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Marvin Liao's presentation about Yahoo! at RoNewMedia

Transcript of Yahoo! at RoNewMedia

  • 1. Romania&Yahoo!in the Global Internet Advertising Market: Marvin Liao Nov 11, 2008

2. Internet Penetration and Growth in Central and Eastern Europe Source: Internet World Stats June: 2008 3. Broadband Penetration Ipsos The Face of the Web 2005 & Population Reference Bureau 2006 data Size of circle represents total audience 4. Gaming Email Domestic + global? Questions were hearing from marketers: How do I get my audiences attention? How do I participate in their conversations? Whats the right balance of investment to reach my consumers? TV Instant Messaging Podcasts Blogs Radio SMS TiVo/DVR Groups Mobile Magazines Social networks Facebook YouTube iTunes Peer-to-peer Time-shifting Surfing Billboards Social media + programmed content? Mix of traditional + online? Buy direct + use an ad network? Mobile devices Video + search + display + mobile? Context + behavioral targeting? Online 5.

  • Toconnectpeople to their passions, their communities, and the worlds knowledge.
  • To be the Must Buy andPartner of Choice for the Top Advertisers and Agencies in the World.

6. Broadreachto quality audiences Unmatched consumerinsights Increasedrelevanceand engagement Partnershipfor results Yahoo! provides: 7. Who is on Yahoo!?? Source: Insites Consulting Research, June 2008 8. Highly Engaged Audience Source: Insites Consulting Research, June 2008 9. Understanding the Impact of Your Campaign

  • Yahoo! Snapshot is a campaign measurement and analysis report that provides beyond the click campaign data, and empowers you to answer the questions that you want to know:
    • What is the age and gender of people who saw my ads?
    • How does the online behavior differ between the people who saw my ads and those that clicked on them?
    • Where else can I find my target audience on the Yahoo! Network?
    • What is my best performing creative?Placement?

10. Campaign Brand Score Reports 11.

  • If You want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. --African Proverb