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Transcript of Worship Pleasant Retreat UMC - Clover Allison Dr. Allison Thompson, Pastor allison@ :

  • By the time you receive this newsletter, you will have had nearly 7 days to process the terrible event at Sandy Hook Elementary School. You have probably wondered about the grieving families as you pondered their shock, terror, and overwhelming loss. Most of us undoubtedly asked the big “why” question, while a few of us have avoided that unanswerable dilemma altogether.

    Even in the midst of this horror, there is Christmas. We are called to face God on His own terms. God will not come to us on Fox or CNN. God will not be revealed through political opinions and agendas. Finally, please know that God will not, and does not, orchestrate public or private tragedy to get our attention, though we seem to insinuate that in our Christian world. Here is the point: in every instance, God comes to His people with His agenda. God’s agenda is now and will always be….love.

    As we prepare to light the 4th candle on our Advent wreath this Sunday, we must pay attention. Each year the 4th candle is always in recognition of the past, present, and future incarnation of God’s love for all of us. Love is the only clear and convincing force in our mixed up world. GOD IS LOVE.

    “The fullness of God’s timing has come upon us,” as our scripture pronounces. Look for the power, mystery, and most of all, the love of God is. Like a mother enthralled by the arrival of her newborn, we seek to be amazed that God is truly WITH us, Emmanuel. We treasure this fact by the way we live and love…….or not.

    An anonymous woman wrote:

    “If I decorate my house perfectly with plaid bows and strands of twinkling lights, but do not show love to my family, I am just another decorator.

    If I work in a soup kitchen, carol in a nursing home, and collect clothes for the needy, but do not love the people around me,

    I’m only a do-gooder and it profits me nothing. If I sing in the choir’s cantata but do not focus on Christ,

    I have missed the point. Love is kind, though harried and tired. Love doesn’t yell at the kids to get out

    of the way, but is thankful they are there. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,

    endures all things. Love never fails. Video games will break, pearl strands will get lost, and golf clubs will rust.

    But giving the gift of love will endure.”

    In Christ,

    Allison Dr. Allison Thompson, Pastor allison@pleasantretreat.org

    P le

    a s

    a n

    t R e tre

    a t U

    n ite

    d M

    e th

    o d

    is t C

    h u

    rc h

    S ta


    D r. A

    llis o

    n T

    h o m

    p s o

    n , P

    a s to


    O tis

    N a

    ro n

    , D ire

    c to

    r o f W

    o rs

    h ip

    a n

    d M

    u s ic

    M in

    is trie


    H illa

    ry P

    e e te

    , D ire

    c to

    r o f C

    h ild

    re n

    ’s a

    n d

    Y o

    u th

    M in

    is trie


    J a

    m i V

    a n

    W o rth

    , E x e

    c u tiv

    e A

    s s is

    ta n t

    J o

    h n

    n ie

    R u s s e

    ll, P ia

    n is


    R a

    n i W

    ile y , N

    u rs

    e ry

    C o

    o rd

    in a to


    C la

    rk S

    te e d , C

    u s to

    d ia


    C h

    u rc

    h O

    ffic e

    P h

    o n

    e : 9

    0 3

    -5 9 2 -7

    1 8 3

    P le

    a s a

    n tre

    tre a t.o


    O ffic

    e H

    o u

    rs : M

    o n

    -T h

    u r 8

    :3 0 -4

    :3 0


    ri-8 :3

    0 -1

    2 :0


    T ra

    d itio

    n a

    l W o rs

    h ip

    9 :0


    S u

    n d

    a y S

    c h

    o o

    l 1 0 :0


    X p

    e rie

    n c e W

    o rs

    h ip

    1 1 :1


    F o r p

    a s to

    ra l e

    m e rg

    e n c ie

    s , c

    a ll 9

    0 3 -5

    2 1 -3

    8 1 0 .

