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  • Authentic texts model the grammar

    Sequenced activities focus on specific

    aspects of grammar

    Grammar Rules!

    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

    This award-winning series aligns with the Australian Curriculum: English, and the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

    Ages 58

    Ages 812+

    Students put their new grammatical knowledge into practice in their

    own writing

    Grammar focus or language function highlighted

    Grammar Rules!

    Interactive Games PackYears 16

    Eight interactive games at six different levels a total of 48 different games!

    Aligning with the Australian Curriculum: English, each game offers fun opportunities for practice and revision.

    Over 8000 questions and options provided!

    A full site licence is included.

    Grammar Rules!

    Digital PacksYears 16

    All workbooks are available in digital format on CD to support teaching on your IWB.

    The CDs include:

    teaching ideas for using every unit on the IWB

    editable text models and searchable rules

    answers, checklist and glossary.

    Teacher Resource BooksThese powerful books are packed with:

    strategies for teaching grammar grammar games and activities assessment strategies teaching ideas and answers for every unit.

    Also available:Grammar Rules! Wall Charts on Macmillan echarts: English Mega CD9781420296365




    The clear scope and sequence:

    integrates Language, Literature and Literacy and connects key grammar knowledge to the purpose of different texts covers listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing.

    Each workbook includes:

    a pull-out writing log, ideal for writing conferences and assessment a glossary and index of grammar metalanguage cumulative revision.

    Covers all grammatical knowledge

    of the Curriculum

    For more information on Grammar Rules!

    SAVE by purchasing the 6 CD Digital Set. A full site licence is included.


    Spelling Rules!

    These stimulating workbooks help develop strategies that students can use to become independent and confident spellers.

    Aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, the workbooks explicitly develop the different kinds of spelling knowledge:

    Kinaesthetic Phonological Visual Morphemic Etymological

    Year 1Foundation Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

    This best-selling series teaches how spelling works.

    Allows for differentiation

    Phonemic approach covered in every unit

    Spelling Rules!

    Digital PacksGreat for Teaching!

    All workbooks are available in digital format on CD to support teaching on your IWB.

    The CDs include:

    teaching ideas for using every unit on the IWB

    differentiated wordlists in an editable format

    searchable rules and tips.

    Teacher Resource BooksPacked with flexible resources to add to the program and enable differentiation:

    teaching ideas for every unit guidelines for assessing spelling and diagnosing spelling errors activities to support struggling spellers extension for more able spellers extra wordlists.

    Spelling Rules







    Cumulative revision units

    Understand the word(morphemic

    and etymological knowledge) Look at the word

    (visual knowledge)

    Practise the word(kinaesthetic knowledge)

    Ages 58

    Ages 812+

    Listen to the word

    (phonological knowledge)

    For more information on Spelling Rules!

    SAVE by purchasing the 7 CD Digital Set. A full site licence is included.

  • Develop fluent, legible handwriting while integrating English!

    Handwriting Rules! is the only series to integrate handwriting skills with grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and literary elements.

    Make handwriting fun, relevant and successful for all students!

    Carefully structured layouts and humorous illustrations by Stephen Michael King engage students interest.

    Multisensory and cognitive approaches are combined to embed handwriting in the motor memory.

    Tear-off alphabet desk strip on back cover of book F/K

    Student Books for Years F/K to 4


    Handwriting Rules

    Handwriting Rules!

    Fun picture and phonic chant

    Patter phrases to support auditory


    Rhythmic patterns to develop fine motor control

    Handwriting Rules!

    Teacher SupportCDs packed with resources for teaching, assessing and differentiation.

    CD features:

    viewable charts to warm up and get ready to write

    animations to model the correct formation of letters, numerals and joins

    digital tracking or tracing activities to embed the movement in students motor memory

    hundreds of printable resources including a teaching guide, checklists and certificates.

    NSW Year 1 NSW Year K


    New South Wales

    NSW Foundation S


    VIC Modern Cursive


    QLD Beginners Alp

    habet & Modern Cur

    sive Style

    9781458650917 9781458650924


    Focus letter modelled

    Notes for teacher


    Start dots anddirectional arrows

    Creature models correct placement of letter in the

    head, body and tail lines

    Warm-up pattern Links to literary


    QR codes link to animations of letters or joins







  • Using the handwriting style for the relevant state, each letter of the alphabet has its own page for students to paste or draw things beginning with that letter.

    A writing practice page reinforces correct letter formation and teaching notes are provided.

    My Alphabet Scrapbook

    NSW QueenslandVictoria Victoria A Victoria B NSW A NSW B Queensland A Queensland B

    My Macquarie Word BookThis first word book includes the most common high-frequency words and allows students to record new and interesting words from their writing activities.

    Each book uses the relevant state-based handwriting style.

    NSW QueenslandVictoria

    My Sounds Scrapbook Books A and B

    These scrapbooks help young students develop phonemic awareness and explore sound/symbol relationships (graphophonics).

    Book A explores short vowels and Book B focuses on consonant blends and digraphs.

    Fun artillustrates nouns and a verb for each letter


    Mac Write for VictoriaAn innovative and enjoyable way to learnthe skills of handwriting

    Exercises at the earlier levels aim to develop studentsfine-motor skills and teach correct letter formation and fluency. The higher levels concentrate on fluency, speed and accuracy.

    Features and benefits include: practical teaching notes with assessment worksheets visual prompts for starting points, directions, touch joins and pen lifts specific instructions on joining techniques extension activities.

    Prep/Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

    Market Leading Writ

    ing Books

  • Each unit has 6 sets of questions one each day and one for homework

    Aligning with all strands in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, these practical workbooks purposefully and systematically teach mental computation skills.

    Each book contains 32 units, and each unit concentrates on a specific skill or concept.

    Year 3 Book A

    Year 4 Book B

    Year 5 Book C

    Year 6 Book D

    Building a strong foundation in mental maths

    These best-selling scrapbooks help students learn and explore cardinal and ordinal numbers 020 through counting, comparing and ordering combinations of numbers.

    Macmillan Australian Student Thesaurus, 2nd Edition. MiddleUpper PrimaryA comprehensive reference tool for students aged 1015 years. It has been specifically written as an aid for Australian students as they explore their language and develop their own language skills.

    The Macmillan Australian Student Thesaurus is a companion volume to the Macmillan Australian Student Dictionary. Includes:

    NSW QueenslandVictoria

    Scrapbook Numbe


    My Number Scrapbook Mighty Mentals

    Each unit has 6 sets of questions

    one each day and one for homework

    Macmillan Australian Primary Dictionary, 2nd Edition. LowerMiddle PrimaryNew edition includes updates to 356 entries, covering additions, changes and corrections. The ideal dictionary for students aged 610 years.


    A U S T R A L I A N

    P R I M A R Y




    A U S T R A L I A N

    F O R S T U D E N T S A G E D 1 0 T O 1 5 Y E A R S

    S T U D E N T


    Macmillan Primary Atlas LowerMiddle Primary

    Mapping Australia and the world!

    This outstanding atlas provides simple, large maps designed to introduce students to: the geography of Australia Australias states and territories

    Australias place in the world.

    Macmillan Global Atlas, 4th Edition Upper Primary

    Using a clear and striking design, this atlas features a wealth of information including: over 300 easy-to-read maps stunning photos and satellite images 30 engaging themes allowing students to explore

    important issues and events. Digital