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This was my presentation slide at a seminar by WordPressian group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wordpressians/ http://codebangla.com

Transcript of WordPress Theme & Plugin i18n & L10n

  • 1. By Md. Sajedul Haque Romi Email: romi@codebangla.com

2. Understanding Internationalization & localization Tools for localization Implementation localization in WP themes Implementation localization in WP plugins 3. Internationalization is the process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes. 4. Localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale- specific components and translating text. 5. WordPress uses the gettext libraries and tools for i18n. In WordPress, you should use the __() wordpress-defined PHP gettext- compliant translation function. 6. There are three types of files used in the gettext translation framework. POT (Portable Object Template) files PO (Portable Object) files MO (Machine Object) files 7. In your theme or plugin PHP files, write codes in the following way. __('message') passes the translation to the PHP return statement. _e('message') passes the translation to the PHP echo statement. Example: Domain: Unique identifier for retrieving translated strings 8. Load a text domain Process text messages with WordPress functions Extract these messages with the appropriate software Provide a translation for each message Create a language file for a particular locale Instruct WordPress to enable localization and to load the language file 9. For Theme: In wp-content/themes/Test-Theme/functions.php For Plugin: In wp-content/plugins/Test-Plugin/index.php 10. echo "Hello user"; _e("Hello user","mytheme"); the_content( "Read more" ); the_content( __("Read more","mytheme") ); 11. Sometimes, a text message includes dynamic data, such as a number from a PHP variable. In this case, we use the sprintf() function to produce the final message string: $results_found = 12; $message = sprintf( __("%s results found" , "mytheme") , $results_found ); 12. WordPress provides a function for singular and plural translation of the same text message called _n(): _n( $single, $plural, $number, $domain ); 13. Though the _n() is a built in WordPress function, using it is discouraged because the translation software parses only the first parameter of a function, and so these two text messages would not be fetched. Instead, we can use the PHP if statement: if($results_found == 1) $message = __("1 result found" , "my-text- domain"); else $message = sprintf( __("%s results found" , "my- text-domain") , $results_found ); 14. WordPress provides date_i18n() to translate dates. Example: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/date_i18n Bangla date translation http://tareq.wedevs.com/2010/09/translate-wordpress-date-time-comment-number-to-bangla-digit/ 15. _x() _ex() _nx() _n() esc_html() esc_attr() esc_attr__() esc_attr_e() esc_js() esc_textarea() esc_url() 16. Poedit GlotPress GNU gettext Among them, Poedit is widely used for WordPress I18n & l10n. So we will be focused on Poedit translation method. 17. Go to File>New Catalog 18. Click ok, if you add the path correctly, you should see something like this 19. Save the file as .pot ( not default.po) For theme ex: languages/test-theme.pot For plugin ex: languages/test-plugin.pot Then in Poedit, go to File>New catalog from POT file you will see your template for translation 20. Some thing like this 21. See the Source text box Add your translated phrase in Translation box 22. When you are done adding your translated phrases, save the file in the WordPress theme as en_US.po or your language code .po file like bn_BD.po For plugin must save your-plugin-en_US.po Ex: test-plugin-bn_BD.po When you save the .po file a .mo file will be generated. 23. Open wp-config.php file search for define('WPLANG Add your lanuage code and save it 24. Congratulation! You have successfully finished your WordPress Theme & Plugin Translations. 25. Reference: http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/2011/12/29/internationalizing- localizing-wordpress-theme/ 26. Md. Sajedul Haque Romi Founder & CEO CodeBANGLA Email: romi@codebangla.com