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June 2015 issue of the YLS Network.

Transcript of YLS June 2015

  • 1JUNE 2015Indiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

    Message from the chair: Participate in Mentoring ActivitiesBY MATTHEW J. LIGHT, OFFICE OF THE INDIANA ATTORNEY GENERAL

    New attorneys and law students are frequently encouraged to seek out and connect with mentors. Substantial benefits can be derived from a healthy mentor-mentee relationship. Many believe that with changes in the legal profession, having a mentor is more important now than it ever has been for the successful development of a legal career.

    The Indiana State Bar Association provides several programs and opportunities to promote mentoring activities and connections. The three most prominent examples are Mentor Match, Leadership Development Academy, and membership and participation in the Young Lawyers Section.

    Mentor Match is the ISBAs flagship mentoring program. It provides a customized and guided year-long mentoring curriculum and is available to any licensed attorney in the state. The program was developed by the ISBA Professional Legal Education, Admission and Development Section (PLEADS), and part of its mission statement provides the following:

    the mentoring relationship should foster the development of the new lawyers practical skills and increase his or her knowledge of legal customs; contribute to a sense of integrity in the legal profession; promote collegial relationships among legal professionals and involvement in the organized bar; improve legal ability

    and professional judgment; and encourage the use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law. Mentoring works on several different levels to foster the development of a new lawyers career while creating a sense of pride and purpose in the mentor.

    The Mentor Match worksheets cover topics including client trust funds and IOLTA accounts, civility in legal practice, court rules, pro bono activities, career paths and advancement tracks, substance abuse and mental health issues, time management, student loan debt management, client communications, client development, case evaluation, negotiations, and many other important skills and issues. The program is

    free, and both the mentor and mentee receive CLE credits for successful completion. Program materials are available at www.inbar.org/?page=mentor_match.

    I am pleased to be assisting with the development of an in-house mentoring program at the Office of Attorney General that is modeled heavily off of the ISBA Mentor Match program. Other large law firms and law offices have developed and implemented in-house programs using the materials and principles from Mentor Match.

    Justice Steven David, this years PLEADS chair, has challenged the bar association and YLS to help

    Matthew J. Light is the Chief Deputy at the Indiana Attorney Generals Office and serves as the 2014-2015 chair of the Indiana State Bar Associations Young Lawyers Section. Matt can be reached at matt.j.light@gmail.com.

    Detox on the Go: Easy Ways to Spring Clean from the Inside Out BY JENNIFER MALINS, M.A., CERTIFIED INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION COACH

    Whether my clients are busy attorneys who work twelve-hour days, real estate professionals who spend more time in their car than at a desk, or work-from-home entrepreneurs trying to juggle children and a business, they all want to take time to be healthy, but feel they dont have enough time. The good news is that regardless of how busy you are, you can easily incorporate a cleansing routine into your lifestyle to help you release toxins on a regular basis. When you cleanse internally, energy and mental clarity increase, and unnecessary weight starts to shed. The longer days,

    increase your energy levels, help you flush out toxins, and hydrate your cells. Drinking tea or coffee does not count! In fact, caffeinated beverages cause dehydration. Slowly wean yourself off of caffeine and replace it with herbal tea. Dandelion tea is an excellent coffee replacement because it tastes quite a bit like coffee, but without the caffeine. It also has a cleansing effect on the body. For an additional detox kick, drink warm water with lemon, apple cider vin-egar, and a dash of cayenne pepper first thing in the morning.

    Move. Incorporate movement throughout the day. We often

    warmer weather, and fresh air of spring make it the perfect time to start developing healthy habits. Listed below are some simple tips to help the body release impurities built up over the long, dark months of winter.

