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WVEIS Summer Conference HQT. Randall Kirk, WVEIS Programmer Extraordinaire (Shawn L. Hawkins, Teacher Quality Coordinator June 23, 2011). Highly Qualified Teacher Data Report. Required by No Child Left Behind Data collected in spring semester Results issued in late spring/early summer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WVEIS Schedules: Important Issues for WVDE Reporting

WVEIS Summer Conference HQTRandall Kirk, WVEIS Programmer Extraordinaire(Shawn L. Hawkins, Teacher Quality CoordinatorJune 23, 2011)Please include my apologiesbut I was double booked 1Highly Qualified Teacher Data ReportRequired by No Child Left BehindData collected in spring semester Results issued in late spring/early summerBasics- By the end of the 2005-2006 school year, all teachers delivering instruction in the core academic subject areas must meet the NCLB definition of highly qualified teacher.Teachers must hold a bachelors degree or higher; meet certification requirements and; demonstrate subject matter competency.(WVBE Policy 5202)Nothing has changed, but would like to remind them that HQT is a federal requirement. My goals as always is to assist them to the best outcome for their schools and counties and for WV. We are above the national average for HQT, but with the changes we had to make this year and the teacher shortages, we may see some decline over the next few years.2What is the Process?Subject Matter CompetencyPassing the state competency test for which a state minimum score was established by the WVBE in the content area(s); ORHaving an academic major (Form 26 for special educators) or advanced credential(s) in the subject taught as defined in 126-136-4.4 and 126-136-4.6, respectively; ORHOUSSE (only an option after 2007-2008 school year for special education teachers).***May or may not continue to be available.Please remember that general education teacher MUST meet the competency by either Content exam or Academic majors. Only special education teachers may have the HOUSSE option. Please also note the HOUSSE option is available in the most limited fashion and only if entered manually at WVDE by Shawn 3Previous Years RecordsA teacher identified as highly qualified for a subject area in a previous year will have a record that follows them. Will NOT follow them if they change subject areasElem. teachers continue to schedule the sameIf scheduled for English, Reading & Math or Science, teacher will be rolled up into self-contained (unless various exceptionalities and grades.)A teachers employee number must align to their social security number, or they will show as not certified (STU.240 WVEIS File-at school level).

If assigned, but no students assigned to the course, course will not be reflected in the HQT data. Except: 8017 (special education collaborative courses and 3049 Title I Math and 4809Title I Reading.

Those teachers rolled up into self-contained will still be scheduled in master as various courses. (get this question a lot every year). Please recognize as elementary short-cut an go on.

4HOUSSE OptionScenario--

If a special education teacher has a classroom where he/she teaches more than one core subject, ANDis certified in the exceptionalities he/she is teaching, THENthe teacher may demonstrate subject matter competency in all other core subjects being taught using HOUSSE, IF he/she demonstrates or has demonstrated subject matter competency in science, English, or mathematics by passing the PRAXIS II, or by having an academic major or advanced credential.**This must be done manually at WVDE (Use Request Review).See WVBE Policy 5202

May give an example:Teacher A is teaching at the middle school (grade 7 and 8). She is assigned to teach history and math and was originally certified in 2001. She holds Multi-Cat K-12 and Elem. K-6. This is her first year in the special ed. classroom. She has 21 hours in social studies, but not in math. Can she be HQ? Yes. She must apply on the Form 26 for a content restricted endorsement. She will get a 78 certificate for Social studies and a 19 certificate for math. For HQ, you will enter academic major for both areas once the 19 and 78 certificates are issued. The teacher will permanently be eligible to be HQ for Social studies and will need to complete the 6 hours to renew the math or complete the 21 hours. Once a 78 is issued for math, they will be permanently HQ for math special ed. too.5SubstitutesIf you have to place a sub in a classroom:Continuously keep the position posted in hopes of finding a certified, highly qualified teacherPlace a long-term sub who holds the content area endorsementIf contents do not match, write a waiver request to Dr. Marple if in the classroom for more than 30 daysIf you MUST place a short-term sub try to match content with endorsementIf no match is possible, write a waiver immediately

This is crucial not only for HQbut for monitoring and audits. You will be asked for waiver requests and responses.6First-Class/Full-Time Permits & Out-of-Field AuthorizationsIf you have a permit or authorization holding teacher in a classroom:Will NOT be highly qualified (even ifPraxis II and 21 hoursMust be fully certifiedException: Title I Reading Teachers who are fully certified in Elementary K-6 or Multi-Subjects K-8 who are on permit or authorization for Reading/Reading Specialist AND have either the Praxis II 0011 for elementary or have been HOUSSEd for self-contained.

