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YLS Network Fall 2011

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  • FALL 2011Indiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

    Chairs Message: YLS identifies challenges facing young lawyers, provides opportunitiesBy Jason a. CiChowiCz

    As chair of the indiana state Bar associations (isBa)young Lawyers section (yLs), i want to welcome you to what has historically been the largest and most active of the isBa sections with 2,400+ members. This section strives to identify the many challenges facing young lawyers and carry on activities that will assist you in the practice of law. we accomplish this mission through the shared resources of the yLs Council, isBa sections and committees, local bars and affiliations with the american Bar association (aBa).

    it seems like only yesterday that i was standing in front of the indiana supreme Court reciting the oath of attorneys at the swearing in ceremony. standing there with my fellow inductees, i couldnt help but to reflect on the many challenges i faced

    along the way. it seemed like an eternity ago since i had picked up a study guide for the LsaT, attended my first day of law school and sat for the bar exam. as i breathed a sigh of relief because i had overcome those challenges, i imagined that everything from that point on would be smooth sailing. sitting here now, a number of years removed from the swearing in ceremony, i can see that i was completely wrong and the difficult challenges were just beginning.

    The yLs can be a great partner during these challenging times, whether you are just getting started or have been practicing for a couple of years. The yLs sponsors several social gatherings and networking events for you to ask questions or share war stories with people who have faced similar challenges as a young lawyer. specifically, i would encourage our newly licensed

    colleagues to participate in the isBa Mentor Match program. This program is a hands on approach for some of our more seasoned attorneys to help prepare our young lawyers for a

    responsible practice of law. Through this program, you can also receive six hours of CLE as both a mentee and mentor. if you would like to find out more about this mentoring program, visit mentormatch.inbar.org or contact Maryann williams at mwilliams@inbar.org.

    oftentimes being referred to as the service arm of the isBa, the yLs also provides young lawyers with opportunities to give back to the community with various service-oriented projects. while plans are preliminary

    at this point, the section will participate in service projects varying in size from a national program as outlined by the aBa to helping specific families in need in our community.

    it certainly looks to be an exciting year ahead. i want to thank Michael J. Jasaitis for his leadership as chair of the yLs and for his longtime service on the yLs Council. The section has accomplished many great things during his term and had fun along the way.

    Lastly, i would like to welcome our new bar admittees to the practice of law and hope you get involved with the isBa, and specifically the yLs. The benefits can only be realized with your participation, so

    please get involved; there are many challenges that lie ahead.

    i look forward to serving as the yLs chair this year and hope you will come out and participate in the fun.

    Jason A. Cichowicz is an attorney at the South Bend firm Berger Gammage & Associates and serves as the 2011-2012 chair of the ISBAs Young Lawyers Section. Jason can be reached at jasoncichowicz@yahoo.com.

    The benefits [of the Section] can only be realized with your participation.

    ISBA Young Lawyers Section wins national award

    The indiana state Bar associations (isBa)young Lawyers section (yLs) was recognized at the national association of Bar Executives annual conference in nashville, Tenn., where the yLs received the Luminary award for Excellence in Publications for its Legal Stuff (You should know!), a publication that provides high school seniors with a basic understanding of various areas of law that may affect their lives.

    This award is a wonderful recognition of the public service work this bar association does to serve

    the community, said isBa President C. Erik Chickedantz. special credit goes to yLs Chair Jason a. Cichowicz, of south Bend, and immediate Past Chair Michael J. Jasaitis, of Crown Point., for their leadership as co-chairs of the 6th Edition Board of Reviewers.

    since 1991, yLs has proudly published Legal Stuff (You should know!), which is provided free of charge to indianas high school seniors. The booklet includes a brief synopsis of the issues and general rules of law in areas such as renting your own apartment; penalties for

    drunk driving; what happens if you are arrested; credit card protection; what to do if youre in an auto accident; and so much more.

    Traditionally, copies of Legal Stuff have been handed out by attorneys to celebrate Law Day on May 1. attorneys and high schools can obtain copies by contacting the isBa at 800.266.2581 or clong@inbar.org.

  • 2The use of online social media and networking sites has become so common that it is now impacting lawyers and the practice of law. Lawyers can, and do, benefit from using online social media and marketing services for client development and professional networking. Unlike the general public, however, lawyers must understand and be mindful of the ethical considerations that arise when engaging in online social networking. To that extent, the innocent sounding name social media is a misnomer. it would be a serious mistake for attorneys to assume that engaging in social media is purely a social

    activity with no concerns related to their professional and ethical obligations. some uses of private social media and social networking sites such as Facebook (www.facebook.com), Linkedin (www.linkedin.com), Myspace (www.myspace.com) and Twitter (www.twitter.com) could subject an attorney to discipline or affect a candidates prospects for bar admission. at a minimum, this article provides a broad overview in an attempt to inform indiana lawyers and potential bar applicants about some of the issues social media platforms raise, and how our profession may be impacted.

    This topic is the subject of countless articles and blogs from every state around the country. several issues and concerns that have been identified to date in connection with the use of social media by lawyers fall into the following general categories:

    Maintaining client confidentiality The inadvertent creation of client-attorney relationships advertising and marketing The unauthorized practice of law Conduct concerning opponents, witnesses and investigations Discovery

    Legal ethics involved in online social media and networkingBy isBa LEgaL EThiCs CoMMiTTEE

    Proper communications Communications and other conduct between attorneys and judges

    Client confidentiality concerns can arise in several contexts, but one obvious example is posting information online about pending or settled cases.1 similarly, unintentional or inadvertently created attorney-client relationships can create obligations of confidentiality that can disqualify the lawyer and, in some instances, an entire firm. worse yet, an unintentional or inadvertently created relationship can expose the lawyer to not only liability

    I have often been asked about the focus of the state Bars young Lawyers section (yLs). if one were to take a look at our governing bylaws, the purpose of the yLs, is set forth as follows:

    [T]o stimulate the interest of new and young lawyers in the objectives of the indiana state Bar association (isBa), to carry on activities which will be of assistance to new and young lawyers in the practice of law, and the citizens of this state, and to make reports and recommendations to the governing bodies of the isBa.

    in real-world terms, i think that means to assist the development of new and young lawyers. as part of my final message, i want to reflect on the activities and accomplishments from this past year that have advanced this all too important purpose.

    Throughout the year, we served the young, old and less fortunate with

    a multitude of service projects. we also crossed state lines for joint meetings and exchange of ideas and organized events both large and small to connect with our judiciary. among the services and efforts of the yLs that i am most proud of were the award-winning young Lawyers serving hoosier seniors community service joint projects with local law school students; the resurrection of the state Bars annual golf outing with its special emphasis on honoring past chairs for their service; and the inaugural Dinner with the Judiciary networking events. with the incredible amount of participation from our governing Council and the entire membership, the yLs is a force to be reckoned with and has even been recognized on the national level by both the american Bar association and the national association of Bar Executives.

    For the aforementioned endeavors, i am thankful to many people. while the

    accomplishments of your yLs Council members often go unnoticed, they shall not go unrecognized. The countless number of volunteer hours spent organizing, marketing and attending these events was tremendous and i encourage you to thank your local yLs district representative for their efforts. Moreover, your yLs could not function as efficiently without the full backing of the state Bar leadership, administration and staff. special recognition must be given to Carissa Long, who truly served as the logistic backbone of this organization, working behind the scenes and attending every yLs event and meeting.

    i will leave you with five parting thoughts that resonate after this year:

    (1) if you want to get involved in the yL