WordPress SEO - RankPay SEO ?? Our Core Tweaks plugin does *not* replace SEO plugins ... WordPress...

download WordPress SEO - RankPay SEO  ?? Our Core Tweaks plugin does *not* replace SEO plugins ... WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk ... – Try to hard code everything

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Transcript of WordPress SEO - RankPay SEO ?? Our Core Tweaks plugin does *not* replace SEO plugins ... WordPress...

  • WordPress SEO

    Presented by:

    Scott Hendison

  • About Me

    Began marketing (selling software) online in 1999, and

    turned full time internet marketer in 2004.

    Discovered WordPress in July 2005, and since then

    developed over 500 WP sites for clients and ourselves.

    Developed 5 unique niche WordPress plugins

    In 2007, I began SEO Automatic, now with nearly 3000

    members worldwide

    A founding board member of SEMpdx and damn happy

    to be doing this stuff for a living...

  • Setting Up WordPress

    There are dozens of steps for WP setup after install

    Most people work off a checklist, taking about 20 min.

    Im inherently lazy so I had a plugin developed, that I

    called Core Tweaks

    Our Core Tweaks plugin does *not* replace SEO plugins

    As features get added to others, we remove them

  • WordPress Core Tweaks


  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

  • WordPress Core Tweaks

    It does what youre going to do anyway, and its free!


  • Now What?

    WP is setup and settings > privacy is still protected

    Content is in place

    Time for an SEO plugin?

    There are over a dozen, and All-in-One SEO is #1 used

    However, I prefer Joost de Valks WordPress SEO

    (* Says me)

  • Joost was a WP developer and practicing SEO,

    who saw a need in the community, and filled it

    better* than anyone else has so far.

    (* Says me)

  • Released in early 2011

  • New SEO Menu - Dashboard

  • Titles

  • Titles

  • Titles

  • Import & Export

  • Titles

  • Titles

  • Titles

  • Indexation

  • Indexation

  • Indexation

  • Indexation

  • XML Sitemaps

  • This is slightly out of the norm

    Joosts file is named /sitemap_index.xml

    Delete your old sitemap from Google WMT

    Add the new sitemap_index.xml to GWMT

    XML Sitemaps

  • Permalinks

  • Internal Links

  • RSS HIGHLY recommended!

  • Import & Export

  • Edit Files Option

  • Page & Post Specific Settings

    Options are below each edit box

    The default setup only does so much

    Titles, descriptions and kws can be fine-tuned

    Full on page analysis tab available

    Advanced options, like noindex, nofollow, etc.

  • Edit Screens

  • Edit Screens

  • Edit Screens

  • Edit Screens

  • Edit Screens

  • Category SEO Settings!

  • Learn More:

    ThemeLab.com simple wp_head code explanations

    Yoast explains FB Open Graph Protocol

    Yoast explains rel=author


  • WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk

    Try it

    Easy Import from All in One or Headspace

    There is no correct answer or setting for every site

    Dont forget to reset Google WMT Sitemap and delete old

    Remember to set custom category descriptions too

  • Now what?

  • Three related topics...

    Speed - Going on two years now since the announcement

    Security You will be hacked - maybe already have been?

    Backups Think your webhost has you covered?

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Brand new site should be set up correctly

    Caching, compression and 27 other factors are


    A couple of plugins wont cure 100% but its a good


    For an existing site, test w/ Google Page Speed


  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Google Page Speed test

    Read about all 29 here

    Ill only address:



    Minimizing DNS requests


  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Caching Stop forcing people to download every image

    on every page every time.

    Compression Like right click > send to > compress any

    file or folder on your computer. Smaller file = faster

    (and STOP using high resolution images)

    Minimize DNS calls - A DNS call is any call to another

    domain - umpteen different scripts, image calls etc.

  • Speed Matters for SEO

  • Speed Matters for SEO

  • Speed Matters for SEO

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Caching and compression via W3 or any other

    performance plugins can often lead to issues

    Caching & performance plugins are often turned off when

    working on a site.

    Be sure to test shopping carts, forms and the user

    experience in general after activating to ensure

    functionality for end users

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Minimize DNS calls

    A DNS call is any call to another domain

    Facebook, Google+, feeds etc all slow you down

    Many "Badges" contain images too, and you can see them

    EASILY in the code that you copy paste into WP widgets.

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Highlight / copy the source srs= URL between the quotes

    Paste into browser tab

    Right click the lone image and save as

    Navigate to WP Admin Media and upload

    Highlight/copy the URL before saving

    Paste that into the still highlighted widget code

    This ON PAGE SEO takes almost no time, and works for

    advertisements, profile codes, affiliate banners, etc

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Plugin Mayhem

    Most Experts Agree

    Plugins slow you down

    Use only those that you absolutely need

    When you need a function, program it

    Try to hard code everything

    Edit the WP core files

    Edit your theme

    Use hooks to make things happen

    I agree, and thats why I only use about 40 ;)

  • Speed Matters for SEO

    Plugin Mayhem

    I personally LIKE using plugins, because of the continuous

    evolution, community, flexibility, innovation and ease.

    Delete or at LEAST upgrade all unused plugins. They are

    a security issue AND slow you down, especially in Admin

    Keep all plugins updated. Plugins that go for 6 momnths

    or more w/ no undates had better be scrutenized i.e.

    check the reviews, ratings problems and developer site.

    Plugins abandoned by the dev should be replaced

  • Aside from speed...

  • Security

    WP is a target, like Windows

    Backing up your WP database is nice, but not enough.

    You Need all of your theme files

    You need all of your /uploads (WP media)

    A restoration will NOT, in most cases, fix a hack entirely

  • Backups

    We run automated database backups weekly

    We run a backup plugin combined with AWS

    We run ManageWP.com

  • Backups

    We run automated database backups weekly,

    sending to Gmail with filter / label

  • Backups

    We also run a Automatic WordPress Backup

    Uses Amazon Web Services


  • Backups

    Easy restoration assuming you can get in ;)

  • Backups

  • Backups

  • Backups

    But sometimes you cant get in to your

    WP, and thats when we use WP Twin.


  • Backups

  • Backup Buddy


  • The bad news...

  • Restoration will not* fix a hack!

    Restored backups dont ERASE rogue files!

    Often a hack is not just edits, its ADDITIONS files/folders

    You have to KNOW when something happens

    Not from Google and not from a customer

    You need to know what changed, exactly when & how

    Use your own warning system

    WP File Monitor Plus Plugin

    * usually


  • Security

    WP File Monitor Plus


  • Security

  • Security

    Generates cool emails like this

  • Security

    Looks like a folder was added

    FTP / Looking at the index.php file I see

    this encoded crap going on for 2 feet!

  • Security

    How do you fix it? What were the changed files? Restore em.

    What are the added files / folders? Delete em.

    Unfixable? Never, with a good backup / restore process

    How was I hacked? Examine server logs Tedious process 1000s of lines of code

    Online tools are available for more frequent needs

    Having the time / date from the warning email made it

    easy for me to spot the behavior, and just go to the

    server and delete the old ftp account

  • Am I out of time yet?

  • Thank You

    My own WordPre