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  1. 1. A movie review about the worst hollywood movie that you should not watch.
  2. 2. What do you call a woman with super power?
  3. 3. umm, let me guess Catwoman.
  4. 4. Halle berry is the name of the charachter catwoman. She used to work in a cosmetic company as a graphic designer.
  5. 5. She found out that the CEO of the company is playing with the lives of innocent people. They decided to kill her and they were successfull in their mission.
  6. 6. She gets the power of super cat and got birth again to fight against the people who killed her in the first.
  7. 7. Every movie has some points which makes it beautiful or worst to watch. Let me tell you some of the points and you might consider it as a worst movie as well.
  8. 8. In a scene, the character of the movie catwoman, would crave for the cat food. Do not forget here that she is also a woman not only a cat.
  9. 9. In a scene, where the catwoman is hit by a car from back.
  10. 10. Halle berry is considered as one of the finest actors in the hollywood industry but it is true that this role was not for her. Although the dress code of the catwoman was quite hot.
  11. 11. I believe i have covered some good points here that will help you to beleive this is a worst movie to watch. Incase if you are interested in the looks of Halle berry, GO WATCH IT
  12. 12. THANK YOU