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Xylobands as used by Coldplay.

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  • 1. You may have already heard about our amazing new bands - Coldplay have been using them as a way to bring the audience into their show, and light up the crowd in a way never seen before. You can now have Xylobands at your events. Xylobands can carry your brand and your message. They can be used at music events, sporting events, festivals, parties and corporate events. Xylobands will create an unforgettable experience a crowd united by lights.
  • 2. About Us Xylobands were invented by Regler Ltd, a UK based toy development company. The idea was originated by Jason Regler, co-owner and Director of Technology & Innovation.
  • 3. What are Xylobands? Xylobands are wristbands with LED lights that you can control. They come in a range of strap, case and LED colours. You can vary the speed of flashing, including on/off, and also control which colours are flashing and in which zones. They can be used in a fun way for brand promotion and marketing to create a memorable crowd experience.
  • 4. How do they work? Xylobands are operated using our proprietary software that is downloaded onto your laptop. The laptop will be connected by cable to a transmitter box and antenna. Range 200m from transmitter, 400m radius Batteries can last up to 6 hours with continuous use. We are working on a DMX solution which should be available in June. We can supply set up and operating personnel. Alternatively you can do this yourself and we will supply instructions, and advice. We can help with ideas for programming for your event.
  • 5. Your events Xylobands can be used at music events, sporting events, parties and corporate events. Festivals and clubs - unite the crowd with music and lights, whilst promoting your brand. Sporting events Xylobands in team colours are great for pre-match entertainment at the stadium, and celebrating goals. Fireworks add a new dimension as the crowd becomes part of the display. Promotions bands can be activated at set times for promotions and announcements, creating excitement and maintaining brand awareness.
  • 6. Branding options Case label - For orders over 2,000 we can print a label on the case with your logo or message. We can add a label to the back of the case, which can be used for a unique download code or a prize draw number. Strap printing - For orders over 10,000 we can print your message or website on the strap. Case printing for orders over 5,000, we can print onto the case Case embossing - For orders over 50,000 we can produce a bespoke case, with embossed logos Generic bands are available with no branding
  • 7. In the news Playing live (Coldplay) also unveiled a new interactive trick a wristband with an LED light worn by everyone in the crowd which lit up during the first song. It's the first time it has been done and beat the good old-fashioned lighter. Watching a sea of fans waving their arms in the air was spectacular. The Sun (UK)
  • 8. "Coldplay have replaced the rock tradition of illuminating the stadium with lighters and mobile phones during big anthems by handing out radio-controlled glow bands. The band gave out 10,000 of the multi-coloured wrist bands to the audience when they played in the final X Factor show at Wembley last night. They performed two songs from their new Mylo Xyloto album, while the innovative new bands lit up and flashed in time to the music. 'It looked absolutely amazing to see everyone wearing them and the whole stadium lit up. Daily Mail
  • 9. Contact us today to discuss your event orhan@xylobands.com www.xylobands.com