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Transcript of Yoga and Psychotherapy: An Integrative Approach Arielle · PDF fileYoga and Psychotherapy: An...

  • Yoga and Psychotherapy: An Integrative


    Arielle Warner, PhD

    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, CA;

    Lesley College Extension in Israel

  • How to Integrate Yoga and

    Psychotherapy As a theoretical foundation

    Yoga Psychology Principles as the clinical framework

    Grounded in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology: Psychospiritual Integration and Transformation

    Mindbody complex and Spirit/Self

    Going through emotions and sensations to reach Self

    As adjunct to Psychotherapy

    Hatha Yoga in session or following session

    Art of Living Program

  • How to Integrate Yoga and

    Psychotherapy As adjunct to Psychotherapy

    Hatha Yoga in session or following session

    Art of Living Program and practices adjunct to


    Yoga philosophy and practices as self help

  • Yoga Psychology

    Yoga, yuj = join, bind,

    unite, and control

  • Yoga Psychology


    Stems from the false exclusive over-identification with the external plane of our existence.

    Caused because of the lack of awareness and experience of the vastness of our real nature and because of the estrangement from our true selves, considered the Self.

    Stems from clinging to the belief that our bodies, minds, and feelings are our true self.

  • Yoga Psychology


    Out of this over-identification with material

    aspects of existence, a clinging to life and fear of

    death arises.

    Limited perception of existence is considered to

    be a delusion that constricts and prevents us

    from experiencing reality or the Self.

  • Yoga Psychology

    In yoga, which means to unite, the process of

    healing involves rediscovering the wholeness of

    ones true nature, and reuniting with the matter-

    free Self (Field, 2001).

  • Yoga Psychology

    Reunification of the material and

    spiritual aspects of our self, the

    personal self and the universal Self -

    cosmic consciousness, or true Self(Chaudhuri, 1975; Criswell & Patel, 2003).

  • Yoga Psychology

    yoga is a system of self cultivation

    enjoined for the attainment of

    liberation, and progress of healing

    (recovering the wholeness) of ones

    true nature (Fields, 2001, p.6)

  • Yoga Psychology

    Yoga supports the emotional, physical

    and mental integration of the person

    toward the discovery of the true Self(Fields, 2001).

  • Yoga Paths

    Hatha Yoga

    Raja Yoga




    Tantra/Kundalini Yoga

  • Integral Yoga

    Spirit is experienced through mental, physical,

    and vital nature (as instruments)

    Bringing divine consciousness down into body-

    mind and ordinary life by opening all part of

    being toward transformation.

    Synthesis of all Yoga paths: Awareness of inner

    being and living from there outward, mastering

    outward life by an inner light and force.

  • Psycho-Spiritual Integration and


    (Developed by Kathleen Wall and Carl Peters)

    Based in Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo and Mira

    Alfassa) & Psychosynthesis (Assagioli)

    A comprehensive integral model of human

    growth and transformation

    all people have experiences in which there is a

    deep sense of recognition of important truths,

    and yearnings for insights into profound

    questions of existence and for connection to a

    universal reality or source- Spirituality

  • PSIT Integration of psychological material

    Development of observing consciousness

    Experience of Divine within (psychic Being)

    Application of psychological and spiritual awareness for inner work and day-to-day living.


    Hinderers and Helpers

    Psychic Being (Divine Spark)

  • Art of Living Program

    15- 20 hours yoga based stress reduction course

    designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Course includes breathing technique Sudarshan

    Kriya Yoga (SKY), meditations, chanting, and

    other processes based in yoga-psychology and

    philosophy applicable to every day life

  • Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) for

    Depression and Anxiety

    SKY over 3 months was associated with a

    reduction in symptoms of depression in patients

    diagnosed with depression.

    The result points to a dose-response relation and

    no clinically significant side effect.

    Reduction in anxiety for people at the workplace ( Damodaran et al, 2006)

    As good as Imipramine for Depression

  • Biomedical parameters and Stress

    Brain activity: EEG positive changes in

    awareness stage.

    Increased state of relaxed alertness

    Better anti-oxidant status (superoxide dismutate) (Singh et al, 2006)

    Improved physiological measures throughout

    the pactice (Heart rate variability, EKG, EEG,

    respimometry, pulse, BP)

  • Biomedical parameters and Stress

    Increased level of prolactine (bonding hormone)

    Reduced levels of Lactate (less stress and


    Reduced levels of cortisol (less stress)

    Improved Natural Killer cell in AOL teachers.

  • Design: procedure Demographic and Disease Variables collected at


    Four Assessments at four times:

    1. Time 0: two weeks before the beginning of the 8-day course

    2. Time 1: first day of the course

    3. Time 2: last day of the course

    4. Time 3: post 5-week maintenance period

    In depth interviews with sub-sample of 12 participants after 5-week maintenance

  • Results: Subscales of quality of life:physical, social, emotional, functional, additional concerns.


  • Results: Positive states of mind and

    perceived stress


  • Results: Spiritual Well Being


  • Transformation and Benefits Relating to

    Breast Cancer (sub-sample of 12

    women) Less fear of recurrence and fear of death (83%)

    Art of Living course as benefit of breast cancer


    Healing of body-image (33%)

    Letting go of BC survivor identity (33%)

  • Transformation and Benefits: Pre-

    Cancer Issues (sub-sample of 12


    Sense of peace and letting go (100%)

    Self-esteem and empowerment (83%)

    Acceptance of people and situations (75%)

  • Transformation and Benefits


    Spiritual transformation and deepeningSpiritual Self Realization (58%)

    when I do the Kriya, I feel like I am really connecting inside that part of myself, that spiritual side of myself

    Divine dwelling within (33%)

    I know that God is in me and not something outside of me.

    Experience of divine love (66%)

    I said that Im really in love with the divine.SKY as prayer (3.8%)

  • on top of everything I think is the feeling of connecting to

    other people mostly and to the whole universe, to the

    whole whatever surrounds me and whatever Im a part of

    in the whole universe is like a, is one, is like, is, the way

    we belong. The way I belong to the universe and to

    everything in it, this feeling changed, changed during the

    class, like to feel part of the whole universethe

    connection that was there between the people was suddenly

    the, the feeling that its like, we are almost endless,

    endless in terms of space, endless in terms of time and its

    like part of, part of the whole

  • Qualitative Results Summary

    Strengthening of spirituality

    Enhances Self-exploration

    Experience of peace, love, joy, gratitude

    Increased self esteem and

    Less fear

    Release and letting go

  • How to Integrate Yoga and


    As a therapeutic theoretical foundation and/or

    adjunct to Psychotherapy.

    From Gross to Subtle energy

    Observing consciousness

    I am not my body, thoughts, emotions

    Experience of Self (authentic self)

    Going through body, thoughts, and feelings and not

    bypassing them.

  • Contact:

    Arielle Warner, PhD


    [email protected]

    Transpersonal Psychotherapist (Individual and Groups), Lecturer, conducting training for professionals, and Researcher

    Spiritual Support for people with illness and end of life issues (focusing on post traumatic growth)