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Learn about X3Media, Actor Stephen Baldwin & Kevin McCullough, from Fox News. Their Media Company and how you can share your message to 120 million people. Promote your services or products to all of North America.

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  • Marketing Creative Production Endorsement Distribution Programming

  • Nationally syndicated on 334 radio stations in the U.S.

    Nationally syndicated on over 266 stations in the U.S.

    Nationally syndicated on 36 radio stations in the U.S. and in the Carribbean.

    Airs on 2 radio stations and 600 cable outlets available in over 46 million homes

    WHAT IS XtreMEDIA?XtreMEDIA is an ever-expanding media platform that both creates and promotes content. We produce content for the web, radio, television, motion pictures and publishing with the means to distribute and advertise it fast and effectively. We reach, influence, and engage millions of lives daily.

    WHATS THE BIG DEAL?A window of opportunity has recently opened to companies or individuals that recognize the potential of promoting their products or services to over 46,000,000 T.V. viewers and 10,000,000 listeners on our platforms. XtreMEDIA can only service a very limited number of clients before our inventory are maximized.

    WHY IS RADIO ESSENTIAL?An online presence is essential for your business. But having a website alone is not enough. 10.3 billion online searches are conducted on Google alone each month and 78% of internet users do product research online. Can your prospects find you via a search engine? The unique fusion of television, radio, and online marketing that only XtreME-DIA offers can help thousands if not millions of potential customers find you both online and off.

    WHAT ELSE DOES XtreMEDIA OFFER?XtreMEDIA will strategically tailor a package that willsuccessfully drive a large volume of traffic to your business by combining a couple or all of the following services:

    Television Promotions

    Radio & Online Presenence

    Press Release Services

    Email & Text Messaging Campaigns

    Sweepstakes Campaigns

    Social Media & Viral Marketing

    Radio, Motion Picture and Television Production

  • landed a breakthrough acting role inThe Usual Suspects in 1995. Baldwin's next role was in Bio-Dome the following year. In 2000, he played Barney Rubble in The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas.

    From JanuaryMarch 2008, Baldwin competed on Season 7 of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Baldwin finished fifth out of the 14 celebrity contestants and became friends with com-petitor, Trace Adkins.

    On October 18, 2008, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate SarahPalin joked with lifelong Democrat Alec Baldwin during a SaturdayNight Live skit that Stephen is her "favorite Baldwin brother."

    Baldwin was a contestant on NBCs 2009 reality show, I'm aCelebrityGet Me out of Here! where he baptized The Hills reality star Spencer Pratt.

    In September 2006, Baldwin released his book titled The UnusualSuspect, which details his career, days of drug abuse, and ultimately becoming a Born-again Christian after the 9/11 attacks.

    In 2008 Baldwin teamed with conservative talk radio hostKevin McCullough on the Saturday radio program, Baldwin McCullough*LIVE*. As of April 18, 2009 the show airs on more than 213 stations in more than 400 cities across the US, and worldwide on Sirius 161 and XM 227.

    In 2010 the radio broadcast became a television simulcast, with FamilyNet Television taking the show to over 600 cable outlets and over 26.7 million homes. When Baldwin isnt in the New York City studio he co-hosts from all over the US and abroad as he travels on business.

    Stephen Baldwin

    began his career as a broadcaster in 1985,working weekends for KCBI-FM Dallas. That allowed him to pay his way through college at Moody Bible Institute and pursue a dual degree in Theology and Journalism. McCullough then worked for Moody Broadcastings Chicago flagship station in the number three market for the next decade.

    On September 10, 2001 McCullough was awarded his own talk show at Salem Radios WYLL-AM 1160 in Chicago. The following day McCullough spent close to 15 hours on-air taking calls, listening to the impact of the terror attacks on everyday listeners. The bond of radio to listeners was forever cemented in McCullough.

    On September 1, 2003 McCullough was promoted from Chicago to thenumber one market -- New York-- by Salem Communications. For almost five years he led his show and the New York stations to revenue success.

    In January 2008 McCullough founded XtreMEDIA, the company he now directs with partner, Stephen Baldwin. The content creation company specializes in media of all forms: production, marketing, distribution, and strategic networks.

    On July 15, 2008 Baldwin McCullough Live launched on four radio stations. In sixty days they added nearly 95 affiliates and were over 100 stations in a near all-time record. Today the live broadcast serves about 300 broadcast radio stations nationally. Many networks and stations still plan to add the live weekend show to their regular line-up.

