YES! Wine Tourism helps for selling more wine

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  • 1. YES!Wine TourismZENI ELENAhelpsPresentation for selling more

2. BARDOLINO WINEPRODUCINGAREA 25.000 hectares on the eastsouth shore of Lake Garda 16 towns 7 months of tourism/year.Strong tourism region. 14.000.000 visitors/year Tourism started in 1970 3. BARDOLINO WINEproducing details 2700 Hectars of vineyards 240.000 Hectoliter wine/year 104 bottling wineries Most winery small size, 40.000till 500.000 bottles/year Wine tourism started 1999 4. 2009 new 1984 approachfoundation 70 wineries40 wineriesCollaborationCollaboratieventson eventsBardolino wineCoursesstreet website and map 5. 1986 Methanol Crisis- 40% reduction of wine sells for fewyears- Big problems in our first market:Germany1990 Zeni has 2 option:- stop the activity- investments1991 Gaetano Zeni founded theBARDOLINO WINE MUSEUM- among the first wine museum in Italy.- 60 m2 inside area- 1 person working 6. ZENI ENOTURISM21 years activity1991 year of foundation. 60 m2 and 1 person working.Simple venue to get in tach withour wine culture, taste andpurchase wines. The personworking in is not a "wineprofessional".1998~ 120 m2 and 2 person workingGuided winery tours and smalltasting room for guided winetasting in Italian, German andEnglish languages. The toursare guided by "wineprofessional": Sommelier. 7. ZENI ENOTURISM 21 years activity 21 years activity2006 ~500 m2 and 4 person working - 95.000 visitors/ yearThe person working are "talkingbrand ambassadors". Wine andtourism knowledge, people-friendly personal attributes.2009 ~1900 m2 7 person working - 120.000 visitorsProject for 2014 -2016~2300 m2 9 person working.Foundation Wine MuseumWine Park 8. ZENI ENOTURISM1/4 on the total turnover, realized from this activities:WINE MUSEUMWINERY TOURS AND TASTINGWINE EVENTS 9. WINE MUSEUM 10. WINE TOURS 11. WINE EVENTS 12. WINE EVENTS 13. WINE EVENTS 14. THANK YOUFOR YOUR ATTENTIONFOR YOUR ATTENTION LETS KEEP ON TRAVELINGFOR ENOTURISM WINE ITSA SUPREME BEVERAGEGIVES EMOTION BRINGS CULTURE ALLOW MEDITATIONCHEERS!