Working together at all levels: A look at successful implementation of online collaboration

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Describes the partnership between ELI and Virginia Tech's adult education department to implement an online course focusing on ELI faculty professional development needs, and how it changed our practice in three anatomy & physiology courses.

Transcript of Working together at all levels: A look at successful implementation of online collaboration


Working together at all levels: A Look at Successful Implementation of Online Collaboration EXTENDED LEARNING INSTITUTEPat DaronBob LoserCindy MillerKim MontiRebecca Wright

OverviewProfessional development need and partnership with VA TechVA Tech Course Facilitating Online Collaboration for Adult LearnersTangible results Enhancement of online courses in anatomy and physiology

Project Origin ELI organizational development needsIncrease student interactionEngage students indeeper learning VA Tech ALHRD program outreachEXTENDED LEARNING INSTITUTE

NOVA-VA Tech PartnershipNew VA Tech graduate courseFocus on ELI needsStudents from ELI andVA TechTuition assistance by NOVAEXTENDED LEARNING INSTITUTE

Facilitating Online Collaboration for Adult LearnersOnline courseModeled objectives of the course through the facilitation of the courseOnline discussions with facilitators guiding interactionGroup projectsInvestigating online collaborative toolDiscipline related project

GamersVersusTraditional LearnersDIGITAL DIVIDE

LEARNING STYLE ASSESSMENTSelf-assessment: Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic/Tactile learner?

Why Collaborate?Increase connections toReduce the potential for learner isolationIncrease retention of students in courseExtend and deepen student learning experience

Background on Adult LearningAndragogy Adults enter an educational context when they are ready to learnAdults are in control of their learningMeaning making" is transformed during learning process.Critical reflection is importantLearning to learn (metacognition) is essential for adult development

Background on Adult LearningConstructivismActive learning and knowledge construction based on prior knowledgeReal-world problem solvingInteracting with other learners and teachers/facilitators

Learner-Centered Online LearningLearner-centered versus teacher-directedDeveloping online learning communitiesCollaboration guidelinesFacilitation of learner-centered online courses

Needs ELI A&P CoursesLow Success Rates in NAS 150 and NAS 161-16235-52% A, B, COur own observationsPoor self-pacingNo Teachable MomentCourse is weak at the top of Blooms TaxonomyELI is strongly encouraging the adoption of collaborative practices in all online courses

Theory into Practice ELI A&P CoursesGoals of todays presentation by A&P facultyDesign How TosTheoryExamples of student work

Collaboration in NAS 150Most fundamental A&P courseContent heavy courseTwo considerations about adding collaborationNo significant addition of informationGoalsImprove student performanceAssiststudentsin making connections with each other

Collaborative ActivitiesThree collaborative activities:Self-Reflection papers on studying for exams (students grouped according to results of Learning Styles Assessment)Experience sharing of chosen medical problemReflection of a memorable medical experience while working in a health field

What is the Self-Reflection Paper?Critically evaluates material studied for each exam Extends knowledge beyond course materialIdentifies strategies used to learn difficult concepts Study aids that helped?Previous knowledge or experience that assisted?


An Example - AVisual Learner'sReflectionShebelieves she has noprevious knowledge about musclesand develops a strategy for learning them:Ilooked at thechapter on musclesand confirmed thatI am totally clueless about them.Then Ilooked at the 2 figures in the coloring book withnumbered arrows pointing to each muscle. There was not one muscle that I had ever heard of. I didn't panic like I did in the first chapter when everything was new because I was pretty surprised at how fast I was able to learnchapter 1once I set my mind to it and it was actually fun learning new stuff.As I was looking at the figuresfrom a front and back view it hit me that I have a very close friend who is a body builder so I called him and left him a message asking himif there was any quick way to learn this. He called me back and told metocome to his gym and he would help me.

