World Sucks!

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World Sucks and you knowit!

Transcript of World Sucks!

  • 1. @forfundorg
  • 2. To makeit lesssucks
  • 3. we need hands,like yours.
  • 4. Especially, these hands, since this world will become theirs.
  • 5. We need lot of GOOD young dudes.
  • 6. But wait
  • 7. change the world with no money never happened!
  • 8. WhatYou cant save the world?
  • 9. fine!Support us then.
  • 10. US? Fundraise foryouth in Thailand to serve the emerging needs.
  • 11. We dream to train and partner with youth to establish cool fundraising events.Like...
  • 12. WhyThailand?
  • 13. Coz We are the Champion? 1. Thailand has been cited as a no.1 country in Asia with the highest rate of teen fertility. 2. No.3 in Asia with mind-blowing rate of youth game and internet chat addicts. & no.1 in the world with the most Camfrog users.3.No.3 in Asia with spectacularly high rate of Aids patients.> 40% are youths.( oh Yeah. 1# and 2# are China and India