Wondrous Strange Movie For Theme[1]

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Wondrous Strange Friends last a while, Love lasts forever....

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This is a ppt made by one of my students to show the main theme of her book.

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  • 1. Wondrous Strange Friends last a while, Love lasts forever....

2. It was love at first sight... 3. You are the reason Im living... 4. You are the only thing in the world that matters to me... 5. You were like a blue light flashing through everything else... 6. My mysterious stranger... 7. Everyday I dream about her... That lovely face... Her soft flowing hair... 8. He fills my heart as if writing on paper... 9. From the moment I met you I couldnt get you out of my mind, and when I did you just kept on coming back like fog on a window in the window... 10. You shine like the sun... So pure, just like your heart... 11. There is no way to explain how I feel... 12. Your always there for me... 13. You are like the other half of my being... 14. Your circle surrounds me with love... 15. Your heart is like my sky... 16. If only you can see how much I love you... 17. Please, dont ever let go... 18. Your heart guides me through the deepest darkness... 19. Your heart surrounds me... 20. There is only one person who is really understands me enough to hold the key to my heart... That one person is you... 21. You make every day of my life bearable... 22. My heart is yours... 23. The first moment I saw you it was like you were the most beautiful thing on the face of the Earth... And you are... 24. My heart will be with you forever... 25. Two people walking in the sunset... Never will they stop believing... Kelley... Sonny... Friends last a while, but Love lasts forever. 26. References

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