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  • Presented by:


    2016Advancing Latina Leadership

    Through the Power of Influence

    ALPFA Seattle Chapter

    Brunch Program

  • Welcome


    President LetterAracely Godinez Bienvenidas! On behalf of the ALPFA Seattle Chapter, thank you for joining us at our annual Women of ALPFA (WOA) Summit. This marquee event is among the most anticipated by our members, and year by year, becomes increasingly better. It is my personal favorite ALPFA Seattle event because I always leave feeling energized and motivated to keep pushing forward.

    ThisyearsthemeisAdvancingLatinaLeadershipthroughthePowerofInflu- ence. The two words that stand out when I read that phrase are Leadership and Influence.EarlierinmycareerIbelievedthatthosetwowordsmustgotogether.Inordertohaveinfluence,tomakeanimpact,onehastobeinaleadershiprole.ThroughtheyearsIhavelearnedthat in reality, every interaction is an opportunity to make an impact, regardless of your role or title.

    Today,Iencourageyoutofocusonthepowerofyourinfluence.Therewillbeover100attendeesatthisyearsWOASummit.Whatistheimpactyouwillmake?Willyoubecomeorfindamentor?Theconnectionsyoumake today may grow to become meaningful professional relationships that help you advance in your career.

    Thechapterwouldliketothankourleadsponsor,Microsoft,forbeingoneofourlongest-runningcorporatepartners and for providing an inspiring keynote address for the WOA Summit. We would also like to thank our other supporting sponsors Boeing, Liberty Mutual, and Starbucks for providing energetic women leaders to facilitate todays workshops. Our partners continued support is critical to our ability to put together engaging events such as this one.

    I would personally like to thank all of our board members who helped with the planning and execution of to-daysevent,inparticularVeronicaJohnson-DirectorofEvents,andJenniferRance-VicePresidentofEvents,for leading the event coordination. Please enjoy todays program.


    Aracely Godinez,Seattle Chapter President

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    Agenda8:00 AM - 8:50 AM

    8:50 AM - 9:00 AM

    9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

    9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

    10:15 AM - 10:30 AM

    10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

    Workshop I

    Workshop II

    Workshop III

    11:15 AM - 11:30 AM

    11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

    Registration, Breakfast & Networking

    Women of ALPFA Welcome ALPFA Seattle Chapter President

    Power of Influence Keynote Microsoft, Annona Loughnane

    Igniting True Power Community Speaker, Lena Meyer


    Leadership Workshops:

    Authentic Leadership Liberty Mutual, Stephanie Carls

    Unlock Your Potential: Communicate with ConfidenceLifestyle Latina, Candice Garza & Lizette Arroyo-Dillard

    Everything is Negotiable: How to Ask for What You WantBoeing, Janene Collins & Sean Garcia


    Starbucks Coffee Tasting, Raffles & Closing Remarks

  • Anything but business as usual.You have different plans. Higher hopes. Loftier goals. With your talent and ambition and our devices and services, its all possible. At Microsoft, we believe theres no limit to how far a fresh approach and technology can take you.



  • Annona Loughnane is Chief of Staff for the CFO of Microsoft. In her current role, Annona supports the CFO in developing and executing strategy for Microsofts WW Finance Team, oversees all communications from the CFO, manages key internal and external CFO engagements and leads key initiatives for the CFO. Annona has 15+ years of experience in Finance and Management. Prior to her current role, she led Operations Finance for Microsofts Americas Operations Cen-terresponsibleforbillingover50%ofMicrosoftsrevenue.AsSeniorDirectorforOperationsFinance,Annonawasresponsibleforanumberoffinancefunctionsincludingfinancialplanningandanalysis,compliance,tax,accountingandrevenuerecognition.Annonaspent10yearsofhercareerintheTreasuryorganizationleadingtheEMEACreditorganizationfromDublin,IrelandandleadingGlobalCreditOperationsfromReno,Nevada.InherroleleadingGlobalCreditOperations,shewasresponsibleformanaginga$9bnglobalaccountsreceiv-ableportfolioandputtingcreditsolutionsinplacewithcustomersandpartnersacrosstheglobe.In2013,An-nonawasnamedasoneof30outstandingcorporatefinanceexecutivesundertheageunder40byTreasuryandRiskmagazine. Annona is a passionate people leader and is deeply focused on building diverse, high performing teams. She gets her energy from coaching and developing others and seeing them advance in their careers. Annona is astrongadvocatefordiversityintheworkplace,andin2012shewashonoredbyNevadaWomensFundasWoman of Achievement for her professional, personal and community achievements. AnnonaholdsaBAinEuropeanBusinessStudiesfromUniversityofUlsterinNorthernIrelandandspeaksSpanish and French.

