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Xp3 Fuel Enhancer Presentation put together for Xp3 Canada. www.Xp3.ca

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  • P r o d u c t P r e s e n t a t i o n
  • What makes Xp3 different? Combustion Improver Adds Lubricity Cleans Sludge & Deposits Prevents Carbon Build Up Stabilizes Fuel Fully Disperses Water Cold Weather Protection (-50c) Improves Fuel Economy Reduces Fumes & Emissions Does NOT contain any; Toxic Ingredients Abrasive Compounds Alcohols Ethers Aromatics Naphtha An all-in-one, commercial grade non-petroleum based fuel enhancer
  • Diesel Formula Available Formats 480 litres treated 600 litres treated 1,900 litres treated 15,200 litres treated 40,000 litres treated 832,000 litres treated Treatment Ratio 1:4000
  • Gasoline Formula Available Formats 475 litres treated 1,520 litres treated Other bulk formats available on special order. Treatment Ratio 1:3200
  • w w w . X p 3 C a n a d a . c o m HISTORY 1989-2014 Originally invented to treat bunker fuel for ocean freighters. Manufactured by Xp Lab Inc. in San Diego, California. Commercially used globally by industry for over 25 years.
  • GOIL - Ghana Oil Company 150 Gas Stations All fuels pre-treated with Xp3 (Diesel and Gasoline) Offered to their customers as a value added differentiator to stand out from the competition "GOIL supplies Super XP and Diesel XP in place of the normal fuels for all kinds of vehicles to give added value to customers at no extra cost. Super XP and Diesel XP have water dispersing and cleansing properties which protect ones engine and ensure its longevity." Mr. Patrick Akpe Kwame Akorli, GOIL Managing Director
  • Since 2005, Pemex has been using Xp3 to treat the fuel they use in the daily operation of their own equipment. Pemex Exploracion Y Produccion Aditiva, S.A. de C.V., (a division of PEMEX) is the Master Distributor of Xp3 products for Mexico.
  • 27 MASTER DISTRIBUTORS 2000-2014 Master Distributors in 27 Countries (as of 2014) Commercial grade industrial concentrated mix levels retained Global annual sales of over 3 billion dollars.
  • CLEAN BURNING X p 3 I m p r o v e s C o m b u s t i o n S t a b i l i z e s B u r n B u r n s C l e a r & C l e a n N o S m o k e R e d u c e s F u m e s & E m i s s i o n s
  • DIRTY BURNING A l l p e t r o l e u m - b a s e d a d d i t i v e s w i l l b u r n d i r t y
  • COMPLETE WATER DISPERSION Safely & completely disperses water and moisture Effectively protects against bacteria and algae Disperses water equivalent to its own volume Protects against corrosion Increases combustion quality of all fuels Helps increase efficiency of bio-fuels No alcohols, ethers or other harsh chemicals
  • NO WATER DISPERSION Petroleum-based additives do not offer any protection against moisture or water, even though they claim this on their labels. Water or moisture in fuel causes cold weather performance problems, corrosion, poor combustion, damage injectors & bacterial growth.
  • COLD FLOW IMPROVER Xp3 Diesel Tested on South Pole Diesel Fuel by YPF (Yacimientos Petrolferos Fiscales), the Argentinien Energy Company. Cold Weather Protection (-51c) Provides Maximum Polymer Distribution Improves Pour Point and Cloud Point for Cold Weather Performance South Pole Tested Improves Cloud Point Improves Pour Point
  • TREATMENT COSTS Diesel Treated Treatment Cost per Litre 480 L 3.1 cents 600 L (cap-less tank compatible) 3.8 cents 1900 L 3.2 cents 15200 L 2.6 cents 40000 L 2.4 cents 832000 L 1.2 cents Gasoline Treated Treatment Cost per Litre 475 L (cap-less tank compatible) 4.8 cents 1520 L 3.9 cents DIESEL BULK FORMATS
  • SAMPLE COMPARISONS - DIESEL Others Diesel Treatments PowerService $7.29 treats 150 litres 12.6 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1900 litres for $92.34 GUNK $12.79 treats 475 litres 4 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1900 litres for $51.16 MotoMaster $7.99 treats 220 litres 8.6 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1900 litres for $68.71 Xp3 Diesel treats 1900 litres for $59.95
  • SAMPLE COMPARISONS - GAS Although petroleum-based additives do not offer the benefits and protection of Xp3, many people still want to do cost comparisons. SeaFoam $11.31 treats 60 litres of fuel. 25 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1520 litres for $282.25 Xp3 Gasoline treats 1520 litres for $59.95K100G $12.99 treats 75 litres of fuel. 20 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1520 litres for $259.80 STP $3.49 treats 80 litres of fuel. 19 bottles would be required to treat a total of 1520 litres for $66.31
  • Case Study - Centennial Gravel Pre-treats their 24,000 litre yard tank with Xp3 Extra protection against potential fuel-related problems Extending engine life and maintenance intervals Saving over $300 per day in fuel costs N E T G A I N : C e n t e n n i a l G r a v e l s a v e s a m i n . o f $ 3 0 0 p e r d a y i n d i e s e l f u e l b y u s i n g X p 3 .
  • SAFE MSD SHEET 100% Biodegradeable