Please note if a Title I Reading (elementary) teacher does not have elementary or multi-subjects, they should not be assigned. Title II federal monitoring finding clarified this. Letters will be mailed this summer from WVDE to the counties identifying teachers who may have been employed that should not be in these classes. Options and alternatives will be included in the notification. 7Collaborative TeachersCorrect Collaborative WVEIS code 8011, 8013, 8015 & 8017 (use for special education)Title I teachers must use Title I course code 4809 or 3049Correct 6th digit exceptionality code Must click on the RED NEEDS ASSESSMENT for the not highly qualified message to not showWill reflect CollaborativeDO NOT place them on a schedule as a teacher of record for a class (Ex. 4003-T), if actually collaborative.

Use of WVEIS Course Code Manual. Also mention, most of this is for keeping data clean because if really collaborative and no students assigned, only the 8017s will reflect in HQT collection. 8Edit Reports: New for 2011Cannot correct from this screen, but helps identify possible correctable issues:SSN ProblemCourse Code ErrorPending ApplicationsNew Praxis ScoresThese are meant to help make the process easier. You must go into actual files to correctnot send the corrections to Shawn via a request for review. She can only see the data, not change it. Changes made to the master schedule and the STU.240 file will not be reflected until the collection has a schedule pull (every Friday during HQT collection). 9Collection ProcessHQT designation will be entered by content area instead of by the entire school list of NCLB core content areas teachers. This will allow you to divide the work and complete one content area before moving on to another. An entire school list will load during the Class Count Phase. Recommended that you print this as a record for HQT being completed in case you need it at the end of the year for school check-out.

Many people ask why are my librarian, PE and Health teachers not reflected. Not NCLB core content areas.

Also, if a teacher, special ed or not is not showing in the collection, most likely the issue is no students assigned. 10Collection ProcessInstructions to access the data collection web site:

Go to http://wveis.k12.wv.us.Select WVEIS Web Tab.On the left-hand side, select County, Highly Qualified.Log In with your WVEIS log in.Select HQ Check and then Select a School (County Administrators)You will select the specific school in the county you wish to review. Principals will only be able to view the school to which they are assigned.Select HQ 2011(on left-hand side).If you cannot make a selection due to an error or you are not certain how the teacher should be identified, , use Request for Review or on left-hand side select the content again, this will return you to the previous screen. DO NOT use the BACK arrow on the internet toolbar.

This is the same process for getting to the Compliance Preparation Tool11Technical Assistance using Request ReviewRequest a ReviewOnly after you have tried to figure out why a teacher is not HQTReview Credentials ButtonIs course coded correctlyIs the endorsement eligible to teach the courseIs the teacher fully certified (19, 21, 22 or 65 certificates) **Special exception for Reading SpecialistPraxis II for specific contentEligibility for Academic MajorEligibility for HOUSSEHow It WorksOnce you Request a ReviewYou will receive an e-mail that you sent a requestShawn Hawkins will review and respond ASAPYou will receive an e-mail when review is complete (indicating if request was eligible or ineligible)The Response will also appear on the Request for Review application

I received a lot of e-mails this year that I had not responded, but it was a copy of the request they had sentnot a completed request. Genrally the responses take 24-48 hours depending on the number of requests.13

14Last Phase of HQT Data Collection- Class ValuesOnce we have had a period of approximately 1 month for HQ collection (today through March 9th), we ask for Class Update Values (March 16th through April 8th). Teachers should only be identified for number of periods in one day.If scheduled with multiple exceptionalities in one class period, a proportional value should be submitted.

Example for Course Update ValuesScheduled for:7010- B (6 students)7010-J (1 student)7010-R (3 students)**But all three are really reflecting one period in the teachers day.**Take a proportion. These three should equal 1 class7010-B = .607010-J = .107010-R =.30

Once class values completed, NO teacher should have greater # of classes than what they teach in one day (periods).

Important (Tentative) HQ DatesSchedu