Yew Dell Botanical Gardens Spring Plant Sale 2020 Botanical Gardens Spring Plant Sale 2020. Capsicum

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Transcript of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens Spring Plant Sale 2020 Botanical Gardens Spring Plant Sale 2020. Capsicum

  • Botanical Name Cultivar Common Name Description


    Alternanthera ficoidea Partytime Joseph's Coat Brilliantly colored annual with green, white and fuchsia foliage

    Alternanthera ficoidea Red Threads Joseph's Coat Fine textured annual with deep red/burgundy leaves to about 6-12" tall for the

    front of the border. One of the best annuals for foliage available!

    Alternanthera ficoidea Thin Gold Joseph's Coat A great dash of bright yellow color from a tough and reliable sun annual

    Artemisia mauiensis Makana™ Silver Wormwood Brilliant silver/blue wormwood selection with fine foliage to about 15" tall for

    sunny borders or containers

    Begonia Art Hodes Rhizomatous Begonia Outstanding bold textured begonia with 8-9" diameter, leather looking leaves.

    Small white flower in summer. This is an excellent container plant for shade.

    Begonia Canary Wings Begonia Canary Wings Stunning new annual with scarlet red flowers and bright yellow foliage. Best

    protected from hot afternoon sun

    Begonia Gryphon Pegasus™ Begonia Stylish tropical begonia with deep green leaves and brilliant silver spots.

    Phenomenal in your shade containers!

    Begonia Jolly Holly Holiday™ Begonia Deep burgundy/green background with stunning silver blotches on the leaves,

    this is a great house plant or container filler

    Callianthe picta Thompsonii Variegated Parlor Maple

    The parlor maples are fun and easy to grow in the garden or as a house plant -

    full sun to part shade yields an upright plant with yellow flecked, maple-like


    Capsicum annum Jigsaw Ornamental Pepper

    Ornamental and edible! Wildly colored leaves in burgundy, green, cream and

    more, they produce smallish peppers that mature to almost black with a heat

    similar to jalapenos. Good for the veggie garden, mixed border or container.

    The official not so complete, just about everything, might add some more stuff, and

    probably added a few things too many plant list.

    Yew Dell

    Botanical Gardens

    Spring Plant Sale 2020

  • Capsicum annum Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper

    Tight little pepper with leaves that emerge touched with white but maturing to

    deep burgundy. Tiny, burgundy peppers are insanely hot. Great for ground beds

    and containers

    Cenchrus purpureus Tift 8 Graceful Grasses® Vertigo®

    Fountain Grass

    Plant it and stand back! This burgundy/deep purple colored annual grass will

    grow to 6-7' tall and 3' wide in a single season. Great for a tall accent in a mixed

    planting, screen, or beastly specimen in a very large container. One of our


    Cleome Inncleosr Senorita Rosalita® Spider Flower Shorter (2') selection of this always dependable annual with uniform and fine

    textured rose colored blooms. One of Yew Dell's best annuals of 2019.

    Cochliasanthus caracalla Corkscrew Vine

    Fun annual, vining member of the pea family. Plant in full sun or part shade with

    something for it to climb on and it will delight with white/purple blooms through

    the summer

    Colocasia Tea Party Dwarf elephant ear

    While all the attention goes to the giant tropical elephant ears, we like this

    black, cupped form that only gets about 2-3' tall and wide. Great for large

    containers or to fill in a spot in the perennial garden.

    Cyperus alterniflorus Variegatus Umbrella Sedge Excellent 2' tall tropical with unique foliage texture and white/green variegated

    leaves. Great for the water garden or mixed border

    Cyperus papyrus Giant Egyptian Papyrus

    Nothing like it! Emerald green umbrellas of fine textured foliage to 5' or more in

    height. Great for the water garden or for some unique texture in the mixed


    Dalechampia dioscoreifolia Purple Wings/Bowtie Vine

    Wickedly cool tropical climber with pink/purple flowers that look like big,

    colorful bowties. It takes a little while to get going but once it does, it is stunning

    in bloom. A good one to overwinter inside as the second year's show is even


    Datura metel Purple Petticoats Devil's Trumpet

    Looking for something cool for the garden? This double flowering, pale purple

    bloomed angel's trumpet is sure to be a conversation starter. Excellent container

    plant for full sun

    Euphorbia Balbrewite Breathless® White Euphorbia

    Great annual for containers or edging beds. Deep green mounds of foliage with a

    haze of pure white blooms above. Blooms all summer long. Fills all of the holes

    in a mixed container planting without taking over!

