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Adventure Works Sales Proposal

2 Little WordsYou never want to hear


Youre Fired! Wow! Its also called getting pink-slipped, downsized, getting the boot, axed, canned, discharged of your duties, outplaced, and outsourced.3

Work Ethics you develop will effect your future as an employee.

A Strong Work Ethic is Best!Work Ethics and Professionalism

What is a strong work ethic?4

Top 3 Reasons Why Employers Say, Youre Fired!


Attendance & Punctuality

Being late or absent from workShows a lack of responsibility that can hinder productivity, especially in manufacturing.

Example: You work on a production line that produces all washing machines made in the United States - 1 machine every 10 seconds.

What happens to production if you are 15 minutes late?

What happens if you call in sick?


Getting Along with OthersBeing late or absent from workShows a lack of responsibility slows or stops productivity, especially in manufacturing. Being rude & using abusive languageCursing is not appropriate in the workplace. There is NO excuse for inappropriate behavior.Making fun of, discriminating against, stalking or harassing othersThis type of behavior could result in your arrest!Being a troublemakerStirring up trouble among others.Causing arguments and problems.

Divide into groups of 3-6 people. Ask students how they think they should respond to these typical work situations:How would you respond to a customer who isn't happy with the product?What would you do if a co-worker isn't pulling their weight?How would you organize a file directory system on our computer network?


Attitude at WorkBossing others aroundGiving orders is the bosses job.Not carrying your weightNot doing your share of the work is the opposite of teamwork relying on others to do your job for you. ____________________________________

BIG 3 = Integrity


Reason #1 - Attendance & PunctualityMost companies require you to be at work for the first 90 days without a single absence or being late to work during their probation period. Solution: Be punctual every day. Have a backup plan!Reason #2 - Getting Along with OthersTeamwork is critical to success.Solution: Read company policy, monitor what you sayand do, and take opportunities to be nice and polite.Reason #3 - AttitudeStay positive and keep your mind on doing your best.Solution: Focus on your job while at work. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, personal calls, or doing homework.



Click TV to play video in the meaning of Professionalism.10

Now Its Your Turn to Play What Should You Do ?How to Play:

WorkOne staff forms groups of 3-6 students.Staff reads the 3 scenarios to their group.Group decides which scenario to demonstrate.Half of the group acts out the scenario.Other half explains their choice of action.

You have 5 minutes to work it out. Get busy and good luck!

Role-Play #1 Getting Along with OthersThe assistant branch manager is told to pretend to be a supervisor. A staff member has asked to speak with him or her about an issue s/he is having.Staff member: I need help handling a colleague. She is always correcting me, sometimes in front of patrons. I dont think she does it intentionally, but she always makes me feel inferior and stupid. Its making me miserable, and I need your help and advice.The student is to ad-lib an answer, and the situation quickly becomes a difficult one. The goal of this role-play was to see if the student could empathize with the employee, yet still get to the bottom of the issue and also give advice. For example, the employee may need to learn to give constructive feedback to the coworker and be more assertive.Student Take AwayBe empathetic and understand the core problemGive constructive feedback & demonstrate positive ways to get along with others.Role-Play #2Keeping a Positive AttitudeIn this role-play, the student pretends to be a manager at a staff meeting who has just asked the group for their comments. One very vocal staff member has an issue s/hed like to discuss.Staff member: Im upset that we will no longer have labels on the tops of the widgets. This was a stupid decision made by some S.O.B. I will never meet, and is going to take us a lot more time to package them, which is going to end up costing us more money! The student is to ad-lib his or her answer.The goal of this role-play was to see whether the students could be empathetic while inspiring employees to rise above and see the big picture. We wanted to see whether the student could be encouraging while explaining reasons why this decision was made. Student Take AwayConvey understanding of the cause the employee made.Tell the upset employee to calm down and to please refrain from cursing.Communicate the big picture.Role-Play #3Attendance & PunctualityIn this situation, the student as employee is on day 87 of his 90-day probation. He was 15 minutes late to work because of a traffic accident and didnt call you, his team leader to tell you about it. He knows your phone number. He has a cell phone that is charged and he knows you always have your phone and you always answer it. Company policy is 3 times tardy, then youre fired. This is his third strike. How do you handle this situation.The goal of this role-play was to determine whether the student can diffuse a situation with an angry patron and communicate the librarys policies and procedures well. Student Take AwayCommunicate policies and procedures.Be a strong leader who is fair but firm.