Your Journey In Toastmasters February 2013. Outline Toastmasters International Mission Mission of a...

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Transcript of Your Journey In Toastmasters February 2013. Outline Toastmasters International Mission Mission of a...

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Your Journey In Toastmasters February 2013 Slide 2 Outline Toastmasters International Mission Mission of a Toastmasters Club Toastmasters Education Program Communication Track Leadership Track Supplemental Programs Tips Slide 3 The Mission of TMI Helping people learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking vital skills that Promote self-actualization, Enhance leadership potential, Foster human understanding and Contribute to the betterment of mankind. Slide 4 Mission of a TM Club To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Slide 5 Mentoring Program Each new member is mentored by an experienced Toastmaster Mentors role: Familiarize new TM with TI program and resources Act as a sounding board in developing ideas Help develop and polish speeches Encourage the TM to progress and improve by providing feedback. Mentoring is an ongoing process Slide 6 Toastmasters Program When you sign up for Toastmasters you receive two manuals Competent Communicator Competent Leader There are 10 projects in each book They are focused on fundamental skills Slide 7 Toastmasters Education Program Guest Toastmaster Competent Communicator (CC) Advanced Communicator- Bronze (ACB) Advanced Communicator- Silver (ACS) Advanced Communicator- Gold (ACG) Competent Leader (CL) Advanced Leader-Bronze (ALB) Advanced Leader -Silver (ALS) Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Slide 8 Communication Track Slide 9 Communication Track Competent Communicator (CC) Ten speeches or projects in the CC manual Each is about 5-7 minutes Each project has specific objectives to master specific skills Use the skills cumulatively Polish the skills using feedback. Slide 10 CC Projects 1. Ice Breaker 2. Organize your thoughts 3. Get to the point 4. How to say it 5. Vocal variety 6. Your body speaks 7. Research your topic 8. Using visual aids 9. Persuade with power 10. Inspire the audience. Slide 11 Competent Communicator Designation Complete all ten projects from the Competent Communication Manual Slide 12 Advanced Communication Track Three mile stones Advanced Communicator-Bronze Advanced Communicator-Silver Advanced Communicator-Gold Fifteen manuals Each one has five projects Two manuals for each milestone You choose what interests you Slide 13 Advanced Manuals 1. The Entertaining Speaker 2. Speaking to inform 3. Public Relations 4. Facilitating Discussion 5. Specialty Speeches 6. Speeches by Management 7. The Professional Speaker 8. Technical Presentations 9. Persuasive Speaking 10. Communicating on Television 11. Storytelling 12. Interpretive Reading 13. Special Occasion Speeches 14. Interpersonal Communication 15. Humorously Speaking Slide 14 More Three series of pre-designed club educational programs: The Successful Club Series Leadership Excellence Series Better Speaker Series Slide 15 Successful Club Series 1. The Moments of Truth 2. Finding New Members For Your Club 3. Evaluation To Motivate 4. Closing The Sale 5. Creating The Best Club Climate 6. Meeting Roles And Responsibilities 7. Mentoring 8. Keeping The Commitment 9. Going Beyond Our Club 10. How To Be A Distinguished Club 11. The Toastmasters Educational Program Slide 16 Leadership Excellence Series 1. The Visionary Leader 2. Developing A Mission 3. Values And Leadership 4. Goal Setting And Planning 5. Delegate To Empower 6. Building A Team 7. Giving Effective Feedback 8. The Leader As A Coach 9. Motivating People 10. Service And Leadership Conflict Slide 17 Better Speaker Series 1. Beginning Your Speech 2. Concluding Your Speech 3. Take The Terror Out Of A Talk 4. Impromptu Speaking 5. Selecting Your Topic 6. Know Your Audience 7. Organizing Your Speech 8. Creating An Introduction 9. Preparation And Practice 10. Using Body Language Slide 18 Advanced Communication Bronze Designation Achieve CC award Complete 5 projects each from any two of the Advanced Communication manuals Slide 19 Advanced Communicator Silver Designation Achieve ACB award Complete 5 projects each from two additional Advanced Communication manuals Conduct any two programs from: The Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful Club Series Slide 20 Advanced Communicator Gold Designation Achieve ACS award Complete 5 projects each from two additional Advanced Communication manuals Conducte a Success/Leadership Program or Success/Communication Program or Youth Leadership Program Coach a new member with the first three speeches. Slide 21 Leadership Track Slide 22 Competent Leader Manual Ten projects: 1. Listening and Leadership 2. Critical Thinking 3. Giving Feedback 4. Time Management 5. Planning and Implementation 6. Organising and Delegating 7. Developing Your Facilitation Skills 8. Motivating People 9. Mentoring 10. Team Building Slide 23 CL Project Requirements No.Project SkillsRequirements 1.Listening and Leadership 3 of 4 meeting roles - Ah-counter, Speech Evaluator Grammarian, Table Topics Speaker 2.Critical Thinking 2 of 3 meeting roles - Speech Evaluator, Grammarian, General Evaluator 3Giving Feedback 3 meeting roles - Speech Evaluator Grammarian General Evaluator 4.Time Management Timer and any 1 of 4 meeting roles - Toastmaster, Speaker, Grammarian, Table Topics Master. 5.Planning & Implementation 3 of 4 meeting roles - Speaker, General Evaluator, Toastmaster, TTM Slide 24 CL Project Requirements No.Project SkillsRequirements 6.Organizing and Delegating Help organize one of 6 activities - club speech contest, club special event, membership campaign or contest, PR campaign, club newsletter, club web site. 7Developing Your Facilitation Skills 2 of 4 roles- Toastmaster, General Evaluator Table Topic Masters, Befriending a Guest 8.Motivating People 3 of 5 roles - Club Membership Campaign or Contest Chairman, Club PR Campaign Chairman, Speaker, Speech Evaluator, General Evaluator 9.Mentoring 1 of 3 roles - Mentor for a new member, Mentor for an existing member, Toastmaster, Guidance Committee member for an HPL program 10.Team Building Toastmaster and General Evaluator or 1of 6 roles - Club Membership Campaign / Contest chairperson, Club PR campaign chairperson, Club Speech Contest Chairperson, Club Special Event Chairperson, Club Newsletter Editor, Club Webmaster Slide 25 ALB Requirements Achieved CC & CL Served as a club officer and helped prepare Club Success Plan Attended Club Officer Training Conducted two programs from: The Successful Club Series /or The Leadership Excellence Series Slide 26 ALS Requirements Achieved ALB (or old CL) award Served term as a District Officer Completed the High Performance Leadership program Served successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor or Coach. Slide 27 DTM Requirements The simplest of all. 1. Achieved ACG award 2. Achieved ALS award Slide 28 So, finally you have achieved DTM!!?? Toastmasters never stop So what? Slide 29 Other Leadership and Communication Opportunities Club Leadership Leadership outside the Club High Performance Leadership Success/Leadership Series Success/Communication Series Youth Leadership program Speech Contests Accredited Speaker Program Speakers Bureau Conferences and Conventions Slide 30 Plan Your journey Set goals Identify speech topics Keep records, use Internet tools Be proactive, grab opportunities, take challenges Read the manuals Regularly bring manuals to meetings Slide 31 More Tips Utilize mentors Prepare, Practice, Perform and imProve Make use of feedback Be a sport, enjoy it Share your learning The more you will give the more you will get. Slide 32 Participate, Communicate, Lead To Make A Positive Difference in You And in the World Around You!