    Drink. Increase your water in-take. When clients work with me, one of the first things many of them do is the gallon challenge. They buy a 32-oz BPA-free bottle, fill it up with purified water, and consume four of them throughout the day. You dont need to buy expensive bottled water. A basic water filter, such as a pitcher that has a carbon filter, is a great start. Drinking pure, unadulterated water will

    get caught up in black or white thinking when it comes to exercise. If we cant work out for at least 30 minutes at a time, we might think its not even worth doing. Many experts have come to the conclusion that a few minutes here or there throughout the day can be just as beneficial. While working up a good sweat is a wonderful way to detox, doing short bursts of exercise throughout the day is far better than being seden-tary all day. Until recent his-tory, the human body was ac-customed to being outdoors most of the day while engag-ing in manual labor. An easy way to incorporate movement into a sedentary-based job is

    change how you spend your time at the office. You can do toe raises or squats while on phone calls, buy a special desk that allows you to stand up while working instead of sitting, sit on a yoga ball in-stead of a chair, take the stairs instead of the elevator, bike to and from work, and take short walks during breaks. You can also try exercising first thing in the morning to ensure it gets done. I used to swim at 6:00 a.m. every morn-ing. This resulted in a jolt of energy that lasted the entire day. If you are not a morn-ing person when it comes to exercise, then take your workout clothes with you to work, change, and work out

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  • 2Consciousness, Inspiration and Freedom. Her practice, Happy Belly, Better Brain, focuses on bio-individuality, nutritional cleansing with whole foods, and stress management. She works with clients mostly via phone and Skype, but also sees clients two days a week at Coughlin Chiropractic in Lawrence. When shes not writing or coaching, you can find Jennifer hiking in the woods, playing various musical instruments, experimenting in the kitchen, or ice skating at one of the rinks nearby. To contact Jennifer, you can e-mail her at jennifer@bellybrain.org. To learn more about her coaching practice or to order a copy of her book, please visit her Web site at www.bellybrain.org.

    right after leaving the office. If you make it all the way home without working out, you greatly increase the chance that it wont happen. Regard-less of how you approach it, remember that the goal is to incorporate some movement each day.

    Eat. Consume a pound of vegetables per day. Vegeta-bles, especially green vegeta-bles, have a detoxifying effect on the body. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. An easy way to increase your veggie intake is by incorporating a hand-ful of kale or spinach into a morning smoothie, eating a hearty salad for lunch, and consuming steamed veg-etables with dinner. Think of vegetables as the main course and meat as the side dish. Other great ways to increase your vegetable intake include making vegetable soup

    and green juices. Try to buy seasonal, organic vegetables from the local farmers market.

    Breathe. Deep breathing through the stomach rather than the upper register of the chest can be incredibly detoxifying. In the mornings, I open the window, even if its just a crack, as I engage in deep breathing while I medi-tate. Focusing on the breath allows you to breathe more fully, deeply, and regularly while calming your mind at the same time. Check your breathing throughout the day. An easy way to do this is to take inventory of your breathing pattern prior to switching to a new activity. If you have just responded to a stressful e-mail, your breath-ing may be shallow and your shoulders might be up to your ears, which is sure to result in additional stress and physical tension.

    Fast. You dont need to starve yourself to fast successfully.

    There are numerous ways to fast, some of which are intense and others that are light. In addition to increas-ing your veggie and water intake, deep breathing, and exercising, try cutting out caf-feine, red meat, alcohol, dairy, sugar, and all processed foods for 3-7 days. In our society, these foods are consumed in abundance. They can wreak havoc on your hormones, resulting in weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, mental fog-giness and other symptoms. Keep your meals simple. For example, you can easily make a morning smoothie with nut butters for protein. Adding hemp seeds and chia seeds for additional protein also boosts your intake of Omega 3s, which decrease inflam-mation. For an anti-oxidant energy boost, add raw cacao. If going sugar-free, try Stevia for a natural, sugar-free way to sweeten your smoothie. Be sure to add your greens! Salads are easy to make the night before to take for lunch.

    For protein, add some baked salmon from the previous nights dinner to your salad. Sunflower seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hardboiled eggs from pasture-raised chickens are also good protein sources. In the evening, eat a meal of lean, organic protein with steamed or sauted veg-etables. You can get local, pasture-raised meat from places like Tyner Pond Farm (http://www.tynerpondfarm.com). For clean seafood