    On January 2, 2010 McCullough returned to the airwaves with his syndicated daily The Kevin McCullough Show, servicing more than 300 cities on over 200 radio stations. McCullough is also an author and Fox News Contributor.

    In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Baldwin McCullough Live and The Kevin McCullough Show were honored by Talkers Magazine as the top 98 most influential talk radio shows in the country.

    Kevin McCullough

    President / Principal

    CEO / Principal

  • 5 LEVELS OF SERVICES AVAILABLEWE CAN ALSO TAILOR A COMBINATION OF THESE SERVICES TO FIT YOUR NEEDS AND BUDGET.Advertisements will be placed on all or a combination of the following platforms: The Kevin McCulloughs Show (Airs over 266 Radio Stations Nationwide) Baldwin / McCullough *LIVE* (334 Radio Stations Nationwide) Dani Johnson *LIVE* (36 Radio Stations across the USA and the Caribbean) Hannah Help Me! (2 Radio Stations in the U.S. & 600 cable outlets to over 46 million homes)

    A. Spots on all shows:Radio commercials produced and narrated by Kevin McCullough and or Stephen Baldwin, Dani Johnson or Hannah Keely, programed into every radio show.

    B. Live Reads on all shows:Both Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin will promote your products or services during the radio program.

    C. Exclusivity:Client will receive level A & B as an exclusive advertiser, this means that no other competing category will be promoted on any of our platforms.

    D. Online Viral Marketing Campaign:- Press Release Campaign- E-mail Campaign- Text Messaging Campaign- Online video commercial on our YouTube and Ustream Channels.- Facebook & Twitter Campaigns

    Client will receive level A, B & C plus a very aggressive e-mail, text messaging, press release and social media campaign causing online awareness by ooding all online media outlets with our clients products or services.

    Newsletter E-mail Campaign: Client ads with hyperlinks to their website will be included on our weekly e-mail newsletters that will be distributed to our growing email list of thousands of subscribers.

    Text Messaging Campaign: We can promote your product or services via the mobile platform of text messaging, allowing our clients to reach customers instantly with special oers and promotions. Our radio shows average over 2,000 calls a month and every phone number is instantly added to our text messaging database. We also have lined up special Holiday Vacation Giveaways, where listeners can send a text in order to enter the sweepstakes, adding thousands of interested text subscribers.

    Press Release Campaign: X3Media can launch a monthly press release announcing your products and services. Each press release will contain key words and hyperlinks that will direct trac back to your website increasing your online footprint dramatically. The X3media advantage is that each release will be strategically structured in a format that aligns our clients product and services to Actor Stephen Baldwin, Kevin McCullough from Fox News and or Dani Johnson, instantly making it newsworthy content that will consistently get picked up by major media and news outlets.

    Online video and television commercials: X3Media can produce video commercials for all our advertisers and place them into the Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* web streamed radio show, Optimized in a way that will potentially reach thousandsif not tens of thousands of YouTube and Ustream viewers. Additional broadcast television placement is also available.

    Facebook & Twitter Campaign: Both Kevin McCullough & Stephen Baldwin will periodically mention our clients products or services on their Facebook and Twitter accounts promoting it to an audience of over 82,526 followers combined.

    E. Build Your Platform: X3Media will produce and market (from A to D) your very own radio or television program. This will include talent coaching by Kevin McCullough and access to all our production expertise, equipment, networks and sta to create your platform, as we have done successfully for Dani Johnson.

  • XtreMEDIAs National & Global Radio Network

    Nationally syndicated to over 600 radio stations

    XtreMEDIA has the capability to promote our clientsproducts or services close to 100% of the entire nation.

    Baldwin/McCullogh *Live* &The Kevin McCullough Show The Dani Johnson Show

    Airs on 36 radio stations in theU.S. and in the Caribbean

    Airs on 2 radio stations in the U.S.and 600 cable stations nationwide

    Hannah, Help Me!

    10 Million 46 Million

    Hannah, Help Me!State Coverage

    States covered by 3 radio shows

    States covered byall radio shows

    Baldwin/McCullogh *Live*Kevin McCullough ShowState Coverage

    Dani JohnsonState Coverage

    Global audiencevia web-streamingand podcasting

    Estimated Listening audience in the U.S. Estimated T.V. viewer audience