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  • Your Guide to

    All Things Bridal

    honeymoon getaways bridal dresses limousine services tuxedo rentals wedding gowns catering bridesmaids dresses photography hairstyling/nails cake decorating tanning hall rentals rings/jewelry DJ music fl oral arrangements wedding party gifts invitations decorations rehearsal dinner locations

    Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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  • Your Guide to

    All Things Bridal

    Section 2 Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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    On-site Weddings Wedding Receptions

    Wedding Rehearsal Dinners Gift Opening Brunch Bridal/Baby Showers

    Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Discounts for Wedding Party Golf

    Anniversaries Graduations

    Class Reunions Company Parties

    Meetings Seasonal Parties

    Retirement Parties

    Party Tent Chocolate fountain Punch fountain Tiered serving trays Vases, assorted shapes,

    sizes available Candle and votive

    holders Mirror Centerpieces Linens, various colors Sil ower arrangements Party Supplies

    Not just for members. Groups up to 500 people. Contact Angie Harper


    Full Menu Options from hors d’oeuvres to desserts

    Full Bar available Projector screen, Podium, Wi-Fi

    PPaarttyy SSupp

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    Hampton Travel Planner Dick, Carolee, Moli and Jean

    456-5631 or 1-800-747-9081 420 4th Street N.E. Hwy. 65 N. Hampton, Iowa

    HHHHHHHaaaaaaammmmmmmmppppttttttooooonnnnn HHHHH TTTTTTTTTTrrrrraaaaaavvvvvveeeeeelllllllll TTTTTTTTTTT PPPPPPPPPPlllllllaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeerrrrrr

    Trust your trip of a lifetime to the honeymoon experts. Whether you’re planning a few days or a few weeks, we specialize in hassle-free

    honeymoons and destination weddings. We have the expertise and contacts to deliver the best

    values in all the best places.


    FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 641-456-5559

    Wedding Accommodations Reserve your bridal suites

    and rooms for your wedding guests with us.

    Welcome to the end of the day.TM 702 Central Avenue W.

    a a t n A 0Special Discount for Bride & Groom on Honeymoon Suite

    Pastor Kady

    641-892-4656 Other pastoral duties performed. Call and lets talk.

    Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable. Th e goal of planning a w edding is to create an experience that everyone will r emember for years to come. F or some couples, a theme wedding is the best way to accomplish just that. When it comes time to se- lect a theme, the day the wedding takes place may dictate the theme. F or example, if the w edding takes place on Halloween, the ideas for the theme are easy. Many other couples choose a theme that high- lights a specifi c interest or hobby or something that is dear to them. H ere are some popular w edding themes. * Holiday: Th e Christ- mas season lends itself well to wedding planning.

    Wedding themes can add up to extra fun Th e colors (r ed, green, gold) are already estab- lished, and most churches and buildings ar e already decked out in holiday fi n- ery, cutting do wn on the amount of fl owers and embellishments couples need. Because the holi- day season is so busy and a popular time for social- izing, couples who want to tie the knot during this time of y ear should send save-the-date cards well in advance. Another option is to have a “Christmas in July” wedding, featuring the same holiday themes but without the hectic na- ture of the holiday season. * Vegas: Couples who want to tie the knot in Las Vegas but want to ensur e all their lo ved ones can attend can r ecreate the magic of Vegas wherever

    they may be. Casino-in- spired games and big buf- fet meals can make guests feel like they have stepped into a casino on the famed Vegas strip. In addition, an Elvis impersonator is essential to a Vegas wed- ding. * TV show: Some cou- ples elevate certain televi- sion shows to cult status. Whether it’s “Friends” or “Star Trek,” popular tele- vision shows have been transformed into festiv e wedding themes. Whether the idea is to go daring and exchange vows in costume or simply name reception tables according to characters or show loca- tions, couples can include a little television fun into the event. * Fairytale: Many men and women envision a fai-

    rytale wedding complete with horse-drawn carriage and the “happily ev er af- ter.” Th is is what makes Disney properties as w ell as the v arious castles around the world popu- lar backdrops for wedding events. Th ose planning a fairytale wedding need only look to fav orite sto- ries or movies for their in- spiration. * Interest or passion: Love to climb mountains? Avid about scuba diving? Couples who share a par- ticular interest can include elements of this spor t or hobby into their wedding. Invitations and decor can hint at the theme, and then special activities can further enhance it. F ish bowls as centerpieces may call to mind under water adventures, while sur f- board-shaped invites may set the scene for a beach- side party.

