Yamal-Nenets autonomous district Reindeer Meat Export.

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Yamal-Nenets autonomous district Reindeer Meat Export

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  • Yamal-Nenets autonomous district Reindeer Meat Export
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  • Area - 770,000 sq km, one of the largest Russian regions 50% of the territory - above the Arctic Circle 530,000 people, 59% are Russian 36,000 indigenous people (nenets, khanty, selkups), 40% are nomads Salekhard 1595, other cities 1960s Gross Regional Product $30 billion 80% of Russian gas production, 20% of global gas production Yamal at a Glance
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  • Reindeer Breeding in Yamal Available Resources The largest heard in the world - 660,000 reindeers 14,000 indigenous people leading traditional way of life About 70,000 heads are slaughtered annually for meat industry Local Investment Projects 5 new slaughter houses and freezing rooms Waste minimization - processing of velvet antlers, blood and hides
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  • Reindeer Meat Export to EU 2002 High technology slaughter house designed by Finnish company Kometos was commissioned; EU certified equipment was purchased; municipal enterprise Yamalskie Oleni was registered; employees were trained in Finland. Modules: slaughtering, cooling, freezing of carcasses; treatment and cooling of by- products, semi-finished products productions. Capacity: 360 heads per day; 20,000 heads per slaughtering season; 500,000 kg of meat products. Director: Maltsev Evgeniy Valerievich 2004-2006 New modules were commissioned production of sausage, dumplings and meat and bone meal 2008 2014 Reindeer meat export to EU Sweden, Germany, Finland HS Code (Russia): 0208 90 600 0 http://yamaloleni.com
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  • Products Range Reindeer meat in carcasses and half-carcasses Semi-finished cuts (reindeer fillet, hind leg, loin, etc.) in thermocontractable vacuum packaging Reindeer meat mince in thermocontractable vacuum packaging Canned stewed reindeer meat Sausages: cooked and half-smoked sausages, thin and thick small sausages Cooked & smoked products: reindeer ham, reindeer shoulder roll, reindeer fillet, reindeer side, reindeer neck http://yamaloleni.com
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  • Certificates http://yamaloleni.com Certificate of Compliance with Russian and EU Requirements (2012-2015) Certificate of Compliance with ISO 9001-2008 (2012-2015) Certificate of Compliance with Russian and EU Requirements (2009-2012)
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  • Reindeer Meat Export Target market: organic food market of Switzerland, China, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Characteristics of consumers: traditionally close ties to nature, growing health consciousness, demand for high quality products, willingness to pay higher prices for quality products