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Transcript of Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Coalition

  • Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program

    Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Coalition

  • Goals of the YR Training You will learn how to be a LINK for suicide prevention

    You will learn about Depression and that it is treatable

    You will know warning signs/clues that someone might be thinking about hurting themselves

  • National Suicide StatisticsNationally, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death = for ages 10-24 16-year-olds die by suicide 3X as often as 18-year-olds2nd leading cause of death for college studentsApprox 39,500 Americans die by suicide every year (2011 data)

  • Kansas Suicide StatisticsIn Kansas 2nd leading cause of death for those ages 15-24 and those 25-44

    In 2011 60 suicides in SG CountyIn 2012 88 suicides in SG CountyIn 2013 70 suicides in SG County

  • Understanding Suicide

  • The Tragic FactSuicide is a PERMANENT action to address a TEMPORARYproblem!Dont let suicide rob you of better times that will come when you allow more time to pass!

  • Guns and Suicide 60% of all people who die by suicide kill themselves with a firearm.

  • Depression

    The Common Cold of Mental Health

    Almost 10% of the United States population suffer from clinical depression, but only 30% get proper treatment.

    Depression is much easier to treat thanever before!

  • Why do only 30% get help?

    They think nothing will help.They are embarrassed to tell anyone that they have problems.They are afraid to be seen as weak or crazy.They dont know where to go for help.

  • This is Important!Depression is a serious medical illness that makes a persons brain not work right.

    Two Chemicals in the brain that are not working right are Serotonin and Dopamine.

  • What are Serotonin & Dopamine? Serotonin

    Brain chemical that calms anxiety (like a warm blanket) Dopamine

    Brain chemical that helps us anticipate or feel a reward

  • Serotonin: Oil for the Brain?When the brain runs low on serotonin the mental engine starts to have problems!

    Irritability/Racing ThoughtsConcentration and AttentionSymptoms of DepressionSleep DisturbanceAppetite Disturbance

  • Self Medicating with Alcohol or Drugs

    When a person feels depressed and unhappy it is not uncommon for them to use drugs and alcohol as a way to escape the issues and the pain.

    This behavior is called Self Medicating and is extremely dangerous because it makes the persons brain get sicker!

  • Black Dog Video

  • Listen up!You will not cause someone to attempt suicide just by talking about it!

    You can help someone who is thinking about suicide by asking them about it and getting help.

  • Getting help for a friend who is thinking about killing him/herself is not SNITCHING. It is TELLING.

    When someone is snitching, the motive is to get someone else in trouble.

    When someone is telling, the motive is to get someone help. You are seeking the help of others for a possible life-threatening situation.

  • Issues That Can Cause StressBreaking UpBig Life ChangesFamily ProblemsMoney ProblemsPeer PressureBeing a Bully or TargetDrugs and Alcohol AbuseBad Grades/Discipline ProblemsMajor HolidaysTrying To Fit in

  • This is Important!People who are thinking about killing themselves often say or do something to alert others before they do it. If you know the signs and clues, you may be able to help prevent a suicide.

  • Signs to look for!

    Sad Depression

    Sadness, anxiety or a feeling of hopelessness Seeing no reason to live, no sense of purposeLoss of interest in food or compulsive over-eating leading to rapid weight loss or gainWithdrawing from friends, family, and the worldFeeling trapped; no way out; no futureAnxiety, agitation, unable to sleep or sleeping all the timeIncreasing use of alcohol/drugsDramatic mood swings

  • Angry Depression

    Feeling trapped, no way outIncreasing use of alcohol/drugsReckless, risky behavior without thinkingRage, uncontrolled anger, wanting revengeWithdrawing from friends, family, and the worldDoing dangerous things that can cause deathSeeing no reason to live, no sense or purposeAnxiety, agitation, unable to sleep or sleeping all the time

    Signs to look for!

  • Behavioral CluesLack of interest in daily activitiesProblems with school and/or the lawProlonged depression followed by a sense of elationGiving away prized possessions (a living will)Inability to tolerate frustrationUnwillingness to communicatePerfectionism

  • Verbal CluesI wish I were dead.Im just a burden to everyone.My family would be better off without me.Nobody needs me. If (something) happens, Ill kill myself.Ill show them!I hate my life.I just cant go on any longer.Life is not worth it.Im going to miss (something).

  • Treating DepressionThere are many ways to treat depression. A physician and/or a mental healthcare professional will determine the best course of treatment.

    Involve them immediately!

  • Coping Strategies

    Spend time with family and friends

    Talk to other people!

    Religion or spiritual belief system

    Get involved in school, hobbies, sports, activities, groups

    Volunteer: You are needed!

  • Good coping and problem-solving skillsPositive self-worthImpulse controlSeek adult help when its neededLack of access to suicidal meansAccess to mental health careLaughter Keep a perspective & a sense of humorGive yourself permission to DREAMSchool environments that promote health and encourage students to seek help

    Protective Factors

  • Enhancing Good Brain ChemicalsExercise! The Runners High Good nutritionAdequate rest Maybe even a little Chocolate!

  • Yellow Ribbon Video

  • Yellow Ribbon CardBE-A-LINK!-SAVE A LIFE!If you have received this Card, it is a Cry for Help:

  • Assisting Someone in a Suicidal CrisisDont: Leave the person

    Be sworn to secrecy

    Be glib or dismissing of the problem

    Counsel (Your role is to Be-A-Link)Do: Learn the warning signs Listen! Take action Be non-judgmental Be reassuring & positive Offer empathy, I care and I will help. Offer hope that alternatives are available

    GET HELP from professionals through the hotline numbers or other health care professionals

  • Please Remember

    Threats about suicide must be taken seriously!

    You will not cause someone to kill him/herself by asking about suicide!

    If you suspect that the person is suicidal, ask about it DIRECTLY!

    Dealing with a suicide crisis can be extremely upsetting! Talk to someone afterwards to help reduce your own stress.

  • Who do teens turn to?91% of teens say theyll talk to a friend first.

    The power of Yellow Ribbon lies with our youth!

  • Help is available.

    Find someone you trust, a friend, teacher, coach, neighbor, therapist, or clergy member, and let them know how bad things are.

    This can be your first step on the road to healing.Do not keep suicidal thoughts to yourself!

  • DepressionIs Treatable!ANDSuicide Can Be Prevented!

  • Be a Link!

  • Local Data2013/14 School YearWichita Heights High School

    -Presented to all students 9-12 (1265 in attendance)-Four days of presentations during English (26 sessions)-219 Response Forms were returned indicating the student was hurting or someone they knew was hurting-154 personal, one-on-one conversations were held with students (duplicates, anonymous, Darth Vader)-Countless follow-up visits with students throughout year-7 calls were made to other schools for referral

    I wish I had known this a long time ago. - studentI wish my sister had heard this as a teenager. - staff

  • Local Data2013/14 School YearNortheast Magnet High School

    -Presented to all students 9-12 (685 in attendance)-82 Response Forms were returned indicating the student was hurting or someone they knew was hurting-18 parents were called, and 12 of those contacted outside agencies for counseling-2 students were transported to immediately for crisis care

    I didnt think anyone cared. - student

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