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Hi :)I am Karthic keyan.Regional Ambassador lead*Tamil Nadu*

Wanna Talk?facebook: www.fb.com/hellokarthictwitter : @hellokarthice-mail : mail@karthic.intelegram: @hellokarthicIRC : @karthic


Mozilla Location Service-MLS Contest

Logo Designing Contest and mozillaTN Website Contribution


Blog WritingMozilla Developer Network-MDN

Todays Topic?

Why Should I Blog?Blogs Shows what we have contributed to Mozilla?

Blog Helps new Contributors on How to host an event.

Blog creates an Inspiration to people to contribute more to the Community

MDNIt is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that provide the web.MissionIts Simple.To provide complete, accurate and helpful documentation for everything about the open web, whether its supported by Mozilla-built Software or not. If its an open technology exposed to the Web, we want to document it.


MDN is a place whereComplete Documentation forOpen Web and Web App DevelopersMozilla platform DevelopersFirefox Add-on Developer

Fully open to all Our documentation is wiki Anyone can edit at any time Volunteer and Mozilla staff can contribute together

How to Start?

Step 1: Create an account on MDNTo begin your contributions to MDN, you need to have an account on MDN. https://developer.mozilla.org

You can also sign up withGithubPersona

How to Start?Step 2: Pick a task to completeNow that you are logged in, read the descriptions of different task types from the link below and decide which one most appeals to you. You can pick any task you like and begin your contribution. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/MDN/Getting_started#Possible_task_types

How to Start?

Step 3: Do the taskOnce you've decided what kind of task you want to do, find a specific page, code example, etc. to work on, and just do it!Don't worry about doing it perfectly; other MDN contributors are here to help fix errors that slip through. If you have questions as you go, see the Community page[link below] for info on mailing lists and chat channels where you can get answers.https://goo.gl/jm3yaL

Lets StartTask Type 1: Editing an Article

Lets StartTask Type 2: Reviewing an Article technical revieweditorial review

Lets StartTask type 3: Tagging an Article

Lets StartTask type 4: Create an Article

Lets StartTask type 5:Localize to other language.

Join the MDN CommunityJoin the MDN Community.https://goo.gl/bPeKzN

Fill out your profile so others can know more about you.https://goo.gl/k9Hhwz

Learn more about contributing to MDN here:https://goo.gl/lMX5Ly

Professional GrowthThere are lot of professional opportunities based on documentation ContributionTechnical WriterIn companies for each and every product there is a position specifically for writing information about the features.LocalizationCompanies like Fedora, Ubuntu hire people to do technical documentation in local language like Tamil, Hindi.

MozTN logo ContestUse Style Guidehttps://www.mozilla.org/en-US/styleguide/https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/styleguide/identity/mozilla/branding/

Use Assetshttps://assets.mozilla.org/portal/assets/

SubmissionAll entries should be sent to mozchennai [at] gmail [dot] comMust be atleast 512 px X 512 px

Facebook Event : https://goo.gl/cRFEsVLAST DATE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES- JULY 25

Queries?I will be live on irc mozTN channel on

July 5 2015Saturday.9:00PM-10:00PM

Shoot your Questions there!

We are Social :DUse #MozTN #TNWOCLike us athttps://www.facebook.com/MozilliansTamilNadu

Join us athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/719835014702351/

Follow us athttps://twitter.com/mozillaTN

Thank you!