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My name is Yathu Radhakrishnan. Iv created this presentation to help you understand me better and see some of the things that happened in my life which I feel have helped shape me into the person I am today. These particular highlights are of things which I feel can have professional implications but with personal touches as well. Click on and ill explain more.

It seems like everyone becomes obsessed with their physical image at some point in their lives. In most cases it begins around the time you start college. I became consumed by the time I was 12. I was a pretty chubby kid when I was younger and I have no shame saying that because it is thanks to this obsession that I undertook some personal goals as a kid. It started with just doing 20 30 push-ups everyday and going out to play basketball or soccer and now at the age of 21 I'm going to the gym regularly and benching 100 pounds. Which is a lot considering I weigh about 130 pounds. Thats not the part im most proud of though. The best part is how I was able to influence friends and family to eat healthier and be more active. I even got them in the gym! Which is a big step cause most people are terrified of being judged by other gym-goers. Influence is an amazing thing because the people who listen to you have no obligation to do so. Your not their boss, just someone with some info or an opinion. In some alternate reality I feel if I hadn't taken on those goals I set as a kid we would not have a treadmill on our house and Id still be that little chubby kid that was terrible at sports.

Im a Vancouver boy. Im a Canucks fan. I spent 13 awesome years there. So moving to Toronto and having to say good-bye for now to many of my close friends in the summer of 2012 was tough. Emotionally at least. The 4 and a half day drive from Vancouver to Toronto was the physically tough part. I cant say I dont miss my home city but I'm an advocate of change. Change is good. Change is what saves us from the routine and adds a little spice to our lives. I'm happy to say the gamble was defiantly worth it. I have a lot of family in Toronto and I cant get enough of them! One of Toronto's claims to fame is it diversity. Thats no lie. Iv met people from all over in my classes. I'm loving it, its amazing how the lives of people from all over world could intersect. Because of the diversity of my friends iv learned a lot about places like Korea, Germany, Russia . Iv also become more aware of events around the world. And when were older well have a friend no matter where in the world we end up.

.Iv had a few odd jobs ranging from going door to door selling house paint jobs to telemarketing to working at a pizza place. I hated them all for various reasons. But in June 2011 I finally found a part time job I actually enjoyed. I worked as a Sales Associate in the electronics department at The Real Canadian Superstore. I got paid a decent hourly wage and received great benefits, but the best part was that I was surrounded by movies, video games and music! On top of that the people I worked with were great and we became friends pretty quick. If I were to list the most important things about a job for me, the top spot would go to the people. A positive social environment. This wasnt the most exciting job in the world but just knowing Id be working with people I enjoyed being around actually made me look forward to going to work. I even built a strong positive report amongst customers, employees and management and was nominated for a customer service award!. I was kind of sad when I had to quit because of the move. But I leaned some valuable lessons and acquired some useful career skills during my run there.

High School was.well it had its ups and downs. I didnt get the best start in grade 8 but I managed to pick myself up and with some help form friends and parents and tutors I got through it. I had a lot of fun usually between classes and during the summer. I pushed through I to my own surprise I made it through High School! I made a pledge to not let their efforts go to waste by doing my best in my classes which I am as I hold a 3.0+ GPA. Although I left still unsure of what to do next I knew I made the most of those 5 years and the years in my first and second college were just as or even more fun and I made sure to undertake better habits like studying and doing homework in the morning and reading more novels.

Hope you enjoyed my show!