Would you like to live forever? Sanath Dasanayaka

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This is a highly motivational speech done by my self at the Speechcraft program of Toastmasters International at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Hope, you will find something significant on this document. This speech goes on to discuss about what you can do to enhance your personal lives. To do such a speech, I was inspired by reading Robin Sharma's several books. So, thank you very much Robin.

Transcript of Would you like to live forever? Sanath Dasanayaka

  • Would you like to live forever? By Sanath Dasanayaka Page 1 CC3 speech delivered by Sanath Dasanayaka at Toastmasters International Speechcraft Program at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka 2014 by Sanath Dasanayaka The writer of this takes no credits for the cited quotations.
  • Would you like to live forever? By Sanath Dasanayaka Page 2 Would you like to live forever? But, is it about living for 100 years on this Earth? Immortality doesnt come with the years you live for. Its all about living in minds and hearts of generations who follow you. Its the way to cheat your death. You are able to find your immortality through leading and showing up yourself. You can have a lasting impact on human lives by being a great champion at work or a great leader in your community. It is how, you can live forever. Greatness comes with the beginning of something that doesnt end with you. So, stop worrying about your death. Care more about your life. Care about what you create today and what contribution you will make today. Remember, There is no situation that is not transformable and there is no one who is helpless. Mel Gibsons character in Braveheart says, Every one of us die, but so few of us really live. So, find what you are living for and the higher purpose of your life. Remember people with great concepts, like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Are they really dead? They died. But concepts they created enlighten the world even today. They will never die since great concepts are immortal. Here, there are several tips for living forever. Do your part. What are you doing to make a new or a better world? Do not blame politicians or those who around you. Do not blame your parents and your background.
  • Would you like to live forever? By Sanath Dasanayaka Page 3 Blaming doesnt yield anything but disgust and terrible feelings. You are here for a reason. Then, do your part completely. It doesnt matter who you are and where you come from. All of us should do something for this world that is why all of us are unique. Mother Teresa said it better than I ever could. If each one of us cleans only our own doorstep the whole world would be clean. All great people have something in common. That is they do their part perfectly. Great scientist, Albert Einstein gave his fully contribution to the globe and Mahatma Gandhi won freedom for his nation. Then, what is your contribution? We all die. That is true. That is why we should make something unique for us. It is for people to remember us. Once a wise man said, Being the richest man in the cemetery doesnt matter to me...... going to bed saying we have done something wonderful..... That is matter to me. Be a real human. You can be Buddhist, Islam or Christian and you can be Sinhalese, Muslim, Tamil or British. But finally, we all are human beings. Remember, holiness is in right action. Goodness is in mind and heart. By what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man or not. So, be kind to people and be grateful to them. Do what is right. Not what is popular. People will remember you. Not all of them. But ones who know the value of what you are doing. Remember, Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the USA did what was right, not what was popular. He eradicated slavery and gave his nation rebirth. But he made thousands of enemies by doing what is right. They even tried to kill him several times. Failed. Finally, they murdered him. Does any one of you know the murderer of Abraham Lincoln? No one knows.
  • Would you like to live forever? By Sanath Dasanayaka Page 4 But, when we hear the name, Abraham Lincoln, we know who he was and what he did. Farther of a newly built nation. Hope, all of you know the story of William Wallace, a great hero who fought for the freedom of his nation from the British. When he was captured and executed by the British he shouted the word Freedom. That word was the root cause for a great boom in his nation against the British. Then, we do not live forever. But think of what you are going to leave in this world for people to remember us. If you create something unique, you will live in the hearts and minds of thousands forever.