    Keynote SpeakerPower of InfluenceAnnona Loughnane


  • Lena Meyer is a Transformational Coach, Workshop Facilitator & Founder ofGratitude6,anorganizationdedicatedtohelpingpeoplecreategreaterfreedom,integration,andimpactintheirlives.Withatotaloftenyearsinthefinancial industry as an advisor and analyst, and eight years in the world of personal and professional growth, Lena brings a unique combination of structure and soul to her coaching.

    Herworkpullsfromadiversefoundation,includingneuro-linguisticprogramming, creative visualization, mindfulness practices, and more. She believes that each person has the power to make an authentic difference in the world, and that every experience creates a ripple effect which spans the globe. She is dedicated to supporting her clients as they put their greatest gifts, dreams, and purpose into action, and knows that together we have the power to change the world. AnnonaholdsaBAinEuropeanBusinessStudiesfromUniversityofUlsterinNorthernIrelandandspeaksSpanish and French.

    Community SpeakerIgniting True PowerLena Meyer


  • Each person brings a distinct life experience to the table.Its the inclusion of these diverse experiences

    and perspectives that creates a culture of empowerment,one that drives innovation and new ideas.

    For more information on Starbucks Global Diversity and Inclusion efforts, visit www.starbucks.com/inclusion.

    2015 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.

    Inclusion is at the heart of what we do.


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    NamedaTwitterPowerhousebyTheHuffingtonPost,StephanieCarlssharesher passion for social media and technology online and focuses on the ways both are changing the way we live and share information. Through engaging video content, she enjoys showing how to make sense of technology so you can tap and swipe your way to a simpler and savvier life. As a digital lifestyle enthusiast, Stephanie shares her favorite products, helps navigate new apps, and offers tech tips. With her creativityinhervideos,shehasevenlandedfeaturesinTheNewYorkTimesand NBCNews.

    StephanieistheClientSuccessManagerwithRivetinAustin,Texas.ShehelpsinspireandinfluenceRivetscli-ents to gain measurable results in their content marketing strategy. Stephanies strong social media background gives clients the expert recommendations they are looking for to make their campaigns a success.

    Frequently asked to participate as a spokesperson or digital correspondent, Stephanie has enjoyed working with Cottonelle,Chevrolet(asvideohostfor2012SXSWInteractiveFestival,Marketwired,NikeWomen,Hallmark,GoPro,Nexersys(appearingonCBSTheDoctors)andmore.

    Workshop PresentersAuthentic LeadershipStephanie Carls


    Embrace your differences. Leverage your strengths. Define your success. At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we value diversity of thought, background and culture as they are the ingredients that create the opportunity for true innovation.


    Liberty Mutual Insurance is an equal opportunity employer.



  • BestfriendsLizetteArroyo-DillardandCandiceGarzacreatedLifestyleLatinain 2015asamediaplatformtodiscusstrendingtopicsfromfashion,sportsandpolit- ics, to pop culture, Hispanic heritage and Latina empowerment. Through the power ofnewagemedia,includingYouTube,Instagram,andTwitter,theywantyouto engage in their weekly topics and share your input. Their vision is to see Latinas everywhere have a voice and shed new light on the worlds most important issues.

    AfterbeingborninPendleton,Oregon,LizettethenlivedinGuadalajaraJalisco, Mexicoforthefirstfewyearsofherlife.ReturningtoAmericaatageof8,shelearnedEnglishassecondlanguageandenjoyedreading,playingbasketballandshopping.Attheageof14,shebegan working as a janitor at a local restaurant and later on pursued her dream to work in the Hospitality indus-try.SheinternedatWaltDisneyWorldandearnedherBachelorsdegreeinCommunicationStudies,withami-norinSociologyfromPortlandStateUniversity.Lizetteishappilymarriedtoherhusband,Allen,andcurrentlyworks as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a restaurant group in downtown Seattle.