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XAD Duct Detector Product Guide

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Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110Product GuideDate Published: August 2010Part Number: 29593Document Number: 18379Version Number: 3Intellectual Property and CopyrightThis document includes registered and unregistered trademarks. All trademarks displayed are the trademarks of their respectiveowners. Your use of this document does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use the name and/or trademarkand/or label.This document is subject to copyright owned by SimplexGrinnell LP. You agree not to copy, communicate to the public, adapt,distribute, transfer, sell, modify or publish any contents of this document without the express prior written consent ofSimplexGrinnell LP.Simplex, Simplex logo, MAPNET II, IDNet and TrueAlarm are trademarks of Tyco International Ltd. and its affiliates and are underlicense.DisclaimerThe contents of this document is provided on an as is basis. No representation or warranty (either express or implied) is madeas to the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the contents of this document. The manufacturer reserves the right to changedesigns or specifications without obligation and without further notice. Except as otherwise provided, all warranties, express orimplied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expresslyexcluded.General WarningThis product must only be installed, configured and used strictly in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, UserManual and product documents available from Simplex. All proper health and safety precautions must be taken during theinstallation, commissioning and maintenance of the product. The system should not be connected to a power source until all thecomponents have been installed. Proper safety precautions must be taken during tests and maintenance of the products whenthese are still connected to the power source. Failure to do so or tampering with the electronics inside the products can result inan electric shock causing injury or death and may cause equipment damage. SimplexGrinnell LP is not responsible and cannotbe held accountable for any liability that may arise due to improper use of the equipment and/or failure to take properprecautions. Only persons trained through SimplexGrinnell LP accredited training course can install, test and maintain thesystem.LiabilityYou agree to install, configure and use the products strictly in accordance with the User Manual and product documents availablefrom SimplexGrinnell LP.SimplexGrinnell LPis not liable to you or any other person for incidental, indirect, or consequential loss, expense or damages ofany kind including without limitation, loss of business, loss of profits or loss of data arising out of your use of the products. Withoutlimiting this general disclaimer the following specific warnings and disclaimers also apply:Fitness for PurposeYou agree that you have been provided with a reasonable opportunity to appraise the products and have made your ownindependent assessment of the fitness or suitability of the products for your purpose. You acknowledge that you have not reliedon any oral or written information, representation or advice given by or on behalf of Simplex or its representatives.Total LiabilityTo the fullest extent permitted by law that any limitation or exclusion cannot apply, the total liability of SimplexGrinnell LP inrelation to the products is limited to:i. in the case of services, the cost of having the services supplied again; orii. in the case of goods, the lowest cost of replacing the goods, acquiring equivalent goods or having the goods repaired.IndemnificationYou agree to fully indemnify and hold SimplexGrinnell LP harmless for any claim, cost, demand or damage (including legal costson a full indemnity basis) incurred or which may be incurred arising from your use of the products.MiscellaneousIf any provision outlined above is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, such invalidity or unenforceability will notaffect the remainder which will continue in full force and effect. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product GuideiSimplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product GuideDocument ConventionsThe following typographic conventions are used in this document:Convention DescriptionBold Used to denote: emphasis Used for names of menus, menu options,toolbar buttonsItalics Used to denote: references to other parts of this document or otherdocuments. Used for the result of an action.The following icons are used in this document:Convention DescriptionCaution: This icon is used to indicate that there is a danger to equipment.The danger could be loss of data, physical damage, or permanentcorruption of configuration details.Warning: This icon is used to indicate that there is a danger of electricshock. This may lead to death or permanent injury.Warning: This icon is used to indicate that there is a danger of inhalingdangerous substances. This may lead to death or permanent injury.Table of Contents1 Description and Operation 11.1 Introduction 11.2 4098-XAD-100 