An Example - AVisual Learner'sReflection (continued)"I began to become secure in the fact that I could learn this!"I took the pictures of the muscleson the front and back of the bodyin the coloring book to the gym with me.My friend's body is very muscular so it was easy to see the individual muscles that I needed to learn. So we went over each muscle in the picture andwe found themon his body and then I tried to picture where each one was on me even though they weren'tprominent. Some were more obvious on his body than in the pictures and I started seeing familiar terms in the new wordsbecause I had already learned regions of the body and bones - like the gluteus maximus muscle was in the gluteal region, pectoralis major musclewas in the pectoral region; the biceps brachii muscle was in the brachium; the tibialis anterior musclecovered the bone called the tibia; frontalis musclewas in thefrontal region, etc. I began to become secure in the fact that I could learn this!

An Example - AVisual Learner'sReflection (continued)Then he took me to his stretch class. Thetrainer of the classknew a lot about muscles and aswe allstretched,he would point out exercises for the triceps, biceps,rhomboids, adductors, glutes, etc. That was very helpful because It gave me more of an idea of how to apply the names to actual muscle actions.

She uses personal and novel ways to reinforce her learning:As I was leaving the gym we had to go through the room with the exercise machine. I noticed that there was illustrations on each machine that showed how to use each machine, what specific muscles were being exercised, and a picture of where the muscle was located on the body. After going home and learning as much as I could, I came back to the gym and checked the machines for information that seemed more difficult.

Making Self-Reflections More Meaningful Have students perform learning styles assessment and post resultsGroupstudents based on results Provide specific tipson how to study based on the resultsProvide rubric

Why Do An Experience-Sharing Paper?Adult learners are motivated if they can relate knowledge to their lives.Real life stories come alive Helps in retentionDeepens knowledge


An Example - A Student's Experience SharingSheshares her experience -

It was around 2:00 in the morning when mysister. Hosay,went in to her third childs bedroom to check up on her. Her nanny slept on the bed across her 8 month old daughter and all seemed quite and peaceful. Too peaceful she thought. She made her way to her infant daughters crib and noticed that she was lying on her stomach and was unusually still. She decided to turn her on her back and as she was doing all this, it became clear that her daughter was not breathing and she was very cold and discolored. She checked her pulse and put a hand over her mouth, but nothing. Hosay's legs started to feel incredibly week and shaky and panic and terror struck in. Yelling and crying loudly, she woke up the nanny who was in the room, and her husband came in from the master bedroom, all very shaken with anticipation of what was causing all the commotion. They all found out what had happened but it was all too late. Little Rihanna was gone. This is the story of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and it hashit my sisterso I that is how I got to know about it. It is heartbreaking when something like this happens, but when you know the person it is even more difficult.

An Example - A Student's Experience Sharing (continued)She deepens her own knowledge and that of her readers -There are clearly no warning signs and it happens without anyone suspecting it, whichmakes it all the scarier. Signs and symptoms include apnea (stopped breathing), change in color (typically pale or blue/gray). If SIDS has occurred then it is clearly too late, as the child is already dead. However, there are ways to minimize the risk of an infant from dying in this very unnecessary and preventable way. Here are ways to reduce risk: firm mattress, clear area of clutter (i.e. stuffed animals, blankets, etc.), control room temperature, don't over-swaddle, avoid smoking, drinking, and drugs during pregnancy, prenatal care should be high quality, regular check-ups for infant, breastfeed, use a pacifier for sleeping, infant should sleep in own crib/bassinette and in same room as parents, most of all, don't put infant on stomach while sleeping.

An Example - A Student's Experience Sharing (continued)Another studentrelates the knowledge to her life

Personally, this medical problem is all new to me and has really had an impact! Right now I am pregnant. It makes me worried that it could happen to my baby. It also makes me want to more activelysearch for preventative measures so that I can educate myself and my husband. Everyone needs to know about this very serious issue and not just parents or expecting parents. One day you may need to babysit a niece/nephew or a friends child and must know all that can be done so that all will go well. My friend tells me you can buy contraptions that prevent the baby from turning over and lying on its stomach

Reflection & Experience Sharing

An example: reflection & experience sharingIts a Boy!About 10 months ago while doing clinical rotations in Fair Oaks Hospital I had the privilege to assist in the delivery of a baby in the Labor and Delivery Section of the hospital. I have selected this event specifically because up until that time it was my first time viewing a live natural delivery. I thought it was incredibly fascinating witnessing a child being delivered from a mother. Not only was the delivery in