Yes we can! Developing your own ideas into successful world-class apps

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Developing your own ideas into successful world-class Ilya Tchernetski @daydreamer i-Free Innovations IT-JAM, Odessa 20.08.2011 Saturday, August 20, 11

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Transcript of Yes we can! Developing your own ideas into successful world-class apps

  • 1. Developingyour own ideasinto successfulworld-classIlya Tchernetski @daydreamer i-Free Innovations IT-JAM, Odessa 20.08.2011Saturday, August 20, 11

2. Cut the RopeSaverMy Clinic Doodle God SizerSPB TV Star WalkAngry Birds Power Amp ParadiseFitness HD Island #1 overall/category/grossing top in US/EU store/market Featured in iTunes/Android Market (App of the week / Game of the week / Recommended)Saturday, August 20, 11 3. FROM IDEA TO APPSTORE MakeResearch Be Disruptive Develop Rapidly Create BuzzSaturday, August 20, 11 4. MAKE RESEARCH Usefulutility niche (productivity, lifestyle, photo etc) Games with physics, logic, mngt sim & FUN Hottrends (SoLoMo, check-ins, photo apps, gamication etc) Choose right OS Dene monetization Check for competitorsSaturday, August 20, 11 5. MAKE RESEARCHSaturday, August 20, 11 6. BE DISRUPTIVE Dont make better, make substantially different Mash-up- combine previously uncombined Create new niches & markets Samefunctionality, better usability/design/price/speedSaturday, August 20, 11 7. BE DISRUPTIVESaturday, August 20, 11 8. DEVELOP RAPIDLY Havea picture in mind Prototype (Screen ows, Balsamiq, InVision, Tiggr) Get Real (by 37signals) Release fast, update oftenSaturday, August 20, 11 9. CREATE A BUZZ Option A: ndpublisher or pay to PR agency (PRmac,iSpreadNews, Apalon etc; from $100 to $5000) OptionB: do it yourself Set targets, use analytics Promotein blogs (iOS - and user communities Tryads (and PPI for Android) Use cross-promo and sharing to social networksSaturday, August 20, 11 10. MY EXPERIENCEMobileCouponFinance Easy coupon catalog youd managerbrowsing of catalog withlove tomeets Cut theairline salespersonalizationcontributeRopeSaturday, August 20, 11 11. FURTHER READS Getting Real, Rework the Four steps to the Epithany TheBusiness of iPhone & iPad App Development Game-based Marketing,, proapps.ruSaturday, August 20, 11 12. THANKS FOR ATTENTIONIlya Tchernetski daydreamer [email protected]+79119236447Saturday, August 20, 11