho resigned from the positionat the bgeinning of the springsemester.

    Stuart was serving as vicepresident of the Union beforeassuming his new position.Bowers said according to theUnion constitution the vicepresident automatically becomespresident when the position isvacated during the year. Thevice presidency will remainopen, he said.A junior from Winston-Salem,

    Smart is also president of theNew Arts, Inc., a member ofthe Union Board of Directors,a member of the Delta SigmaPhi social fraternity, and on theNSA Committee. He is major-ing in applied math.

    51.1.1 Pages The Issue

    Thousand Students

    Slater Petitionfor the group of friends whichwrote the petition emphasised.that the signatures were un-'solicited and no campaign forsigners was made.According to the spokesman,

    he considers the number of sign-ers as representative of a verylarge percentage of Slaterscustomers and thinks the pro-tests merit careful considera-tion by administration and Sla-ter officials.The speaker, who requested

    that his name not be used, saysthat he intends to present thepetition and signatures at thenext meeting of the CafeteriaAdvisory Committee.

    NASA Grant

    Given StateNorth Carolina State has been

    given a space sciences traininggrant estimated at $140,000 byNASA.

    Dr. Walter J. Peterson, deanof the Graduate School, madethe announcement. Dr. Petersonsaid the funds will go towardthe training of 10 more graduatestudents for doctoral degrees inspace-related sciences. This willbring the total number of stu-dents in the program to 20 byfall.The training programs are in

    the Schools of Engineering,Physical Sciences and AppliedMathematics, and the Instituteof Biological Sciences in theSchool of Agriculture. The grad-uate students will receive basicstipends of $2,400 annually anddependent allowances of up to$1,000 each.The remainder of the grant

    provides for the institutions and teaching costs for thestudents.

    Class Rings On Sale

    Class rings are now availableto juniors having a minimumscholastic average bf 2.0 and 75hours.The rings are being sold from

    February 3 to February 7 in thelobby outside the snack bar ofthe Union, according to MikeScoileld, chairman of the RingCommittee. Scofield said furtherthat Josten Inc. of Owatonna,Minnesota, was awarded the1963 contract. The 1964 contractwas awarded to the BalfourCompany. Josten Inc. will againhandle the sales in 1965.New features Scofield attri-

    butes to this years ring are abold bezel letter treatment withNorth Carolina 1889 in a moredramatic and readable form andan extra ribbon below the Coat-of-Arms to include the inscrip-


    can also have any encrusting in Ring prices range from ap-the stone for fraternities and proximately 42 dollars to shuntothersaid.

    organizations Scofield 52 dollars. At the time that theorder is placed. a five dollar' de-

    Girls rings have a thin