    December 19, 2012

    P leasan

    t R etreat U

    n ited

    M eth

    o d

    ist C h

    u rch

    4 1

    7 C

    R 1

    1 4


    Tyler, TX 7

    5 7

    0 4

    R etu

    rn Service R

    eq u


    N O

    N P

    R O

    FIT O R


    U .S. P

    O STA

    G E PA


    TYLER , TX

    P ER

    M IT N

    O . 6

    4 9

    Serm o

    n Series: fo

    r D ecem

    b er “Listen

    ” D

    ecem b

    er 2 3

    D ecem

    b er 30


    fo r Lo

    ve” “C ro

    ssin g O

    ver” G

    alati an

    s 4 :4

    -5 M

    att h

    ew 2

    :1 -2

    , 9 -1

    1 D

    r. A lliso

    n Th

    o m

    p so


    M r. an

    d M

    rs. R o

    n ald

    A lle


    1 0

    6 6

    4 Lake

    Sh o

    re D


    Tyle r, TX

    7 5

    7 0


    Pleasant Retreat UMC Growing In Our Faith and Making Disciples for Christ


    Do you need some emergency Christmas help? The youth will help you wrap your Christmas gifts next Sunday, December 23rd. It is $2 per gift if you bring your own boxes/wrapping paper and $3 per gift if you use wrapping paper provided by the church.

    Drop off your gifts in the Family Life Center and pick them up before you leave. It’s so easy to get your last minute wrapping done and help the youth raise funds for camps.

    If you have any questions, please contact Hillary Peete at Hillary@pleasantretreat.org or 903-592-7183 ext. 108.

    Sign up! Acolytes – if you are not currently an acolyte and would like to participate, please let Hillary know. We are making the schedule for January-June.

    Big House camp – This is for youth 6-th-8th grade. The deadline is December 31! Our camp is June 13-16 in Dallas.

    Confirmation Retreat – Any PRUMC youth who have not yet been confirmed are encouraged to attend camp at Lakeview February 1-3. A 6 week confirmation class will follow. Registration deadline is January 15.

    Worship Five Words of Worship: Maranatha; Amen

    This is our final look at what author Chuck Fromm calls; “The Five Words of Worship”.

    "The rich meaning of the word Maranatha can be translated as both "Our Lord Has Come" and as “Our Lord, Come". It conveys and encompasses a sense of waiting, a sense of hope and of warning.” It expresses our ongoing experience of the expectation of the coming Savior and His coming kingdom. "All senses of Maranatha ... speak to both the incarnation of Christ and of His presence with His people through the Holy Spirit."

    In Genesis 15:5-6, God says to Abraham, “Look towards the heavens and see if you can count the stars there. That’s how many descendants you're going to have. And Abraham believed the Lord”. The word “believe” here in the original Hebrew is “AMAN” from which we get the English word Amen which means “I believe that it will be so.” So when God told Abraham that his descendants would be like the stars of heaven, Abraham proclaimed, “Amen! I believe it will be so.” And it was fulfilled.

    The word Amen can so easily slip into mere lip-service being reduced to a ritual closing of a prayer. "Amen” is so much more than the period at the end of a sentence. John reveals Jesus as the "Amen of heaven" (Rev. 3:14) and “Jesus reinterpreted Amen to mean Himself and His finished work." The next time we finish a prayer, let us remember it is a reflection that our belief is like that of Abrahams and may we too proclaim, “Amen! I believe it will be so”!

    So far, the Mayan calendar has been wrong, so keep coming to church this year and the next and… Otis@pleasantretreat.org

  • Current and Continuing Prayer Concerns Doug and Oretha Green, Ryann Warner, George Lemmert Jr., Kathy Sheridan, Orvice Rozell, K.C. Smith, John Hall, Judy Naleid, Billie Sue Magouirk, Scott Bull, Janice Bristow, William Holt, Cloetis Vickery, Velma Cade, Ricky Holt, Nancy Senning, Thelma Jones, David Jones, JoAnn Potter, Melinda Tournage, Tricia Lynch, Bob Moore, Steve Suggs, Edith Fritzsche, Bhrianna Baxter

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