Open Area Applications 21.3 4098-XAD-110 Duct Applications 41.4 Duct Application Accessories List 61.5 Function and Status Display 71.6 User Function Buttons 71.7 Interface Card Components 81.8 Fuse 81.9 Pipe Network Configurations 91.10 Pipe Network Components 131.11 Electrical Accessories 152 Installation and Configuration 172.1 4098-XAD-100 Installation 172.2 Wiring Connection 182.3 Pipe Network Installation 202.4 Configuration 232.5 Set-up Notes 263 Troubleshooting, Testing and Maintenance 283.1 Troubleshooting 283.2 Testing 293.3 Maintenance 314 Specifications 324.1 General Specification 324.2 Typical Supply Current & Fan Speed 324.3 Pipe Network Specification 33ii1 Description and Operation1.1 IntroductionThe 4098-XAD-100/110 series is an aspirating smoke detection system that utilizes an air-sampling pipe network to draw airtowards addressable sensor in an aspirated enclosure. This system is designed to cover areas up to 1800 square feet (549square meters).Figure 1-1: 4098-XAD-1001 Description and Operation Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide1Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide 1 Description and Operation1.2 4098-XAD-100 Open Area ApplicationsDesigned for open area applications, the 4098-XAD-100 unit comes pre-installed with analog addressable sensor and interfacecard for connection to Simplex control panels.Figure 1-2: Example of open area applicationPipe network components required for open area applications are ordered separately. Refer to table Table 1-1: 4098-XAD-100Open Area Application Accessories List.2Table 1-1: 4098-XAD-100 Open Area Application Accessories ListName Part Number DescriptionCPVC Pipe LF42280 Diameter = 3/4", Length = 15', Qty. = 1, Orange CPVC PipeCPVC Pipe VP-P-210 Diameter = 3/4", Length = 15', Qty. = 14, Orange CPVC PipeCPVC Pipe VP-P-420 Diameter = 3/4", Length = 15', Qty. = 28, Orange CPVC PipeUnion VP-UNION Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 15Coupling VP-COUP Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 1545 Elbow VP-ELB-45 Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 1090 Elbow VP-ELB-90 Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 20Tee VP-TEE Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 15Pipe End Cap VP-EC Diameter = 3/4", Qty.= 25Solvent Cement VP-CEMENT 1 PintBaffle LF42216 Baffle for Simplex sensor 4098-9714Blanking Baffle 06-0000Air Inlet Filter 80-0020-0 Filter element coarse FRS20Sampling Hole Label 12584Fuse 34-1251-T3 1.25 ACapillary Tube Air Sampling Components Refer to 1.10.6: Capillary TubeSampling Point E700-SPCaplillary Tube E700-TUBE Inside Diameter = 3/8"Capillary Tube Connector E700-CAP-KITFPT Pipe Tee VP-TEE-FPT1 Description and Operation Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide3Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide 1 Description and Operation1.3 4098-XAD-110 Duct ApplicationsThe 4098-XAD-110 is developed specifically for duct applications. It features the 4098-XAD-100 and a duct installation kitdesigned to simplify duct application installations. Refer to table Table 1-2: 4098-XAD-110 Duct Application Parts List forcomplete list of components included with the 4098-XAD-110.Although flexible tubes are typically used in duct installations, CPVC pipes may also be used together with flexible tubes. Thetotal length of the flexible tube and CPVCpipe must not exceed the specified length. Refer to 4.3: Pipe Network Specification.Figure 1-3: Example of Duct Application4Table 1-2: 4098-XAD-110 Duct Application Parts ListName Part Number Quantity4098-XAD-100 4098-XAD-100 1Duct Installation Kit LF42241 1Male Connector for elbow of duct probe LF42202 2Female Elbow for elbow of duct probe LF42203 2Male Connector for inlet pipe and exhaust pipe LF42204 2Reducer / Adaptor for XAD unit inlet port LF42205 1Threaded 90 Elbow Reducer Adaptor for XAD unit exhaust port LF42206 1Duct Mount Plate LF42208 2Pipe Grommet 27-1002-00 290 Degree Bend (Box of 20) VP-ELB-90 3/20Transparent Pipe (imperial for US) LF42210 1Ball Valve LF42211 1Tee Pipe (Box of 15) VP-TEE 1/15Smoke Test Port Pipe LF42213 1Smoke Test Port Rubber Plug LF42214 1Exhaust Port Pipe (50 mm) LF42276 1Horizontal Inlet Pipe (160 mm) LF42277 1Vertical Water Trap Pipe (200 mm) LF42278 1Horizontal Water Trap Pipe (100 mm) LF42279 11 Description and Operation Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide5Simplex 4098-XAD-100/110 Product Guide 1 Description and Operation1.4 Duct Application Accessories ListThe following accessories can be ordered from the supplier.Name Part Number DescriptionFlexible Tube Pairs75' Flexible Tube Pair LF42245 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 75'50' Flexible Tube Pair LF42246 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 50'25' Flexible Tube Pair LF42247 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 25'Flexible Tubes75' Flexible Tube LF42248 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 75'50' Flexible Tube LF42249 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 50'25' Flexible Tube LF42250 OD = 5/8", ID = 1/2" ID, Length = 25'Sampling Probes for 50' flexible tube set-up36" x 5/32" Sampling Probe LF42251 OD = 1/2", Length