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Web of Change presentation by Shawn Kemp and Drew Bernard

Transcript of Woc Presentation Final

Recognizing Moments for Strategic Online Organizing

Technology & True Love

ONE/NorthwestIntegrated Engagement TrackingDrew Bernard & Shawn Kemp

Technology and True Love (or at least commitment) Integrated Engagement Tracking We all know that people are the most important part of our work. We'll focus on how to engage people in meaningful ways, remember why they liked us in the first place, what they care about, what they have done, and what they are willing to do. In other words, how to build lasting relationships!

Relationships are what help you achieve your mission and engagement is how you build those relationships.

Every time you communicate with an audience, you should be considering what will hold their attention (what value are you providing them) and what will induce them to participate and take action. And you should be thinking about what the next step is in your relationship with them. Building broader and deeper relationships with key audiences with the people you need on your side to win campaigns is what engagement is all about. 1 During this session Relationship Phases & Engagement ModelChannels of EngagementCapturing and Tracking InformationMonitoring ProgressExampleBreakout Session

2Meta points Engagement -> Relationships = Mission AccomplishedCRM is a key ingredientTracking & Measuring relationshipsConnected technology makes all possible

3State-based, Regional & National Social Change OrganizationsOur Clients

Engagement RELATIONSHIPSEngagement is the fuel of lasting, productive relationships. 5

Engagement Pyramid

Traditional OutreachWord of mouth



Del.icio.usFriendFeedMySpaceONE/NorthwestOnlineActivismEmail ListsSMSSocialMediaCollaborationSpaceMicro-blogginOnline Engagement Twitter














EventsPhoneActivismIn-PersonTablingVolunteerOpsTrue Love Requires Engagement The act of holding ones attention. Inducing one to participate and take action. Today, we have more options and channels for engaging people in our work than ever.

Just because these tools are there, doesnt mean we should spend time and money on them. So, why are we? Whats the point?

But what does is all mean?

Will this stuff really matter?

How the heck do we choose between launching and running a blog vs. creating a new YouTube channel?

Should you really set up a myspace account, or should you just go crawl back into bed with an etch-a-sketch and hope this online engagement thing is just a fad?

Why are we doing it in the first place?

How will this stuff help make my great grand-kids world a better place to live, work, and raise a family?

7Track Measure- Use If a tree falls in a forest?


Engagement success inform us of the health of our relationships.8If a tree falls in a forest?

ONE/NorthwestConstituent Relationship Management(CRM)Reaching OutPersonalizedPulling InLearning More9OutreachFollowersSupportersOrganizersLeaders10BlogosphereDirect MailMediaPRWord of Mouth(FOF) Reaching OutTwitter



Events & TablingPhonebankCanvassingYouTube

Outreach11BlogWord of Mouth(FOF)inspiring FollowersFlickr



FollowersNewsletterAction AlertsTwitter


Drip Campaign12MembershipDonationsNewslettersempowering supportersVolunteeringTwitter

EventsHouse partiesRallies, etc.ActivismPhone, LettersPetition, etcYouTube


Online DiscussionsSMSDrip CampaignsSupportersBlog13Coordinating OrganizersTheir SocialPlaces/BlogMembershipDonationsNewslettersVolunteeringPhone BankingEtc.Twitter

EventsHouse partiesRallies, etc.ActivismPhone, LettersPetition, etcYouTube


Online DiscussionsSMSPersonalContactOrganizersCollaborationSpace14CultivatING LeadersEventsHouse partiesRallies, etc.ActivismPhone, LettersPetition, etcCollaborationSpaceOnline DiscussionsStaff, BoardSpokes PeopleAdvisorsMembershipDonationPersonal ContactLeaders15OutreachFollowersSupportersOrganizersLeadersData Captured Name & ContactSource CampaignDateIssuesLocationActivityDemographicsPsychographicsChannelPermissionsData CapturedActivitiesEvents Attended Email responsesWebsite usageSocial media ParticipationCampaign AssociatedDatesIssueLocationActivityDemographicspsychographicsData enhancementAddress/location organizational affiliations Data CapturedActivitiesEvents ParticipatedDonationsAdvocacy activitiesVolunteer ActivitiesSharing with friendsUser Submitted QuotesPollsPhotosVideosArticlesData enhancementSocial graphFacebook & TwitterBlogEtcData CapturedActivitiesEvents Participated Event OrganizedDonationsAdvocacy activitiesVolunteer ActivitiesSharing with friendsRecruitment of FriendsUser Submitted QuotesPollsPhotosVideosArticlesData enhancementSocial graphFacebook & TwitterBlogEtc

Danger!Suddenly, we can create quantifiablegoals for our outreach and cultivation efforts 16Public awarenessMedia exposureWebsite trafficConversion to contactableMonitoring Outreach Outreach

17Repeat visitsEmail ResponseSubscribersCommentersMonitoring FollowersFollowers

Monitoring SupportersResponse to action requestsAttendance at eventsParticipation in online dialogsSharing with friendsBecoming new donors/membersRenewal rates for donors/membersQuality and quantity

SupportersMonitoring OrganizersSF Actions DBPromoting action requestsDirect contact with organizationHosting eventsLeading online dialogsBringing in new followersRenewal rates for donors/members

OrganizersMonitoring LeadersSF Actions DBPersonal Contacts with Org LeadershipContributes to vision and directionRenewal rates for donors/membersServes as formal spokesperson for organization or causeLeaders

New Friends Drip CampaignGoals:Acquire New Base for Climate Work In SalemCapture information and move as many as possible from Follower to Contributor on engagement pyramid.

"There was no model for how we sent out emails before. The proposal for the project actually sent someone out of the room screaming, literally." OECs Climate Coolers

Prominent spokesperson going all over Oregon to get folks fired up. Venue = SegmentationOE. WHO? Opportunity to serveFired upbut what can I do?

outreachBradbury = 100+ PresentationsOffer Climate Coolers resources via email. (contact were collected at the events - 3 to 1.)The following week, campaign begins. (8 emails)Survey ends it all. Help assess effectiveness and collect some info. (Free OEC Membership)Action Would be a part.23Cultivation Effort

Goals: Move to Participate Frame OEC as a resource.

Strategy: Provide salient action that begins to help recipient use their voice.


SentOpensClick ThroughsOpen RateClick Through Rate126160321126%15%Anecdotal ResultsSome great stories of people bubbling up to leadership levels."My neighbor doesnt believe in global warming can you send me some information to help explain the issue? Rural Oregon"One participant from Brownsville called OEC two weeks ago because her newspaper had written editorial by editor and mayor of Brownsville characterizing global warming as conspiracy and she wanted help writing a Letter to editor" OEC was happy to do so.

Metrics/Results1800 new Climate Coolers Highly strategic group From all across Oregon

All have direct connection with OEC and see them as related to Bradbury and Inconvenient Truth. 90+% of these are new to OEC.

Breakout sessionBuilding relationshipsBreak out into 4 groups Group 1: OutreachGroup2: FollowersGroup 3: SupportersGroup4: Organizers

Think about and answer the following questions:What Channels will you use?What info do need metrics will you use to measure progress?How will you know if they are ready to be engaged at the next level.