    A masquerade theme might be an entertaining theme for a couple’s nuptials.

    Th eme weddings can add an extra spice to the fes- tivities and incorporate

    couples’ interests into the event -- making it ev en more special.

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    117 East Bremer Ave. Waverly, Iowa 319-352-2455

    Specializing in Rehearsal Dinners

    For groups up to 50 in our mezzanine area

    We’ll help you plan a delicious made-from-scratch

    meal to begin your wedding celebration!

    Tradition behind tossing rice Once a couple has been married, tradition states that they be co vered with tossed rice upon exit- ing the ceremony. Th e idea of throwing rice began during the Middle Ages, when rice symbolized fertility. Rice was tossed at the married couple in the hopes they would have many children and be blessed with prosperity as a family. A false rumor spread that rice was harmful to birds who would eat the discarded rice and explode, so many people now use birdseed or rose petals as alternatives. However, rest assured that the rice myth has been debunked by Th e Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

    Not every bride-to-be has visions of walking down the aisle to Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus.” Some prefer other songs that are romantic or dramatic. Th ere may be a par ticular song dear to a bride’s heart or one she just fell in lo ve with. For those looking for something that mor e ac- curately refl ects the tone of individual w eddings, here are some selections, courtesy of Th e Knot, that can make the w edding even more special.

    Traditional 1. “Air” (Handel) 2. “Canon in D” (P achel-

    Wedding processional alternatives bel) 3. “Procession of J oy” (Hopson) 4. “Te Deum” (Charpen- tier) 5. “Wedding March” (Mozart) 6. “Canzon V” (Gabrieli) 7. “Romeo & Juliet Love Th eme” (Tchaikovsky) 8. “Winter” (Vivaldi)

    Contemporary 1. “Sunrise, Sunset” (Hamick & Bock) 2. “Th e Look of Lo ve” (Burt Bacharach) 3. “Th e Vow” (Lubbock) 4. “Wedding Procession- al” (Rodgers & Hammer- stein) Here are some other con-

    temporary songs that can be used with lyrics or in instrumental versions as wedding processionals or fi rst dances. 1. “Take Me As I Am ” (Love Th eme from “Jekyll & Hyde”) 2. “Marry Me” (Train) 3. “Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars) 4. “Th at’s All I Ask of You” (Love Th eme from “Phan- tom of the Opera”) 5. “Th e Wind Beneath My Wings” (Bette Midler) 6. “Con Te Partiro” (An- drea Bocelli) 7. “My Heart Will Go On” (Love Th eme from “Titanic”) 8. “You Raise M e Up” (Josh Groban)

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    We rent most everything EVENT SOLUTIONS




    We are serving you out of the following two locations:

    518 S Pennsylvania Ave. Mason City, IA 50401


    Mason City, IA 50401

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    Tuxes All Styles, All Colors, All Sizes


    416 Main Avenue, Clear Lake, IA


    From save the date cards and magnets to bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations &

    more, Bison Graphics is your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs.

    Spice up your bachelorette or bachelor party with personalized t-shirts or koozies.

    Sun-kissed skin looks fabulous against a white gown,

    and don’t forget about those bridesmaid dresses.

    Main Street Tanning Buffalo Center, IA (641) 562-2910

    124 N. Main Buffalo Center, IA (641) 562-2910

    Host your

    Wedding at a Winery Enjoy our beautiful views, perfect for outdoor weddings! We have a wedding area, party tent, and plenty of parking! Ask about vineyard rental, special wine pricing, custom wine labels with your names and special date! The vineyard has full-service restrooms and if you like, a unique camping area.

    Auctioneer Mark A. Newman Available for Benefits and