  • Evolvulus USEVO1201 Blue My Mind® Dwarf Morning


    Tight and compact selection of this outstanding sun annual for the container or

    front of the border. Sports an actual true blue flower.

    Evolvulus glomeratus Blue Daze Brazilian Dwarf Morning Glory Outstanding little annual for beds or containers. 12" tall/wide mounds of deep

    green foliage and royal blue flowers. Bust in full sun

    Heliotropium arborescens Marine Heliotrope This throw-back annual is an outstanding deep blue/purple and highly fragrant

    annual for the sunny border or container

    Impatiens hawkeri SAKIMP052 Sunpatiens® Vigorous Rose Pink Impatiens on steroids! Vigorous growing annual for full sun with electric pink

    flowers all summer

    Ipomoea batatas Balsolabart Solar Power™ Black Heart

    Sweet Potato Vine

    We love sweet potato vines but some seem to want to take over the world. This

    dark burgundy variety has a tidier habit and great foliage color all season long

    Lantana camara Samantha Variegated Lantana Delightful mounding annual with green/gold variegated leaves and bright yellow

    flowers all summer long. Incredibly heat and drought tolerant

    Manettia luteorubra Candy Corn Vine Excellent hummingbird attracting annual vine with red/orange tubular flowers

    and deep green leaves

    Passiflora caerulea Blue Passionflower Unique and stunning tropical climber with amazing blue flowers. Best in full sun

    Pelargonium Citriodorum Scented Geranium Excellent container plant for sunny sites - fuzzy, lemon scented leaves are always

    a hit in the garden

    Pelargonium Snowflake Scented Geranium This scented geranium not only has rose scented leaves, the foliage is variegated

    with flecks of creamy white

    Pelargonium graveolens Old Fashioned Rose Scented Geranium Excellent container plant for sunny sites - fuzzy, rose scented leaves are always a

    hit in the garden

    Petunia DCAS303 Cascadias™ Indian Summer An absolute flower machine producing mounds of yellow blooms that fade to

    terra cotta as they age all summer long. For full sun

    Plectranthus Velvet™ Idol Swedish Ivy Stunning annual for containers or mixed borders in full sun or light shade.

    Compact branching habit and brilliant light blue flowers all summer

    Plectranthus Nicoletta Swedish Ivy Great tropical for containers or mixed plantings - silver/green mounds of foliage

    and excellent vigor. Sun or part shade

    Plectranthus scutellarioides Alabama Sunset Coleus Excellent annual foliage plant for sun or part shade - leaves splashed with green

    and red and a pink look. One of our favorites

    Plectranthus scutellarioides Pink Poodle Terra Nova® Coleus Excellent selection with leaves showing magenta centers and a rim of

    green/burgundy. Excellent annual for full sun or part shade

  • Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides Mexican Flame Vine Unique tropical climber with small, brilliant orange daisy-like blooms in summer.

    Easy to overwinter for an even more dramatic show the second season

    Salvia argentea Silver Sage

    Bold textured, silver foliaged biennial for a bright accent in the sun garden or

    container. Probably the coolest leaf of any plant on this list, nothing but fuzzy


    Salvia elegans Golden Delicious Rockin'® Pineapple Sage

    Brilliant yellow, pineapple scented foliage and scarlet, late summer flowers make

    this an outstanding tender perennial for the full sun garden. Excellent

    hummingbird plant

    Salvia leucantha Mexican Bush Sage Stunning tender perennial with silver foliage and bright lavender flowers in late

    summer and fall. Best in full sun. Yew Dell favorite!

    Senecio candicans Senaw Angel Wings Sea Cabbage Stunning silver foliaged perennial to about 16" tall and wide for full sun. Needs

    good drainage

    Strobilanthes auriculata var.

    dyeriana Persian Shield

    Incredibly cool annual with purple and silver leaves. Best for full sun. A better

    plant than a coleus but Jacob would never tell coleus that.


    Aloysia citrodora Lemon Verbena

    Delightful tender plant growing primarily for its lemony scented and flavored

    leaves that are used in teas, sachets and in cooking. Good for containers in full

    sun. Easy to overwinter indoors

    Anethum graveolens Fernleaf Dill Great for pickles or for a host plant of the Black Swallowtail butterfly!

    Artemisia dracunculus French Tarragon Essential herb for any home cook. Grows well in full sun in either container or

    herb garden

    Basella rubra Red Malabar Spinach A succulent leaf that makes a great addition to salads and one of the most