Working On Australias Largest CSG to LNG Project

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An overview of Australia\’s biggest CSG - LNG proejct. Australia Pacific LNG. Skilled E&P professional with relevant onshore development experience? Get in touch with me today!

Transcript of Working On Australias Largest CSG to LNG Project

  • 1. Working on Australias largest CSG to LNG projectThe Australia Pacific LNG ProjectOrigin Energy People & Culture Queensland Team| March 2012

2. Where were located our team & projectWe are here 3. Our Oil and gas operations in Queensland Our Oil & Gas operations are predominantly in the State of Queensland Queensland is almost seven times the size of England Queenslands coastline spans almost 7,000 km Queensland offers a relaxed lifestyle and about 300 days of sunshine a year 4. So, what is the largest CSG to LNG project in Australia?The Australia Pacific LNG Project is a joint venture between industry leaders in the fields of coal seamgas and liquefied natural gas production Origin (37.5%), ConocoPhillips (37.5%) and Sinopec (25%)*37.5%25%37.5% Upstream PipelineLNG Facility LNG Marketing Operated by OriginOperated by OriginOperated by ConocoPhillipsTop Tier Asia -Pacific CSG permits cover around530 km (310 miles ) Located on Curtis Island incustomers targeted for36,000 km 2 main pipeline systemthe Port of Gladstonelong -term salesfrom CSG fields to LNG agreements 2P reserves11,775PJ@6/11 Initial focus on first two 4.5facility (42/36/30)mtpa trains Sinopec China Largest CSG Producer in 200 km (120 miles) High established asAustralia representingPressure Gas Network ConocoPhillips Optimizedfoundation buyer forabout 40% of Queenslands Cascade technology LNG 25 Feb 2011 -20 60 km waterexisting natural gas year termtransmission pipelinesrequirements 5. Australia Pacific LNG CSG permits 6. Our Project close up Three key project components: Our CSG permits cover about 36,000 km2 Our main gas transmission pipeline will be 530km long The LNG facility will be state of the art using ConocoPhillips optimised cascade technology 7. Lets look at the project in motion... bES2g&feature=player_embedded 8. Origin Energy and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Weve been operating in Queensland for 30 years Origin Energy has been producing coal seam gas in Queenslandfor the past 15 yearsToday, CSG provides 90% of Queenslands gas needs and15% of the states electricity generation Origin Energy provides over 40%of Australias CSG needs makingit the largest CSG provider in Australia 9. Working closely with communities The amount of land used by a CSG wellhead is small ...about half the size of a netball courtWe work closely with landowners and farmers to ensure minimal disturbance toproperty, lifestyle, animals and crops as a result of our operations 10. Why youd want to work for Origin Energy Australias largest integrated energy company Strong focus on ensuring sustainability of our operations Invest significantly in renewable energy technologies including geothermal,wind, hydro electric and solar Provide access to a wide range of opportunities from exploration andproduction through to generation and energy retailing Have operations in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Africa, SouthAmerica and Asia Origin Foundation invests the proceeds of Origins $50 million donation in arange of philanthropic activities in the broad area of education and training Believe in the power of education in making a sustainable difference to thelives of individuals and communities 11. Origins areas of operation globally 12. Origin Energy ...Is already the largest producer of CSG in AustraliaWill supply both domestic CSG and overseas LNG needsIs helping create a new, long-term gas processing and export industry for QueenslandCreating around 6,000 jobs throughout the life of the ProjectIs the only true integrated energy company in AustraliaHas more than 5,200 employeesIs an ASX Top 20 company by market capitalisationHas 150,000+ shareholdersHas 52.8% interest in Contact Energy in New ZealandHas 4.5 million Gas, electricity and LPG customers across AustraliaIs the market leading green energy retailerHas 5,310 MW owner or contracted generation capacityHas 3,000 MW total wind development portfolio 13. Generation and renewable energy sourcesOrigin Energy is the largest owner and developer ofgas-fired power generation in Australia.We invest significantly in renewable energy sourcesOrigin continues to pursue the development of longer-term renewable energy solutionsincluding geothermal, hydro and solar photovoltaic energy 14. RetailingOrigin is Australias largest gas and electricity retailer, supplying energy to more than 4.5 million customers Our product and service offerings includeelectricity, natural gas, LPG and a variety ofenergy-related products and services 15. Were currently looking for talent to fill criticalroles including... Construction Superintendents Project Controls Lead Commissioning Lead Water Treatment Facilities Commissioning Lead PCU (Pre Commissioning Unit) Pipeline Operations Field Supervisors LNG Project Delivery Expert Development Manager/Project Director Drilling and Completions Engineers Drilling and Completions Managers Drilling and Completions Superintendent Drilling Advisor Geophysicists Development Geologists Exploration Geologists 16. How to apply Come and speak to one of use here at the UK job expos Take one of our contact cards which include details on how to apply Visit our website at